Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks with Grover Norquist

Intellectual Conservative Arizona has excerpts from Norquist’s speech here. “Republicans who vote for tax increases are akin to finding a rat in your coke bottle.”


  1. Joe the Plumber says

    What a hypocrite, he preach’s a tough line on taxes, and then endorses McShame even though McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts.

    I have lost a lot of respect for that man.

  2. I guess Arizona has been shipped most of the nation’s rat filled coke bottles.

  3. He has lost his credibility. Words have no meaning if you don’t back them up with actions. Supporting someone who supported the bailouts and criticizing J.D. don’t make sense. Also, he talks about J.D. losing an election and then supports a man who ran a pathetic campaign against Obama. McCain had the momentum when he put Sarah Palin on the ticket and then threw it away with a lousy campaign. Pitiful

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