Sonoran Alliance Awaits GOP Denouncement of $225K Tax Hike Campaign

With the revelation of the Governor’s business supporters raising $225,000 dollars in order to target Republican legislators to back a “Balanced Budget” instead-read “RAISE TAXES” proposal, many of us are dismayed that Republican leadership appears to be “in the loop” on the strategy (perception is reality?)

If the party really wants to stand for the principles of reducing taxes, getting spending under control and a return to the party’s cornerstone of being fiscally responsible, then why is leadership silent on this campaign?

One would expect that the party would denounce any campaign to target itself and violate the principles that have cost the the party elections at the federal level over the last two election cycles.

Sonoran Alliance would ask that the GOP stand up against efforts to undermine these principles and reinforce the perception that Republicans are fiscally irresponsible and believe that the way to prosperity is by taxing and spending.

We’re waiting for the denouncement…


On a side note, this has got to put the good folks over at KFYI-550 and KNST-790 in an awkward position. We’re willing to bet that “Building a Better Arizona” will dump a good portion of the $75,000 into both of these radio stations beginning the week of June 8th. These are stations with high profile personalities – Bruce Jacobs, Barry Young, Rush Limbaugh, JD Hayworth, etc. who were outspoken in the April 15th Tea Party Movement. Now they’re going to find themselves running ads that run against the grain of everything they’ve been preaching against – raising taxes, bailouts and citizen activism.


And yet another side note. We’re wondering where the Republican Congressional delegation is on this “House Divided” scenario. With the national debate raging over the heart and soul of the party and the need for the GOP to get back to the principles of fiscal responsibility, will our congressional delegation side with legislative Republicans against the $4 BILLION tax hike or with business and community leaders a.k.a . “Building a Better Arizona” who provide access to major fundraising resources? We believe Congressman Flake has already gone on the record opposing the tax hike. I guess we’re waiting for members of the remaining GOP delegation to show their cards…


  1. GOP Precinct Committeeman says

    This is unreal. I’m already hearing rumblings among other GOP precinct committeemen against this campaign and GOP complacency. A revolt is brewing.

  2. “why is leadership silent on this campaign?”

    I think it’s called ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’

  3. I can’t wait until the lobotomized apologists for the Brewer/Pullen regime come on this board to defend their tax-hiking meal tickets.

    Socialism runs free at the state GOP.

    Remind this Rhode Islander to never retire to Arizona.

  4. Pullen is definitely in bed with the pro-tax hike camp. I will only believe otherwise when he makes a full throated public statement to the contrary.

    He has already expressed support for Brewer’s tax hike, why would you people be surprised that he has no problem targeting those who oppose it, Republican or not.

    The AZ state Republican Party doesn’t seem to grasp the function of a state party – elect Republicans, not support a tax hiking governor come hell or high water.

    Americans for Tax Reform called him out on this back in March:

  5. From the Capitol Times story on this:

    Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum, who received a copy of the memo, said the party would not support a plan that attacks Republican lawmakers, though he noted the strategy in the memo is advocacy, and not negative. But he said the party should stay out of the campaign altogether.

    “From my standpoint, it’s not something I would bring the state party into,” he said. “It’s not my purview to be pushing the budget one way or another.”

    So there you have it, the AZGOP’s position on it. Any chance Sean Noble will be printing a retraction or correction? I kind of doubt it.

  6. Oh yes, and have another drink Patrick.

  7. It’s good to see they are saying the right things for once. It would be better to get a statement from Pullen saying that he will have no part of this, not even in his personal capacity.

    John – I see you still feel the need to resort to personal attacks despite the fact that I have not. I hope it makes you feel better. I don’t mind it – especially when it comes from cowards who hide behind aliases. As has been previously mentioned – it betrays a lack of confidence in one’s position and is a clear attempt to distract from the issue at hand.

    You gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

  8. I just want to see clarity from the party. All they have to do is state that they support the balance budget provision, the reduction in government spending provision, and oppose any proposal to increase taxes AND any effort to divide the party on this fundamental principle.

    Good grief, and I’m giving them free advice!

  9. Grumpy Gus says

    Pullen already endorsed the Brewer tax hike. Naturally he’ll support the campaign to get it passed. If some R’s get in the way, that’s their problem.

    Good to see things finally coming to a head.

  10. Fair Game says


    Frankly, all you have done since the beginning of this debate on Sonoran Alliance is personal attacks. I would absolutely love for full disclosure if you would inform all of us what your full name and affiliation are, as well as any possible conflicts of interest.

    Furthermore, if you have a problem with Patrick Gleason (personally or on his well-founded arguments against Brewer and DNC-AZ Chair Randy Pullen) it is only responsible for you to debate Patrick in a public forum.

    John & Patrick: What say you?

  11. Grumpy Gus says

    My guess is FG is a big guy, and he wants to get in the ring with the guy who merely has a big mouth.

    FG: What is “DNC-AZ”?

  12. John isn’t an alias, John is my name. And did I really just get asked for full disclosure and affiliation from someone named “Fair Game”? Now that’s funny. As for “all you have done since the beginning of this debate on Sonoran Alliance is personal attacks”, my first post is a quote from Capitol Times article, nothing more. Not sure how that counts as a personal attack, but Mr. Fair Game thinks it is. Or is it Mrs. Fair Game? Ms.? I can’t tell, a first name like “Fair” really doesn’t tell me much.

    I also love how folks on this and other blogs who whacked at Pullen mercilessly for standing up to McCain and Kyl when they were pushing for amnesty, and who told him he should be silent on matters of policy unless he was cheerleading, suddenly want him to publicly start taking shots at the Republican Governor. I’m guessing Pullen recognizes your “friendly” advice for what it is.

  13. Jay Adams says

    The Governor is the only one who seems to have a plan. House and Senate are wasting time no bills no plan. The Governor’s media blitz is to get the budget done after all June is next week. The budget problem is too big to “just cut our way out of it” it has to have new revenue or make policy changes. No talk of either from “Legislative Leadership???? Or lack of Leadership.

    Your boys Frank and David do not help solve the problem. The run important bill like “guns in parking lots” while the state has a short fall of $3.4 billion dollars. What are they doing to HELP solve the problem?

    GO GOV!

  14. John – How about providing your full name as I have. I would gladly come to Phoenix and debate you on this any day.

    Also – stop setting up false choices. You claim that people “suddenly want him to publicly start taking shots at the Republican Governor.”

    What are you talking about? No one is asking for that. We are asking that he just not publicly support Brewer’s tax hike, as he has, putting the state party’s stamp of approval on it. Republicans just want him to focus on his only job – electing Republicans.

  15. Maricopa GOP says

    Saying “I want a tax hike” is NOT a budget plan. The governor has never presented a budget outline, let alone a plan.

    These tax hikes – the equalization tax AND the increase of almost twenty percent in our current state sales tax rate AND starting a new tax on groceries are each the largest tax hikes in the history of the state.

    The liberal, socialist leaders like Janet, BO, Arnold, etc. do not have the nerve to even propose such an onerous group of tax increases. Yet this comes from a governor who is a self proclaimed conservative.

    I am angry that she has, so far, been to the left of Jane Dee. What a disappointment.

  16. kralmajales says

    I know you don’t want to hear this but the alternative is going to destroy this state if it is not destroyed already. Many business leaders in this state would rather pay more taxes than to have a gutted government system that in other states (like TEXAS folks…not Vermont) has brought economic prosperity.

    Do people want out and out socialism, of course not. But do they want absolutely little to no government spending…absolutely not!

    You all are living in fantasy land. Absolute and total fairy-land.

    When the teachers in this state are laid off and parents come a runnin to you, I hope you are at least honest about the “philosophy”.

    I already see Al Melvin running a little on this one.

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