Sheriff Arpaio says County Supervisors have a vendetta against him

Well whaddya know, another county elected official is calling the Board of Supervisors out for taking retaliatory actions against him. The County Supervisors have mismanaged money for years, spending irresponsible amounts of tax dollars on environmental programs like “Bring Back Blue” and “Running out of Air,” which didn’t work so they were dropped. They also hired a “diversity manager” who set up an entire diversity department which plastered the county with politically correct rainbow posters. Now they want other county agencies, including law enforcement agencies like the Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney’s Office, to cut 15% of their budgets. This is irresponsible. If there is one function of government that is more important than any other, it is public safety. Now we hear about inmates going on food strikes because they don’t like the bare bone meals they’re getting. The courts are getting backed up because the Sheriff doesn’t have enough officers any more to transport them to court every day. The Sheriff has been losing over 10 employees a month but has not been allowed to hire anyone to replace them. Meanwhile, the County Supervisors are telling him he can’t replace them, instead the County Supervisors insist on fully funding the $347 million court tower, and stealing $6 million from the County Attorney to set up their own competing legal department since they don’t like him! Well they don’t have that power, the people elected him, not the County Supervisors.

Thanks to one of our commenters yesterday who pointed out that this violates the law, by law the County Attorney is authorized to be the legal counsel for the county, not the Supervisors –

A.R.S. 11-532. Powers and duties
A. The county attorney is the public prosecutor of the county and shall:
1. Attend the superior and other courts within the county and conduct, on behalf of the state, all prosecutions for public offenses.
2. Institute proceedings before magistrates for the arrest of persons charged with or reasonably suspected of public offenses when the county attorney has information that the offenses have been committed.
3. When not engaged in criminal proceedings in the superior court, attend upon the magistrates in cases of arrest when required by them, and attend before and give advice to the grand jury.
4. Draw indictments and informations, defend actions brought against the county and prosecute actions to recover recognizances forfeited in courts of record and actions for recovery of debts, fines, penalties and forfeitures accruing to the state or county.
5. Deliver receipts for monies or property received in the county attorney’s official capacity and file duplicate receipts with the clerk of the board.
6. On the first Monday of January, April, July and October in each year, file with the board of supervisors an account, verified by oath, of all monies received in the county attorney’s official capacity during the preceding three months, and at the same time pay it to the county treasurer.
7. When required, give a written opinion to county officers on matters relating to the duties of their offices.
8. Keep a register of official business, and enter therein every action prosecuted, criminal or civil, and of the proceedings therein.
9. Act as the legal advisor to the board of supervisors, attend its meetings and oppose claims against the county which the county attorney deems unjust or illegal.
10. Act as attorney for school districts except as provided in section 15-343, or except in any lawsuits involving a conflict of interest with other county offices at which time the attorney general may represent the school district.
11. Act as attorney for the community college district except as provided in section 15-1448 or except in any lawsuits involving a conflict of interest with other county offices, at which time the attorney general may represent the community college district.
12. Defend all locally valued and assessed property tax appeals as provided in section 42-16208.
B. Upon receipt of an appellant’s brief in a criminal appeal, the county attorney shall furnish the attorney general with a true statement of the facts in the case, together with the available authorities and citations that are responsive to the assignments or specifications of error.
C. The county attorney may represent a school district governing board member against whom an action is brought in the board member’s individual capacity until such time as it is established as a matter of law that the alleged activity or events which form the basis of the complaint were not performed, or not directed to be performed, within the scope or course of the member’s duties.
D. Notwithstanding the provisions of article 12 of this chapter, in connection with the investigation or prosecution of any matter involving the death of a person, the county attorney may request that the medical examiner, for the county in which the prosecution will take place, conduct the medical examination.


  1. Didn’t read this post, don”t have to…same old story different day. One question, how is it that Arpaio overspends his budget, mismanages accounts, gets sued regularly, endorses a DEM for Gov-Jano-and he escapes free of accountability? This guy does need someone to supervise him!

    Consider the job before them, and I’m not saying they are all a bunch of great folks doing a great job, BUT they are not the underbelly of our county government. There is one, to be sure, they are not it.

  2. Carl Hay says

    Can anyone say “recall”?

    I’m from Tucson, and have been embarrased by the City Council for years.

    Apparently the voters in the valley of the sun put their loonies on the Board of Supervisors.

  3. Thank you Ann for your succinct and spot-on analysis.

  4. Carl – No, actually we send our loonies to the state lege, where they can be identified by their titles – committee chair, senate president, house speaker, and so on.

  5. Please the board of superrvisors behaved like a bunch of children when Stapley was shown to have lied. He also listed his government provided secretary as the contact person for one of his many companies. Who care if that violates the law. They then illegally create this new office after Sandi Wilson said they wouldn’t do it until the courts had ruled. Then Stapley and Brock sit back and let the board take 60 million budgeted to expand the Mesa Superior court building to build the Taj Majal downtown. They are doing nothing as the court plans to take criminal out of Mesa now three years before the Taj Majal is even ready. This will be a huge waste of time and money for the east valley cities to pay their officers to sit in traffic returning from downtown and the jurors from the east valley who will drive by the Mesa court. When the Mesa court was built we were promised a full service superior court and hundreds of thousands were spent on holding cells.

  6. Carl, why don’t you work on straightening out the Old Pueblo and leave big stuff to us? People like Ann need to be in charge of things like this. Does Pima County have paved roads yet?

    Criag may not be able to spell, but his points might be worth looking into to determine whether the Courthouse they are building provides the best County-wide response to crime and the need to get these people out of County and into State Prison where, as Craig pointed out, the real loonies can take over.

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