Something Strictly Platonic in Thought

by Gayle Plato, M.Ed.

Every good friend looks you in the eye, giving respect, supports each thought and valued opinion, and finally tells you when you’ve spinach in your teeth.  The best of Platonic relationship is up front and forthright.  As I am Plato, all I give must honor the name.

I do not live amongst the parties and the platforms so I have the luxury to write in plain sight.  Yet, we live in a country where it is allowed to be anonymous and still bluntly honest yet constructive in the face of reality (emphasis on honest).

With that, I offer a thought or two today, while we STILL have the right to wax on without controls. This country is under attack: fiscal regulation begets, policy change; public control of thought and debate leads to world regulation and international courts standing over our constitutional structure.

As the G20 meets, and I keep reading all of the MSM or crazy fringe blogs, something gells in my aging cranium. We the people are waking up to the power grab.  What would I DO if I wanted to continue grabbing?  I’d make a diversion.  If I were in power proselytizing the need to take advantage of crises, I would make sure to instill a crisis very soon. 

It might be April 1st, but this is not a Fool’s Day in Phoenix. As ideas percolate the bird rises from the ashes and sends me a little twitter here and there.  Why is Homeland Security all of a sudden following me with Tweets, and why are some of the nutjob blogo crazies talking up Red Alerts?  Did not more than one analyst on FOX and CNN this week mention it seems like pre 9-11 with the terrorist communication traffic?

Well since many are already putting me in the black helicopter of conspiracy, what do I have to lose to speculate a bit?  I am even respecting the saavy of the POTUS Administration giving Queen Elizabeth of England an iPod.  They HAD to know it would be harped up  as another tacky act within the MSM-especially on the right.  So why do it other than to grab at the news cycle a bit,  and give us all a nugget to chew as the regulatory law machine of international debate goes on without much depth of coverage?

What is next?  Me thinks the game is afoot:  I suspect we are due for a good crisis. The wind is blowing around the ashes of discontent here at the foot of Phoenix and this noble savage fears the benevolent dictator.  But then, I am Plato and I know a good philosophical argument when I see it.  Thank goodness I can debate and brainstorm without fear of repercussion or silencing here in the free world wide web.  For Now…



  1. That was a chilling post! I can only hope it is wrong but the possibilities are very scary.

  2. And yet the Bush Admin’s “Total Information Awareness” plans or the administration’s lawyers basically saying the president had a right to pull someone’s fingernails off never made you pay no mind.

    Obama giving the Queen an iPod? Beginning of the totalitarian state.

    Here’s my suggestion: turn off the chatter of Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, and go out an actually meet some leftists. See how much you have in common with them. See how we’re not the fifth column ready to spring forth once Glorious Leader Obama activates us by holding up the Queen of Diamonds during a press conference.

    I guarantee you the paranoia will ebb.

    Or, continue to paint 50% of the country as an enemy of the country and see where you wind up.

  3. Klute, that trench coat might be heating you up a bit. Did you read my bio? Did you not note that I’m an ol’ educator? I was forced into a closed shop union outside of Seattle, and have worked with some of the most liberal people around. Most are lovely people, and I dso not agree with them on a few issues of politics. What I wrote in the post has nothing to do with that.

    The G20 and the strategic moves to globalize economy and judicial regulation are happening. It is not American nor constitutionally correct. Oh and for the record, the story of the iPod has taken the news cycle as the lead story on every major entity. Hmmm.

  4. Gayle,

    Your party is in charge in Arizona. You have control here so show us how it is done.

  5. Unfortunately, the bad guys are already measuring the Pres and I dont know that he is measuring up. Korea ready to test a missile, china and russia taking a more aggressive military stance, and afghanistan getting worse. Our economy cant take any more surprises without sustaining a major setback. Scary times.

  6. And you’re acting like this G20 summit is the first summit to ever do that. If you’ve spent time in Seattle, maybe you were there during the ’99 WTO Riots? Globalization has been happening for a lot longer than the the 70 days Obama’s been president. Bush tried to jam Argentina and other South American countries into NAFTA for instance.

    What I’m reading is no different than what I used to hear from my anarchist friend Mary. It’s the Orwell gambit. While the party in power always tries to manipulate the population (the Bush Admin’s terror warnings before the 2004 election being a fairly egregious example) – no government is ever smart enough to pull it off.

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