Sign theft update

     Over the weekend we reported that anti Prop 102 and 105 allies were arrested tearing down Republican signs and installing their signs, a criminal offense in Arizona. It took us a while but we have photos of the actual signs put up in the Sierra Vista area that evening. It remains to be discovered if the sign sponsors were involved in the decision to tear down Republican signs in order to post theirs.


  1. This is an obvious smear campaign by the Jason LeVecke’s and Nathan Sprouls of the world–who are not always on our side.

    Fiscal conservatives like Robert Robb and many thousands of others are denouncing Prop 105 for what it is, a backhanded attempt to destroy voting rights in Arizona.

    The yes on 105 side offers us nothing as fiscal conservatives.

    Vote No on 105 and please don’t make up stories like this.

    Thanks all.

  2. Thanks for the input, Mr. Allen – I had made my decision for the same reasons. 105 offers nothing to anyone who cares about fiscal responsibility – and stepping up to that responsibility. I am voting no on 105.

    I wish the Dems on Capitol Hill would step up to their responsibility instead of making the economy another playing field for Political polarization. I am seriously disgusted with them at this time. I think they are despicable. They see things through a prism that is beyond reality. I am tired of my liberal friends with all of their excuses. Remember, a vote for Obama is a vote for Pelosi. No matter what he wants, he is going to have to deal with her and she is going to pull his strings.

  3. Wo, I was down in DSW’s neck of the woods today, and I noticed at a number of key intersections that signs for Democratic candidates were torn down, while the R signs were sprouting like toadstools.

    Holier than thou? I think not….Happens every election.

  4. Except this time someone got caught and they’re going to pay the piper.

    The Cochise County Republican Party has zero tolerance for sign tampering. Expect the County Chairman to ask the County Attorney throw the book at them.

    Seven counts of political sign tampering, each count carrying a fine of $750 and 4 months in jail.

    Each of these young vandals is facing $5,250.00 in fines and 28 months in the can.

    Granted they’ll probably get suspended sentences, but the fine is going to hurt their wallets.

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