Shadegg PAC Refunds, Asks For Investigation

Congressman John Shadegg 

The following message was issued by the committee of John Shadegg’s Friends:

To: Shadegg Friends
From: Congressman John Shadegg

Shadegg Refunds Donation From His Leadership PAC Issues Request For Immediate FEC Investigation
Phoenix — U.S. Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ) today issued the following statement in response to the press release issued by the Arizona Democratic Party regarding Shadegg’s campaign committee.
Today, John Shadegg’s Friends, Congressman’s John Shadegg’s federal campaign committee, refunded $10,000 to Leadership for America’s Future (LEAD PAC), Congressman Shadegg’s federal leadership PAC.   
“My campaign committee today refunded $10,000 to my leadership PAC in order to remain above reproach in the handling of my campaign finances and to dispel even the potential appearance of improper conduct relating to these funds.  In more than fourteen years of living under our nation’s campaign finance laws, I have never been accused of violating these laws, much less been found to have done so.  And, while federal law specifically allows my leadership PAC to contribute to and support my campaign committee, I am taking this step to remove any question arising out of the press coverage of the Arizona Democratic Party’s allegation that my campaign somehow violated the law.
“I have also requested that the Federal Election Commission immediately, fully and fairly investigate the allegations made by the Arizona Democratic Party and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  In doing so, I am absolutely confident that the Federal Election Commission will fully exonerate my position.
“For the record, I once again reiterate that the individuals who contributed to my leadership PAC had no knowledge of, and were in no way involved in, the decision of my leadership PAC to contribute to my campaign the amount allowed by law. 
“It is unfortunate that some of the press coverage of this allegation has been out of proportion, enabling the exploitation of the allegation for political purposes.
“Apparently some people continue to believe that elections in America need to be about the politics of personal destruction.  I have always conducted myself in full compliance with the law and in a manner which is above reproach and I will continue to do so.”


  1. The Democrats had to throw mud at Shadegg because their press release condemning Gandhi was not finished yet.

    Stay tuned for these upcoming press releases from the Democratic party:

    “Moses Red Sea Parting an Environmental Nightmare”
    “Fish Awake For Weeks After Boston Tea Party”
    “Bill of Rights Assailed as Bill of Wrongs”

  2. SonoranSam says

    Shadegg did the right thing.

    Good for him.

  3. Kralmajales says

    This sounds a little like what NCAA schools do when they are about to be investigated and sanctioned for real violations…they give back the money and self-sanction.

    Sound like a CYA to me…and I am, of course, thinking another Renzi…

    Bob Lord might have a bit more of a chance than I thought.

  4. Sounds to me like an honorable man of integrity with nothing to hide nor fear. Who, when questioned, challenged his accusers to prove themselves to be as decent and upstanding as he. Until the time they are proven to be self-serving and opportunistic, which is what the FEC investigation will prove, he will return the money.

    Bob Lord will need much more than this to defeat Congressman Shaddegg.

    I look forward, as do many, to the day when I can cast my vote for him as Senator!

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