Sheriff Mack to Present the Relationship between your County Sheriff vs. federal agents

The Huachuca Area Republican Women’s Club will present former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack to present: “The Sheriff Has the Last Word.”

As the elected sheriff of Graham County, Richard Mack stood up to federal power.  He took on the Brady Gun Control laws and fought them all the way to the US Supreme Court … and won.

You are invited to the Windemere Hotel and Conference Center on Monday, June 8th at 10:30am for coffee and 11:00am for lunch with Sheriff Mack.

Hear first hand about the Constitutional role played by your county sheriff and how the sheriff is the final word in law enforcement in your county.  This is information every citizen should understand – so we can elect sheriffs who will know their Constitutional role in relationship with the federal government.

Cost for lunch is $14. Please call Pat Grymko at 458-9517 for reservations no later than Sunday, May 31rd. Cost for late reservation is $16.

Come on down to Sierra Vista!  The weather is delightful this time of year.


  1. Any speculation on what office Sheriff Mack might be running for?

  2. Please can we get over the Brett Mecum smackdown marathon? No doubt the guy is creepy, imbecilic, and should be given the boot…but your moniker is too cute by half and certainly does not indicate that you are any better than the one you berate. In fact, it implies an even deeper lack of regard for others than that exhibited by BM.

    This adolescent doofus dogfight is embarrassing and needs to go away. Everyone of you. Mr. Mecum, Dial, and Jensen included. You all must be nerdy little boys who are trying to be cool connected politicos. But you come across as a bunch of petulant, immature wannabes parading around like the only rooster in the hen house. ENOUGH!

  3. Frank Coz says

    Those photos are not good. I don’t expect choirboy behavior, but these don’t help anyone – certainly not the AZ GOP.

    I’m a small donor – really small, actually- but if my opinion counts – I’d like Randy to have a long talk with Brett and come to a decision over whether it’s time for the AZGOP to cuts its losses and move on.

  4. Iris Lynch says

    The REALLY important part of his appearance is the fact that the sheriff of ANY county has the last say legally over any Federal super star. And he has most recently proven it.

    Too many of the commenters don’t stand up to ANY little thing unless they can spit and sputter anonymously.

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