Lisa has managed to capture the endorsements of all the Republican leaders in our state – save the Governor and a few others. Shadegg welcomes Lisa as leader of the Party because “she has what it takes to bring all Arizona Republicans together for the 2010 election cycle”. Grassroots experience, fundraising and managing both of the Bush campaigns indeed count for something. Join 30 other grassroots county and district Republican leaders as we move the Party onward to victory!

County and District Leaders Have Endorsed James:

  • MCRC Secretary Kim Owens
  • Navajo County Chairman Jeff Lineberry
  • Pima County Immediate Past Chairman Judi White
  • Pima County Secretary Anne Stephenson
  • Pinal County Former Chairman Sharron Gill
  • Pinal County Second Vice Chairman TJ Shope
  • Yavapai County Chairman Jan Smith
  • Yuma County First Vice Chairman Phil Townsend
  • Dist 7 Chairman West Kenyon
  • Dist 7 Immediate Past Chair Cheryl Pietkiewicz
  • Dist 7 First Vice Chair Ed Bunch
  • Dist 8 Chairman Jim Burke
  • Dist 8 Former Chairman Donna Reagan
  • Dist 8 Secretary Bill Camp
  • Dist 11 First Vice Chair Ephraim Cordova
  • Dist 12 Chairman Joe Marvin
  • Dist 12 First Vice Chairman Rhonda King
  • Dist 12 Second Vice Chair Judy Connell
  • Dist 12 Secretary Diane McCarthy
  • Dist 17 Immediate Past Chairman Dale Despain
  • Dist 17 First Vice Chair Ray Devine
  • Dist 20 Chairman Farrell Quinlan
  • Dist 20 Second Vice Chair Anthony Miller
  • Dist 20 Fourth Vice Chair Alesha Nicole Corey
  • Dist 20 Secretary Heidi Quinlan
  • Dist 21 Chairman Jerry Brooks
  • Dist 27 Chairman Harold Hough
  • Dist 28 Chairman Walter Stephenson
  • Dist 30 Chairman Dough Sposito
  • Dist 30 Immediate Past Chairman Patti O’Berry


  1. I notice Congressman Trent Franks’ name is missing here. Related-Franks also disassociated himself from the Flake-Shadegg attack against Sen. Russell Pearce in his race against immigration attorney Kevin Gibbons.

    Trent’s non-endorsement of James is likely to sway more voters to Pullen than Flake-Shadegg are to attract votes for James.

    I really pray Flake, Shadegg, Kyl and McCain put the weapons away after this election and join the grassroots in building the strongest state party possible.

    Hat tip to Congressman Franks for encouraging a strong AZ GOP-period.

  2. If we are going to compare endorsements here, Randy Pullen only put out a list of county and district chairs while Lisa is listing every one of her supporters that hold any office in the party. I am sure in Randy put out a comparable list it probably would dwarf Lisa’s list.

    Apples-to-Apples, it seems Lisa has the support of 2 County Chair and 8 current District Chairs. Randy, on the other hand, is supported by 8 County Chairs and 10 District Chairs. It seems Randy is doing better in the out-counties than Lisa.

  3. Goodyear GOP says

    In a desperate attempt to keep up with Randy’s numbers, Lisa James actually scours her list to find “4th Vice Chairs”? Dear Lord, they’re getting pretty desperate there over in James-ville.

  4. Some of those folks on her list can’t even vote. I’m sure that Randy Pullen’s neighbors would put together an impressive quantity of names who support him too. But since they’re not State Committeemen, thanks to Randy for not wasting our time by pushing out a press release about their support.


    Here it is! The Phoenix New Times wants Lisa James. This ought to seal the deal for Chairman Pullen.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Love it! The Phoenix New Times is on the same side as James, Kyl, Martin, and Konopnicki??

    Who needs an secret ballot election? Why not just tally up the endorsements of those eligible to vote?

    Whoever wins, the loosers will be asked to get behind the winner (and, as happened in 2006, they won’t).

    If James wins, all the Pullen folks will go home… If Pullen wins, all the James folks will go to Lisa’s house.

    Of course, on the other hand… what is a Republican when the Phoenix New Times is behind your State Chairperson???

  7. Wow, think you guys are really reaching now. The PNT would be thrilled to see Pullen win, it would ensure the Arizona Party is completely irrelevant for another two years.

    Also, shouldn’t you be a little nervous about how many are not endorsing the incumbent chairman yet? 20 out of 30 District chairs? If they think he did a bang up job, good enough to deserve another term, dont you think they’d be endorsing him by now?

  8. Also, the reason Lisa lists so many people as supporters on her website is that, even if some of them won’t vote on Saturday, they all know and have influence with someone who will.

    It’s called a “grassroots campaign.” google it sometime.

  9. AZRed, quit being such a dim bulb. Lots of LD Chairmen won’t publicly endorse because they know that their LD has folks on both sides and they don’t want to cause any rifts with a public endorsement. They privately support a candidate but don’t add their names to public lists.

    Now, let’s use AZRed’s logic here. Red says that Pullen should be nervous because 20 out of 30 district chairs haven’t endorsed Pullen. FIrst off, there aren’t 30 district chairs. Lots of the rural LDs don’t have LD organziations or chairs, they have County chairs and lots of those folks HAVE endorsed Pullen. But we’re not here to debate Red’s grasp of the facts, merely use the logic against Red. Pullen has more district chairs endorsing him than Lisa does and Pullen has a LOT more county chairs endorsing him than Lisa does.

    So by Red’s logic, Lisa’s folks must be very very nervous indeed.

    Maybe that’s why they’ve gone so negative in their campaigning?

  10. Common Sense says

    “In the following sheets, the author hath studiously avoided every thing which is personal among ourselves. Compliments as well as censure to individuals make no part thereof. The wise and the worthy need not the triumph of a pamphlet; and those whose sentiments are injudicious or unfriendly, will cease of themselves, unless too much pains is bestowed upon their conversion.”

    January 21, 2009

    As Election Day nears, GOP leaders weigh in. The consensus – Randy Pullen builds on success after success – sides with the grassroots. Lisa James has a record of total flops, and hangs out under the big tent. What happens when the wind blows?

    The full story:

    Truth or Consequences – Elections Have Both

    The race for Chairman of the Arizona Republican party is coming down to the wire. Incumbent Randy Pullen is once again running against Lisa James. Who should you vote for? That depends on your values. Randy Pullen is the man for the people. After all, it was the grassroots who got him elected in the first place. It is the grassroots who support genuine, conservative positions, and rail against wink and nod acceptance of criminal activity, such as illegal immigration. The grassroots knows that the big tent philosophy has cost votes for the Republican Party, because the very concept flies in the face of COMMON SENSE . We all know what happens to big tents when the wind blows.

    Lisa James stands four-square on the other side of the issues. During the November election cycle, Mrs. James strongly supported the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty plan in direct opposition to the Arizona GOP platform. James worked with Wake Up Arizona to overturn the state’s Fair and Legal Employment Act by taking the issue to the courts. After losing four separate legal challenges, she joined the bandwagon to put Proposition 202 on the ballot.

    Numbers USA, an organization dedicated to fighting illegal immigration described Prop 202: “An initiative on the Arizona ballot for November 4 – Proposition 202 or the so-called Stop Illegal Hiring Act – does the exact opposite of what it claims. It would gut Arizona’s strong employer sanctions law and allow illegal-alien employers to return to ‘business as usual.'”

    It gets worse. Former LD8 Chairman Royce Flora noted that James was a complete failure when she was in charge of PC recruiting and voter registration for District 8. She could not register a single voter, nor recruit a single PC, not one. James’ excuse was she could not get anyone to help despite asking many people.

    Flora was forced to ask for Lisa James’ resignation so he could appoint someone who would actually work. Despite her atrocious performance, James refused to resign. Flora had to establish a committee under Dr. Harlan Stratton to do the job. Unlike Lisa James who was a total flop, Stratton was very successful recruiting PCs, registering voters, and getting people to help. In fact, under Stratton and Flora, LD8 achieved the highest number of elected PCs in district history. People now question how James can swell Republican ranks as state chairman if she could not sign up even one person in her own district.

    James and her supporters claim she is a champion fund raiser, but during the last two years, she did not raise a single penny, which leads one to wonder if she did not deliberately sabotage the party, or whether she simply is incapable of delivering. She did raise money for some children’s charities and Guiliani, just not the State Party!

    Despite her complete lack of success, James is rumored to be busy hiring staff, assuming she will be elected. One party insider added, in the Sonoran Alliance, “James and Sproul got more than $400,000 from the State Party in 2006, and all we got in exchange was lost Congressional and Legislative seats. No thanks. I’ve seen this movie and I know how it ends.”


    enthusiastically endorses Randy Pullen for Chairman, and shares those views with many in the know. Howard Levine, who charts the AZ legislature and is state editor for GOPUSA, had this to say: “I will be voting for Randy Pullen and strongly encourage all other state committeemen to do the same… he has the same objectives we have, so the better he gets, the better it will be for us. With Lisa James, the objective will be to make the party a bunch of cheerleaders, and the party leadership will be moving it in a direction we don’t want.”
    Tom Husband, former chair of the Maricopa County Republican Party put it this way: “I personally believe that we have been extremely fortunate to have the services of an executive that normally would command compensation in the $200k – $300k range on a full time basis without charge!” Lyle Tuttle, past chair for Maricopa County, said: “I know Tom’s feelings, and they are congruent with mine.”

  11. 4th Vice Chair says

    Are you trying to tell me that because I’m a lowly “4th Vice Chair” that happens to be a State Committeeman, my endorsement doesn’t matter? Maybe not to some, but thankfully to Lisa it does.

  12. nightcrawler says

    Common Sense continues to rehash the half truths and falsehoods about Lisa in LD8. The former LD8 Chairman his minions were shown the door (for cause) in their feable attempt to be re-elected. They were defeated by a large margin despite predicting a landslide victory. Intelligent voters of LD8 saw through the spin and misinformation. This is vitrol is nothing more than sour grapes and needs to be taken as such.

  13. Just read the New Times interview with Mrs. James. Found her comments on the Arpaio / Saban ad interesting on how it was not a wise use of funds since Sheriff Arpaio had a large lead in the polls. I remember the State GOP spending money against Ted Downing in 2006, a Democrat who only had a primary race, there was no Republican running in that district. Now as the head of Victory 2006, would she consider this a wise use of funds?

  14. John, my point obviously is that Pullen is the incumbent. The fact that so many people refuse to go on record saying he did a good enough job for another term speaks volumes. If this were an open seat race like two years ago, then maybe you would have a point.

    Catsclaw, the Dan Saban ad was funded by an illegal contribution, through a dummy group created by AZGOP, that accused him of masturbating. If you can find anything that idiotic, and illegal, during the 2006 cycle by AZGOP, please, enlighten us.

  15. AZRed, my point is not about the legality of the funding for the ad or the content. In the article I referenced, Mrs. James is questioning if funds were wisely spent as am I. I do find it idiotic (to use your word) that the party would spend money against a Democrat who did not have a Republican opponent.

  16. Maricopa SC says

    To Common Sense and Tom Husband-

    “Tom Husband, former chair of the Maricopa County Republican Party put it this way: “I personally believe that we have been extremely fortunate to have the services of an executive that normally would command compensation in the $200k – $300k range on a full time basis without charge!””

    The Position of Arizona Republican Party Chairman is VOLUNTARY with NO COMPENSATION. Please point me into the direction of past chairmen who have been paid or commanded $200-$300k. Again, this is a VOLUNTARY Position.

  17. Hello:

    This morning I got an email from Dist 27 Chairman Harold Hough stating that he has NOT endorsed either candidate for State Party Chair-see below.

    Maybe this blog should take his name off as an endorser of Lisa James.
    Friday, January 23, 2009 9:14 AM

    Fellow LD-27 State Committeemen, Tomorrow we will be making a major decision on the direction of our party by voting for a State Chairman. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been mentioned as officially endorsing both candidates at one time or another. Let me clarify that. As all of you know from the December meeting, when we talked about the state chair campaign, I told you I had no intention of officially endorsing anyone since I have to work with the winner. That still stands. I have not given either side permission to use my name in an official endorsement (although I’m flattered that they both want me on their side). And, I will give my 100% support to whoever wins. Tomorrow, it’s up to you to make the decision based on where you want the party to go. We have two decent people who are running and we owe them a vote based on the issues, not whether or not I endorsed them. I trust to your judgement. See you tomorrow in Phoenix!

    Harold Hough
    Chairman, LD-27

  18. “Dist 30 Chairman Dough Sposito”

    I think it is “Doug”, not “Dough”.

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