Shadegg Lights Up the Lines!

I was privledged enough to participate in a massive conference call to Republicans this evening sponsored by John Shadegg. I was able to express the frustration that many of us feel about the GOP not fighting back hard enough against these Democratic nobodies. Many other callers expressed the same.

If you were on the line and did not get to voice your question or comment, please feel free to leave it here and the Shadegg campaign will most certainly here from you.

Finally, I urge you to get out and work for these candidates! If you want to keep your taxes lower. If you don’t want an extremist pro-abortion Democrat. If you don’t want Democrats to socialize the economy and hand out your tax dollars to their friends, Then you need to get involved NOW!

Our Republican candidats need your volunteer help in their campaign offices. They need your help out in the field and they need your financial support to help get their ads up on the air. Put a yard sign in your yard. Put a bumpersticker on your car.

Fight for them and tell them to fight for us!

Here is each of their campaign committee’s websites:

Sydney Hay – CD-1

Trent Franks – CD-2

John Shadegg – CD-3

David Schweikert – CD-5

Jeff Flake – CD-6

Tim Bee – CD-8


  1. kralmajales says

    “If you don’t want Democrats to socialize the economy and hand out your tax dollars to their friends, Then you need to get involved NOW!”

    REALLY? Did you ask Shaddegg why he voted to socialize the banking and mortgage industry??????

  2. Got the call but couldn’t stay on….thanks for the report!

    I can honestly say I have never heard so many folks so genuinely frightened that the country we know may be on the brink of socialism! The occurrences of the past few weeks will be nothing if Obama is crowned King, he won’t be content to just be a president. He will be working his way to universal health care while on his march to universal rule. We can kiss the balance of powers and checks and balances GOODBYE! I’m talking about full out social engineering.

    We will have the right to an abortion on demand but not our freedoms according to the Constitution. Before all those on the dark side pounce on my comments and call them everything but true; history is full of gifted speakers, charismatic leaders, and quick change artists who could do it all. What makes you think we are too highly evolved to be the next victim?

  3. I hate to agree with Kral but you have got to be kidding. Talk about socialism. Shadegg voted for the massive bailout that up to this point has done nothing to help. Bee voted for the governor’s budget that added billions of new spending in the middle of a budget shortfall.

  4. Look at the big picture! One action in a dire situation versus a policy book based on socialist principles is hardly a decisive indicator of philosophy.

    It was a singular act; had such decisions and actions been repeated over and over again that would identify one as a socialist. This was not the same as if it had been a habitual behavior….hardly time to label.

  5. You’re concerned about “socialism” and you think Bob Lord will be better?

    The Rob Haney “defeat all Republicans who don’t do what I want them to do crowd” is going to sorely disappointed with Lord-Pelosi’s approach to illegal immigration.

  6. The DCCC is targeting Shadegg to clear the way for Napolitano to become Senator in 2010. They are spending $2M to defeat him. This is a huge expenditure to make Napolitano your Senator.

    Donate $50 to Shadegg now. We must keep him in Congress and elect him to the Senate.

    Keep Arizona Red. Go to Shadegg’s website and donate $50.

  7. FraudShadegg says

    How many gallons of Kool-Aid did DSW drink before posting that nonsense? Shadegg is what’s wrong with the Republican party. He’s one of the reasons the party has lost its way. He voted for the bailout. He’s so exhausted in Washington, D.C. that he can barely decide if he wants to remain a Member of Congress. The party needs to clean house, and voting John Shadegg out of office is a good start.

  8. Lame try “fraudshadegg”. You’re obviously a democRAT plant posing as a Republican.

  9. FraudShadegg says

    I’m not voting for Bob Lord. I’m not voting for John Shadegg, either. Neither deserve a seat in Congress.

  10. Fraud Shadegg,

    You may call it drinking the Kool-Aid but at least I’m not going along with the Napolitano enema.

  11. FraudShadegg says

    Shadegg is so gutless he can’t even blame this crisis on President Bush.

    He’s called for the resignation of Treasury Secretary Paulson. Wow. Who does Paulson work for?

  12. I laugh every time “fraudshadegg” posts with the URL to “gutlessshadegg”. What is more gutless….acting in the full view of the public and answering to your constituency or hiding behind some goofy penname aimed at a hit and run without any personal ownership.

    If you are so brave “fs” (maybe it should be “fos”), why not just come out and post with your name? I did. Or are the words fraud and gutless so easy for you to use because they are so familiar to you?

  13. FraudShadegg says

    There’s a lot I can’t tell you – and I know that’s upset you in the past. You felt it was because of some lack of trust of confidence. But it’s – it’s, because I admire you that I keep things secret from you.

    The Godfather always works.

  14. And then he killed his brother.

  15. FraudShadegg says

    Who tried to kill him first.

  16. Dang… I knew you would say that!

  17. FraudShadegg says

    Kim so digs me.

  18. kralmajales says

    Post 14-17 are fantastic!

  19. kralmajales says

    Oh…new poll says that the Shaddegg-Lord race is statistically tied.

    I still think Shaddegg will win…but guess what…

    He needs your money, your energy, and you all now have to fight for that seat.

    Giffords, Mitchell, Kirkpatrick, Pastor, Grijalva…a majority dem delegation in ARIZONA.

    And now it might be Lord also!

    Get ready and get used to it.

  20. haha. Statistically tied…please. the DCCC’s poll came up with those numbers. show me some independent polling and then we’ll have this discussion.

    by the way – FraudShadegg is Andrew Eldredge Martin, Lor’d campaign manager…

  21. kralmajales says

    Really Kim, then why are you all so damned worried?

    I think Lord can take him…I didn’t think that a few months ago, but Shaddegg’s vote on the bailout is freaking scaring Shaddegg’s supports off of him.

    Lord has raised the dough to stay in the game.

    Again, because Lord is your focus now, Hay will lose and lose badly…so will Schweikert and Bee.

  22. kralmajales says

    Oh…if what you say is true about FraudShaddegg then I would say, get to work Moron!!!!

    I doubt its him…he couldn’t be so stupid, like me, to waste good campaign time on a blog.


  23. kralmajales says

    Look back at Nick’s post…Nick is worried.

    I think those polls might very well be right.

  24. John Shadegg is up 10% points to Bob Lord.

  25. FraudShadegg says

    FraudShadegg is a conservative, and has nothing to do with the Lord campaign. Anyone who votes for Lord needs medical attention.

  26. FraudShadegg says

    Miss Kimberly is such the conspiracy theorist.

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