Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks event with Dean Martin



  1. Sarka Scarpulla says

    Where are the people of color? I note the few token asians at the end…

    Nice Tea Party Dean.

  2. Bob Bohanon says

    What is the percentage of Conservatives/Republicans that are “people of color”? Just curious.

  3. What stupid posts! We could just as easily ask why are all the people of color racist since they aren’t supporting Dean Martin.

  4. Bob Bohanon says

    I was being facitious in my “stupid” post. Of course it’s “stupid”! It’s funny what people’s priorities are at a time like this!
    I should clarify for you DeAnn that by “funny”, I’m referring to peculiar not ha-ha funny.

  5. Sarka Scarpulla says

    So rather than being inclusive and representative, it’s more important to ideologically myopic? It’s more important to appeal to a narrow segment than a broad base?

    That’s why when we have 12% turnouts at elections, we get the governance we deserve. We end up pandering solely to funded special interests whose concerns are self-interested (as they should be) rather than a balance of individual need.

    Vote for Murray Hill!

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