Shadegg and Flake are not fooled by $146 billion in more debt

The “stimulus” package is a fraud. All it will accomplish it to drive up the national debt. The last thing this country needs is to take on more future obligations. Congressmen John Shadegg and Jeff Flake were among only 35 members to vote against this bill. Logic is a tough thing to maintain when faced with an onslaught of emotion.

Senator Jon Kyl is also skeptical of the package. Hopefully reason will prevail in the Senate and our elected officials will look toward long-term solutions that will strengthen our economy – tax rates that attract local and international capital and reductions in government spending.


  1. kralmajales says

    Economist after economist says it will work though, although I am skeptical too. But the irony of this post is that the GOP is responsible for the enormous debt we have…and when its about OUR country, it seems that it is too much…when it is about wars in foreign lands and national building, it is never ever enough.

  2. Why is it strange that we would discuss the debt? This is a conservative blog above being a Republican blog. An out of control federal debt hurts all of us and goes beyond partisanship. The two party system won’t do us much good if both parties continue to engage in profligate spending.

  3. Senator Kyl and Arizona’s responsible Congressmen(Shaddegg & Flake) are on definitely on the right track with respect to their opposition to this”stimulus bill.” A similar effort had little effect in 2001 and this is not much more than an election year bribe to voters.

    The US Congress needs to act now and make the 2003 tax cuts permanent. We MUST look at reducing corporate taxes which are a tax on ALL Americans.

    At the same time if the Congress does not address out of control spending our long term prospects will be harmed.

    TAX CUTS=Smart policy


    One more idea to consider……..A replacement will be named shortly to replace Tom Wicker of Missisippi who was selected to succeed Trent Lott . JEFF FLAKE must be named as an appropriator . All Americans can count on his wisdom and good judgement.

    Anyone feel like I do?

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

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