Sheriff Arpaio raid of Waterworld conglomerate: over 50% of employees probably illegal immigrants

Based upon a tip from an ex-employee, Sheriff Arpaio raided Golfland/Waterworld/Big Surf/Sunsplash to determine if it was hiring illegal immigrants in violation of the Legal Arizona Workers Act. He discovered that as many as 104 of 198 employees have discrepancies associated with their social security numbers associated with document fraud, such as more than one name associated with a social security number.

Did you have any idea the numbers were so high? Although most Arizonans have taken it for granted that the majority of landscapers are probably illegal, it comes as a bit of a surprise to find out that jobs like working at a water park (and what teenage kid hasn’t wanted to work there?) are also mostly filled by illegal immigrants. No wonder the East Valley Tribune ran an article this morning saying that this is the worst year ever for teenage kids to find jobs.

Researchers at Northeastern University described summer 2007 as “the worst in post-World War II history” for teen summer employment, and those same researchers say that 2008 is poised to be “even worse.”

According to their data, only about one-third of Americans 16 to 19 years old will have a job this summer, and vulnerable low-income and minority teens are going to fare even worse.

The percentage of teens classified as “unemployed” – those who are actively seeking a job but can’t get one – is more than three times higher than the national unemployment rate according to the most recent Department of Labor statistics.


  1. Um, are these two issues related? Is it that there is a shortage of jobs for 16-19 year olds out there? Or is it that too many of our 16-19 year olds think their above working these types of jobs?

    All I know is that after 15 years of seeing illegals run all over Metro Phoenix Joe needs to do a little more then a few crime sweeps and busting a Waterpark for me to be impressed.

  2. I have two teenagers actively looking for work, everywhere, from swimming pools to restaurants, to chain stores, they have not had any luck. I’m seeing that with many of the teenagers At least the ones I know are not afraid to work, if they could just find a job.

  3. Kralmajales says

    hmmm what is going to happen to the owners of the business? A fine I bet. The reason that he doesn’t come after more businesses is that that Chamber of Commerce might take it upon themselves to pull their dough and put him and anyone else like him…out of office.

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