Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks event with gubernatorial candidate Vernon Parker


  1. Strong rumor is DSW is on Vernon Parker’s payroll. True or false?

  2. True.

  3. Okay, then Sonoran Alliance is essentially paid advertizing space now? It kind of had that look to me.

    Let’s hope DSW will address the question.

  4. Paid advertising or not, I wouldn’t want Charles Jensen tied to my campaign. We all know that Charles Jensen is Vernon Parker and Jason Rose’s little sidekick since he is the biggest wannabe this town has ever seen.

    But I wonder if they are aware of his other paid services besides paying Blogs to host his YouTube videos…like maybe Lady-Services?

    Or maybe Vernon and Jason or and Nathan Sproul and Co. know but just happen to be really good at covering it all up…well all up until now!

  5. Actually Gale, I think this is the link you meant…

    Some interesting stuff there.

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