Sonoran Alliance Aced Palin McCain VP Pick


-Gayle Plato-Besley, M. Ed.


As a Sonoran Alliance writer, I recall my blog post -a predictive recommendation of Sarah Palin,  June 4, 2008. I posted exactly 88 years after the Women’s Right to Vote was officially proposed, ultimately becoming the Nineteenth Amendment on August 26, 1920:


Let me take a moment to highlight the relevance of the history of this choice of Governor Sarah Palin-

Women’s right to vote was fundamentally organized by Elizabeth Cady Staton.  Abortion, though illegal, was a reality in 1920 as it is today.  Women have been forced and brainwashed to believe that children are a burden, and Stanton fought brilliantly to defend women, mothers, and children.

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 is the TRUE history of the women’s movement of nearly 90 years ago.  These leading feminists of the original devotion were complete supporters of life:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton celebrated her seven children and praised motherhood in a time when being a mother was not often honored nor recognized as a special calling. 

Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote:

“When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading  to women that we should treat our children as property and dispose of them as we see fit (Stanton letter to Julia Ward Howe,1873)”

Both Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were vehemently against abortion; they advocated for social acceptance of women, mothers, families and children as full beings.  It is sad that the concept of feminism has shifted to such an anti-family, negative association of motherhood and success.  It is a tragedy that women have allowed the evolution of such a fringe, anti-family view of women’s rights.  Women, in general, have accepted the con that having a baby is an impediment, a trap, keeping us from growth.  Just ask Barack and Michelle Obama about the fear of a daughter being burdened by motherhood. 

 All of this changes today with the selection of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential Republican Candidate, 88 years after the Women’s Right to Vote became reality.  

“Peace Begins in the Womb” and “Women Deserve Better than Abortion”.  Sarah Palin is the Elizabeth Cady Stanton of the 21st Century.



  1. Precinct Committeeman says

    This is a waste of words. It’s in the history books. Your posting upstages the important reports on the pick. Thank you for doing so. Another M.Ed. wordy thesis.

  2. “Women, in general, have accepted the con that having a baby is an impediment, a trap, keeping us from growth. ”

    Ah yes, this is why women have stopped having children.

  3. disgruntled reader says

    Ok first of all women have obviously not stopped having children since this country. And you should get your facts straight. Susan B. Anthony did not have any children, she was the youngest of 7 children but that has nothing to do with her views so please actually check history books before you blatantly lie on here. You also have no evidence in saying “Sarah Palin is the Elizabeth Cady Stanton of the 21st century” since Stanton was a helluva lot more than just an anti-abortion “pro-family” woman. There is no proof whatsoever that Palin will try to improve womens status in this country like Biden has proven with his votes. So please do not say that the McCain/Palin ticket will help women out more than the Obama/Biden ticket and check your facts about heroines of the past before you spout lies about them and try to change their views to support your cause.

  4. You are right on Anthony and I flip flopped the women inadvertantly It is Stanton with the seven children and I will change that if possible.

    Otherwise, it is all relevant.

  5. Annie Hoyle says

    I loved your post! It IS all relevant! Thank You!

  6. People should go read Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Womens Bible to get an idea of what her real thoughts were. She was a truly brave and courageous person who stood up for the oppressed and was heavily criticized for her own position as a freethinker. Palin has almost nothing in common with her.


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