Sheriff Joe Arpaio considers run for Governor?

A m e r i c a n P o s t – G a z e t t e

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Joe Arpaio already has earned a nationwide reputation for being America’s toughest sheriff. In a meeting this past Friday afternoon , the Sheriff discussed the possibility of his running for governor. While it’s too early for an official announcement because of campaign finance laws, Arpaio did suggest the possibility of a run for the highest office in Arizona. The stars are in alignment. He has the funding, support of the conservative base, and the timing is right.

There is no doubt the “toughest sheriff in the world” would bring the same no nonsense, cost effective approach to the governor’s office and budget negotiations. Arpaio would never even consider a tax increase until all the fat was cut from bloated state agencies. He would get every department off their high fat diet, and onto lean, green bologna, just as he has done running his no-fat Sheriff’s department.

The list of wanna be’s for governor increases with the clear scent of Governor Brewer’s political blood in the air. Few genuine contenders exist, and the Sheriff presents a formidable challenge. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Munger – who knows (imagine that)
    Martin – most likely **
    Brewer – most likely **
    Johnson – not a chance
    Mack – not a chance
    Arpaio – won’t do it
    Harper – doubtful (timing isn’t right)

    oh, and that fringe guy who’s name I forgot…
    and rumors of a Virginian (if he’s not in prison by then)

    and of course that unqualified goober we tolerate for an Attorney General.

    Anyone seeing what Arizona’s future may look like?

  2. Oh please. The Sheriff trots this out every four years to get his picture posted on-line again. He would have to resign to run, and once he did that he would just an angry man without a badge. His ego coudn’t stand being out of office for even a year while campaigning. So please quit falling for his constant hype.

  3. nightcrawler says

    I would support Joe if he ran for Governor, and that is a big IF.

    Sheriff Joe has earned a spot in Arizona lore. His place in history is secure, both on a statewide and national level. The question he needs to ask himself is why ask for the headache ? The finances of the state look very bleak in the next few years. The GOP is divided on the floor, with a few self-righteous holdouts turning the screw. I’m sure that would drive Joe crazy as Governor and unlike the situation at the Sheriff’s Office he would have to sit and take it.

    In my humble opinion, I think Joe serves himself, the state and the nation exactly where he is. I would encourage him to stay put.

  4. Arpaio is not going to run. Don’t forget Vernon Parker, Paradise Valley Mayor. He has got a lot of support already and is the only one of the rest of the candidates who could beat Goddard in the general. He would be the first African-American Republican governor in the country.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Thanks Sheri, forgot about Vernon Parker.

    Guess that’s about as much name recognition as he has statewide. Sorry, but file him with Richie Mack as a fringe candidate in this race.

    Comment heard on the street: “… who is he?”

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Sheri, why did you mention race? Who cares? Obviously you do (and Klute)

  7. Republicangal says

    I am ready for a non-career politician. I will be excited to see a non-current-elected official come out of the wordworks. There is a name that Veritas Vincit mentions in the 1st post that intrigues me.

  8. Maybe Janet Napolitano will endorse him to thank him for what was effectively an endorsement of her…

  9. All Rinos OUT says

    Whoever runs needs to put current “chamber maids” of the current AZ GOP on notice and not put up with their constant pandering to the CoC. You know who they are, and they are being watched. AZ Citizens have had enough of their antics and underhanded usurping, and will do what it takes to throw them out of office next year.

  10. Manny Blanco says

    Sheriff Joe will make a great Governor and I hope someday he will run and become President of the Unites States of America.

  11. I hope you run Joe!! Give us some hope for our state. Our country is going down the potty!

    but way waste time!! Just run for President
    you will have at the very least 75% of America behind you GO JOE GO JOE
    Glendale AZ LOVES JOE šŸ™‚

    David T. Bigford

  13. Opps I meant (but WHY waste time)

  14. Please, Please Joe ,run for govenor. I am a Democrat that will definetly vote for you

  15. You go Joe. I am one Democrat that is in your corner. My whole family,all Democrats, love Joe Arpaio. By the way anyone that complains about tent city has never been in jail. I have ,as a kid and I would much rather be outdoors in a tent than in a 4 by 8 cell. You have my vote Joe. Please run for govenor

  16. Jack Myoff says

    this guy to old to run for Governor plus he’s to busy chasing Illegals that’s all he doe’s just let him stay in Maricopa o whatever… thank’s lord for not letting thi’s Idiot run for Governor.


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