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Sinema Selected to Help Destroy American Health Care

Sinema Selected to Help Destroy American Health Care

House Democrats announced today that ULTRA-LIBERAL Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema has been selected to serve with 31 other lawmakers from around the country, to remake the American health care system in the image of the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats.

In case you’re wondering who Kyrsten Sinema is, she is the young shrill liberal Democrat from Central Phoenix. Here is what Wikipedia says about Kyrsten:


In 2006 she chaired Arizona Together, the statewide campaign that defeated Proposition 107 which would have banned the recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions in Arizona.[4] In 2008, she also led the campaign against Proposition 102, a narrowed down version of Proposition 107.[5] Proposition 102 was passed with a wide margin by voters in the general election on November 4, 2008.

A supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Sinema was a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.[6]

She is openly bisexual[7] and serves alongside four other openly LGBT legislators…

Todays’s press release states:

Sinema selected for President Obama’s Health Care Reform group

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema has been selected as one of 32 state legislators nationwide to help President Obama reform health care.

In a conference call today, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, told Sinema — the only state lawmaker chosen from Arizona — that real health care reform will come from Democrats and Republicans alike from across the country.

As a former state legislator himself, the President of the United States appreciates legislators’ unique perspectives on this issue, Jarrett said.

Sinema will work with other state legislators in the President’s health care reform group to share best practices and lessons learned from their respective states, which will help shape national health care reform. They will also work to create a dialogue between state leaders and the U.S. Congressional delegation and have weekly conference calls with the White House until the reform is implemented.

“I’m so grateful and honored for this amazing opportunity to truly reform our nation’s health care,” Sinema said. “Our health care system is broken and families and businesses are being crushed by high health care costs. The American people, including right here in Arizona, deserve better.”

Obama’s plan does three things:

Reduces costs to make health care affordable
Protects a patient’s choice of doctors, hospitals and insurance plans
Assures quality affordable health care for all Americans
Health care reform is one of Obama’s top priorities and he is committed to enacting health care reform this year, Jarrett said. 

State legislators are able to see firsthand in their states and communities how rapidly escalating health care costs are hurting family, business, and government budgets, which is why President Obama is looking forward to working with the group, Jarrett said.

For more information, please visit www.healthreform.gov.


  1. Red Booded male says

    Geez she has big ….

  2. Kirsten Sinema has big… brown eyes.

  3. Auntiefed says

    And so continues the great Sonoran Alliance tradition of objectifying female politicians, commenting on their looks instead of their policy positions….

  4. Antifederalist says

    How’s this, Auntie: “Her policy positions make her very ugly”?

  5. Is that Janet’s daughter?

  6. Way to go on discussing the issues at hand, once again I come to this blog for a good laugh, since the issues that are actually important seem to be completely missed of “blog-reported” incorrectly.

  7. She is a great state legislator. Her IQ is seven times as large as the tiny IQ (moron level) of a Russell Pearce.

  8. Antifederalist says

    Sorry, Richard, by definition, if you swallow leftist drivel, you’re stupid. I don’t care what her IQ might be, she demonstrates a SEVERE inability to reason.

  9. IP Freely says

    Her IQ isn’t as large as her implants

  10. Simon says: says

    There is no correlation between ideology and intelligence (although it can be fun make that assertion).

  11. Actually Sinema is both a brilliant individual (genious level really in the IQ and academic sense) and a strategic and exceptional politician. She has demonstrated over and over that she believes in equality for EVERYONE, because human dignity is important. If you think that’s ‘leftisit dribble’ than I fear for the world you sad ideology would create.

  12. Kirsten Sinema is a hero. To speak as she does and stand against a mob of good old boys is nothing short of heroic.

  13. CRAIG85006 is exactly the bigotted, irresponsible loudmouth that Arizona, or the rest of the country, does not need. He can neither read nor write intelligently and if had bothered to have someone read 107 and 102 to him very slowly, she is, in fact not opposed to same sex marriage. Moreover, it has often been said that those who cannot get their point across without the use of profanity, and belittling expletives (still with me, Craig85006?) has the intelligence of the juvenil snail darter that swims around until it finds a host to attach itself to and then consumes its own brain. We need fewer of you, buddy, and more like Kirsten.

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