Sign, Sealed, Delivered?

This is hillarious!

What really gets me is the young lady who asks Janet Napolitano who she is. Considering all the propaganda the Governor has pushed in the schools with her photographs all over it, I’m amazed that this young girl doesn’t even know who our Governor is!


  1. SonoranSam says

    Sure are a lot of people in that HQ….

  2. Antifederalist says

    The vid does show a ton of people in the Dim HQ. As I voted early last night here in VA, there were A TON of people in line to vote. NoVA is a Dim stronghold, especially since the Dims took over Congress in `06. High voter turnout in NoVA does not bode well for Rs. Couple that with the Dims rallying at the HQ to turn out votes for Nobama…and I think the polls are right. My money is on a landslide for NObama in the electoral college and a Dim filibuster-proof majority in the Senate as well as a pickup of 20 or so seats in the House.

    Heritage says Ireland has a freer economy than ours right now…perhaps I can avoid seeing the US slouch into a socialist hades and move to Ireland to enjoy their prosperity.

    Or ONLY hope is that the Rs GET IT, kick out all the moderate leadership and make a hard right turn. Like it or not, it’s hard core conservatives like Reagan, Pence, etc. and hard core liberals like NObama that get the masses stirred up. If Rs want a revival, they’re going to HAVE to move to the right and deep 6 the moderates. Moderates policies are atrocious (witness 8 years of Bush and horrible moderate Republican rule in Congress) AND they just can’t turn out the votes. I think Bush’s mid-term gains in his first year were a one off.

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