Shake-up in Pima County.

Something is up in Tucson.


  1. Great! Linda was long overdue to pack her bags. She’s been bubbling over with negativity and incompetance.

  2. anonymous says

    R you sure you’re referring to the right “White”?

  3. Beverly Ann says

    Judy White inherited Linda White when she became Party Head. Most people bring in there own team. Obviously Judy tried to work with her or she would have made a change a long time ago. Linda White was always trying to get people mad at Judy by blaming her for things that were her own fault or mischief she started started and then blamed Judy. With an employee like that I am surprized she lasted that long. Let’s see how Linda behaves now that she has an opportunity to show class in the face of stress. Is really a party player or a self promoter ? More will be revealed.

  4. anonymous says

    Bev Ann –

    What’s to be revealed? Let us know. Are you sure you are writing about the right White. Your description fits Judi (with an i) to a T.

    Have a happy day.

  5. Beverly Ann says

    Dear Anon-

    I should have said time will tell….

  6. anonymous— are you Linda White? Yes, I am talking about the right White.

  7. Judi White is very rude and territorial. I had one run-in with her during the 2006 election style. She thinks her crap doesn’t stink, but her farts give her away.

  8. See the post above. This is represents the kind of person and mentality that I think anyone would be proud to count among their detractors.

  9. I can honestly say I have never heard that saying…and wish I hadn’t still.

    I’m sure Judy is very proud.

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