Shadegg Endorses Jim Ward

Jim Ward




Scottsdale, AZ (January 22, 2010) — Jim Ward, Republican candidate for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, today announced that U.S. Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-3) endorses his candidacy for Congress.

“I am proud to endorse Jim Ward. His focus on fiscal responsibility, tax reform and smaller government give him the conservative credentials to be the right kind of Representative we need in Congress today, and he is certainly the right candidate to beat Harry Mitchell this fall,” said Congressman Shadegg. “As an experienced businessman, Jim knows how to balance a budget, create jobs, and curb needless deficit spending. He will bring these important skills to Washington which will serve him well in his commitment to help create a more efficient, less intrusive government that promotes individual liberty and free markets,” he added.

“To be endorsed by such a true conservative warrior and leader as Congressman John Shadegg is an honor for me personally and also an inspiration to take back the House of Representatives this November. My promise to him is that I will be successful and I will spread his conservative legacy to the neighboring 5th District,” said Jim Ward. “I couldn’t have asked for a stronger vote of confidence to demonstrate to Arizonans that I can serve them well as their representative.”

Congressman Shadegg announced his retirement from Congress just last week and has declared his ongoing commitment to the mission of promoting conservative principles while remaining committed to preserving America’s freedom.

Jim Ward is a dynamic, successful businessman running for Congress in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. His 25 year business career has placed him on the forefront of some of the most innovative and leading-edge technologies in the world having worked with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Nike and Lucasfilm. Currently, Ward works with companies in developing new technologies while at the same time supporting the local economy and creating jobs. For more information about Jim Ward please visit


  1. Well, um, I guess Vernon Parker could run for… Mine Inspector? Is that on the ballot this year?

  2. Wow, shock and awe says

    Shadegg endorses Ward-
    Geez how many more times does
    the repeat button have to get pushed on that

  3. Parker’s “running” in CD3.

    Schweikert is the conservative. Ward is the friend of open borders. Why do these people have to be so darn predicatable?

    John (we need a guest worker program) Shadegg will endorse Pam Gorman, Tony Bouie, Jim Waring, Nancy Barto and anyobdy else who agrees to hold the gate open for the illegal invasion.

  4. I guess Shadegg wasn’t fooled by Parkers obvious pandering.

    Although I am very unimpressed with Waring I think he is better than Parker any day

  5. kralmajales says

    Endorsing and running a Wall Streeter, big biz crony like Jim Ward ought to REALLY attract the tea party…


  6. Hey folks:

    Parker is running in CD3 and Ward in CD5

    And Shadegg’s endorsement should surprise no one.

    John is an “Open Borders” enthusiast, Ward is also receiving backing from the CofC and when he arrived in the state, immediately ‘hooked up’ with Claude and Lisa James.

    Once in Congress he’ll make the perfect monkey to a McCain organist should the “Establishment” prevail!

  7. Alfredo_Martinez says

    Schweikert is a good man, but he’s had his shot.

    He lost the last election 2 years ago to the same candidate in the same district. And it wasn’t a close loss, he lost by double digits in a congressional district that has a 10 point Republican advantage.

    I think Ward is our best shot at taking back CD5 from Mitchell.

  8. Sorry about my post before. Jim ward and jim waring are easy to confuse for me because they both have run very unimpressive campaigns thus far.

    Schweikert will win the primary again in 5 I don’t know why shadegg is even wasting his time. Schweikert has the money and name ID among gop voters.

    Whether he can win in the general however is a much differnt question.I have been making the same argment as alfredo about schweikert but no one seems to listen…

    Mitchell will again win re-election with this weak gop field.

  9. Shadegg is a great guy I can’t believe he’s giving this endorsement. I’ve been involved in politics in the greater Tempe area for a number of years now and I’ve been attending a lot of the events for each of the candidates in CD-5. Ward is by far the least interesting and I think the least likely to beat Mitchell. Trust me, this guy is boring. Check out some of the other candidates. judging from the other posts everyones heard of Schweikert, check out Eric Wnuck.

  10. Johnny – Jim Waring just joined the CD3 race two weeks ago. How can you say he’s run an unimpressive campaign? He’s hardly gotten started.

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