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I saw my first CD 8 sign for the year. Right on Campbell Avenue just north of Grant (very high traffic.) Looks like we have a 3-way.

Tim Bee
Derek Tidball
Gabrielle Giffords


  1. Gabby thanks you! And Tidball of course…

  2. We get about 700 visits a day. That street gets about 700 cars an hour. I do not think this blog is the issue here.

  3. I thank you as well, for getting the word out on a candidate that offers a reprieve from those other two cookie cutter candidates! Many want to say that voting for Tidball is taking votes away from Tim Bee. Does Bee have any more of a right to be in the race than Tidball? As a coservative I refuse to blindly fall in line with the Republican party and vote for the same mold of candidate that we continually have seen over the last decade. Tidball offers real change, and not the type of change that Obama is preaching! Maybe Bee should drop out. He’s taking votes away from Tidball…

  4. Kudos to Jack Harper too, for getting out there this early with signs for his candidacy and the Republican message.

  5. GOP Spartan says


    “You see that flash of light in the corner of your eye?”

    “That’s your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear.”

    If Tidball had any hope of ever becoming a leader in Arizona politics he just blew it. His valiant effort will serve no purpose other than to be the Ross Perot/Ralph Nader of CD8.

    He will siphon just enough votes to deny Tim Bee the ability to take back the district.

    Mr. Tidball will be through, fini, kaput, terminado.

    No independent, especially one that can’t even raise more than $10K, will ever have a chance of winning a congressional seat in Arizona.

    Mr. Tidball has conservative views, very similar to those of the Republican Party; therefore the left will never support him. His stabbing the GOP in the back will result in the right never supporting him.

    In short, if he had any hope of a political future in Arizona, he just squandered it.

  6. GOP Spartan says


    I almost forgot. Mr. Tidball is in violation of the Pima County Sign ordinance, which clearly states you can only place political signs out 30 days prior to the start of voting.

    Early voting starts July 31st, so someone might be inclined to make a little phone call to the county and let them know he’s breaking the law.

    I’ll also be willing to bet he didn’t register with the County Zoning Inspector either. That could lead to some hefty fines.

    I’m glad to see he’s thinking independently, but he should have been thinking about reading the law.

    Welcome to politics Mr. T.

  7. He may be in violation of the rules but that is up to Tucson since Campbell north of Grant is well within city limits. For an Independent candidate the best thing that could happen is a front page story in the Star about sign code violations.

  8. Fooled Thrice says

    Has anybody seen the State Delegates master list? I mean, except the McCain campaign which is working that list to the exclusion of any other Arizona Republicans.

  9. GOP Spartan sounds bitter! Let me ask you something…

    If Gabby was a republican would you vote for her? What about Tidball? I think we both know the answer to that, but of course that’s irrelevent.

    Your threats to call the county are amateur at best. I think Tidball didn’t eat his vegetables last night. Maybe you should call his mother as well?

    GOP Spartan, it is individuals like yourself that are causing (now former) Republicans to defect. The GOP could always pride itself on at least one thing, and that’s leaving the sneaky and dirty tricks to the Clintons and the rest of the libs. If Clinton was a Republican would you have voted for him? I think we both know the answer to that, but that’s irrelevent.

  10. GOP Spartan,

    Instead of making petty attacks against a candidate who is well within his rights to make a difference in this district instead of following along as business as usual, perhaps you should take the time to reread the law. I drove by the sign. It’s CLEARLY on private party, therefore there is no limitation on how early the sign can be put up.

    As for stabbing the party in the back, perhaps if the Republicans would allow a primary instead of handpicking a weak candidate who has helped the state fall into a hole to the tune of around a billion, there would be no concern of an independent candidate.

    The Republican Party is supposed to be the conservative party. The fact that they don’t want to see a conservative candidate speaks volume about the party itself, and the direction as a whole of the country moving towards big government dependency. Whats a candidate or a party without ideals? I’d much rather support and donate money to someone who isnt afraid of pissing off Big Brother at the national headquarters and will speak his mind, at least then I know I can trust him. If he happens to be an independent candidate, then so be it.

  11. Applause for Josh from this seat!!

  12. Duke the Dog says

    Dear Josh,
    I think you need to read the law again. It includes private property in that 30 day prior period. The sign ordinance is specifically FOR private property; spelling out what stores, businesses and residences can place on their property as far as signage goes.

    It also goes on to say that you can’t place a sign in public rights of way and that it should be placed on private property.

    To be safe and to cover Derek’s rear-end you guys should call the zoning inspector’s office as well as the City of Tucson to make sure you’re not handing one to your opponents. They have the cash to make your life difficult and you don’t want to be spending precious campaign funds paying fines.

    Dear Josey,
    The city’s sign ordinance is even more restrictive than the county’s. The fact that it’s inside the city probably doesn’t make the situation better, if anything it probably makes it worse.

    I don’t know about the media attention. I guess if your philosophy is any media attention, even bad media attention, is better than no media attention at all, you might be right. But getting fined for not knowing the law and having to go fish your signs out of the dumpster isn’t probably something Mr. Tidball wants on the front page.

    GOP Spartan,
    Tidball has every right to run for office, it’s a free country. Tim Bee just needs to man-up and run his race. His campaign team needs to quit whining and start working hard for their guy. If they did, Tim would have nothing to worry about from Mr. Tidball.

    Mr. Tidball,
    Aside from what your good friend Josh says, you might want to consider what GOP Spartin is alluding to. If you desire to seek a political career in Arizona, odds are you aren’t going to be too successful running as a 3rd Party candidate.

    Sooner or later you’re going to have to choose a side. If you see yourself more on the Republican side of the issues, but aren’t happy with the direction the Republican Party is headed, I suggest you do something about it.

    Don’t take your ball and go home, stay in the party and fight to change it. You’ll have far more success fighting to bring the Republican Party back to it’s roots from inside the party than you will fighting to siphon off Republican voters from outside the party.

    Think about it…

    If you think more strategically and logically, rather than emotionally, your decision is clear. Nonetheless, good luck with the race, no matter what your decision might be.

  13. kralmajales says

    eh…not sure how much those signs matter except for the ability to remind neighbors. For intance, in the last go around, Jeff Latas had signs everywhere…and I think he got 5% (anyone help here)?

    In addition, there must have been gremlins all over Tucson putting up Ron Paul signs. I think I saw one on the side of a toilet once!

    Paul is still a Congressman from Texas.

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