Shadegg: Politics Not A Blood Sport

The following press release was issued by the John Shadegg Campaign:

To: John Shadegg’s Friends
From: John Shadegg
Subject: Politics isn’t a blood sport

“Re-elect John Shadegg and give an out-of-state political barbarian something to weep about on Election Day,” wrote the Arizona Republic this morning.  Based on the amount of money Washington Democrats have poured into this race, it would appear my reelection will cause a lot of out-of-state liberals to shed a few tears.

After reading the recent blog post by the Daily Kos, the most liberal blog in the nation, which said “If you want to decapitate the Republican leadership, [Shadegg]’s our best target in the House…I want to rub salt in their wounds,” the Republic said that “what [Kos] seeks has the unseemly scent of wild-eyed vengeance.”

“Politics isn’t – or shouldn’t be – blood sport,” stated the Republic.  This shouldn’t be a revelation, but in this political year, it is.  Read the full editorial.

By Tuesday night, national Democrats will have spent well over $2 million trying to defeat us.  If you have a TV, you’ve seen plenty of their negative ads; attacks on my personal character, complete with spooky music and morphing images.  What you haven’t seen from the DCCC or Lord is his substantive position on any issue – not one – they’ve taken a back seat to lies.

National Democrats have glossed over the grave issues confronting our nation by simply promising “change,” Barack Obama’s mantra.  No time is spent explaining precisely what this change will be.  Instead, they move right on to assault their opponent’s personal character.

Arizonans care about issues; they want real solutions.  Our elections are not decided by personal vendettas and out-of-state money.

On November 4, we’ll prove this to the country and the out-of-state volunteers working for Bob Lord.  And, America will prove it needs more than vague promises of change, leftist advisers, and redistributionist schemes by electing John McCain President and Sarah Palin Vice President.  So let’s give it our all the next four days.

Again, thanks for your hard work.  Never give in, never, never, never.

John Shadegg


  1. I have a prediction equally valid as your prediction that McCain/Palin will sweep to victory.

    On Wednesday, the East Valley Tribune front page will feature a story beginning like this:

    “In an upset of monumental proportions, Democrat Rebecca Schneider has defeated Republican Rep. Jeff Flake. . .”

  2. If the RNC was in such good shape, why was it laying off its fundraisers back in the spring of ’08? Obviously the fundraisers couldn’t even raise enough to pay their own salaries calling known donors to the GOP cause. From the laid off staff I talked to they told me that the reason the well was dry was because the donors said, “You had 8 years to make changes – and we are tired of your unkept promises.” These same people are the ones who turned tail in ’06. I guess we will find out when we wake up Wednesday morning if they were still ‘tired’ in ’08.

  3. i might have supported shadegg but for the bailout.

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