Shadegg’s ally.

     Sonoran Alliance and Espresso Pundit have both noted that Representative John Shadegg assisted in the defeat of the senate immigration bill by supporting a House Republican caucus resolution opposing the senate bill. Thanks to EP we can view the document that brought forth the house resolution. Look at the right side of the second to last line and you will notice the signature of another member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona, The Hon. Trent Franks.

     I wonder if Congressman Kyl will soon be blaming Representatives Shadegg and Franks for the failure of the bill like he did the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party in a story published June 29th? It is sad to see Kyl continue the spat with Pullen. Even worse Kyl has now joined Mississippi Congressman Trent Lott in blaming and attacking talk radio.

“At the end of the day, Republicans failed to deliver as many votes as we needed to deliver,” he said, “mostly due to the hue and cry from talk radio and TV.”

     Kyl and Lott are missing the fact that Talk Radio is simply a conduit for the citizenry. Unlike senators, who receive a 6-year license to pontificate, Talk Radio hosts must earn their keep each day. They must constantly attract and retain an audience. Advertisers do not care what the audience share was 3 years ago; they care about today and tomorrow. Therefore Talk Radio must reflect the mood of the audience or the audience will quickly and easily go elsewhere. Is Rush Limbaugh on over 600 stations because he was elected to a 6-year term after misleading the electorate about his stand on amnesty for illegal immigrants with no method for recall? No. He attracts millions of listeners each day because on some level they identify with what he is saying. When Kyl and Lott are attacking Talk Radio they are really attacking the listeners. It is a sad day when a senator blames the opinion of the citizenry for the failure of a bill.

     Sorry Congressman Kyl but we live in a Constitutional Republican not Plato’s Republic.

     Hopefully someone within the Arizona congressional delegation will step forward to make peace with the chairman of the state party. The incessant bickering will only serve to weaken the party’s efforts to win in ’08. My guess is that the olive branch is more likely to come from someone who has to answer to the voters every two years instead of every six.

     Let the record show that Sonoran Alliance was not in strong opposition to the senate immigration bill until first reading analysis from The Heritage Foundation. Will Republican senators now be attacking Heritage for informing the citizens?

Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, weighs in on the failure of the senate immigration bill. The clarity of his words speak for themselves.

Click here to read his analysis.


  1. Blaming everyone but the citizens suggests a lack of respect for those who elect the elected. Nice post made some excellent points.

  2. Sen. Kyl did what he thought was best for America. I don’t think he owes ANYONE an apology. The bickering comes from the State Party, not from the delegation. The opposite should have sir.

  3. Interesting, I like Shadegg & Franks. They are good, honorable men that didn’t get nasty when they disagreed with the legislation. Trent Franks even wrote an outstanding letter of support for Kyl.
    But, to say that the Congressional delegation needs to kowtow to the State GOP Chairman gave me a belly laugh. [I am trying to get fit, but I still have a ways to go.] McCain got 1.5 million votes in 2004, Kyl got 875,000 in 2006, Pullen got 404. Even though the failed immigration reform bill was not popular, the Arizona Senators have superior clout.
    Kyl actually went on the Hugh Hewitt show and Hugh ended up agreeing with our Senator. But, radio did get folks to call and be disagreeable. Is that who needs to be thanked for the continuation of the current de facto Amnesty plan that we have now?
    Figure the border fence will take 4 or 5 years to complete and then we can worry about the additional 4-5 million more illegals that will cross during that time period. Give the people what they want…more of nothing.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Kyl does not have to apologize to anyone. With his latest comment about talk radio we have definitely entered the post-Kyl era. It’s just a matter of who from the congressional delegation steps forward to fill the vacuum of leadership and when.


    No one needs to kowtow. It would just be nice if someone picked up the phone and called Pullen and said let’s move past this and work together for the future of the party. I see that coming more from one of our representatives than one of our senators at this point.

    Of course a senator out ranks a party chairman, if they have the party behind them. Even a congressman is above a party chairman. That is why one of them that I mentioned could move in to defuse the situation, strengthen the party, and build goodwill for the future. That’s not kowtowing, that’s taking the initiative.

    Lord Kitchener (Bush) is whom we have to now thank for the de facto amnesty. He is the chief executive of the nation and the one who has provided poor leadership and empty promises on this issue. If the border fence takes 4-5 years to complete then Kitchener should have it finished by now. He has certainly been in office long enough.

  5. OVD,
    Don’t throw GWB coompletely under the bus… he has been strong on his SCOTUS appointments, the economy, the war on terror. But you are correct, this should have been a priority at the start of his first term. The recent legislation was what GWB was promoting when he ran for re-election in 2004. We’ll see how long it takes the Feds to weven get to it. I do see the States taking steps since the Feds haven’t been able to agree on much of anything.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    I have not thrown him under the bus. Politically he jumped under it himself.

    Yes his SCOUS appointments have been brilliant (except Harriet Miers.) He has done a good job of making up for his father’s appointment of one of the courts more liberal associates – David Souter.

  7. PartyGuy says

    He appointed one good justice and was ready to give us Harriett Myers until the grassroots rose up and slapped it down. He’d have given us Alberto Gonzales too if we had let him. Give Kyl his credit, because his fingerprints were all over taking Myers down!

    4-5 years for the fence? What a crock. WWII didn’t last that long. We could have it built in 6 months or less if it were a real priority. They are dragging their feet on purpose because they want more illegals in here. That is why they cut the ALREADY APPROVED AND FUNDED border fence in half in the new bill they tried to shove down our throats. Congress doesn’t want a fence at all. Bums…

  8. Oro Valley Dad says


    If you count from the invasion of Poland to the surrender of the Japanese the war was almost exactly 6 years. Our direct involvement was shorter.

    Kyl does deserve a lot of credit for working hard for the conservative cause, even on the immigration bill. That said at this point he is not be the one who can bring the Republican Party in Arizona back together. Kyl lost me with the attack on talk radio, a little too much like tilting at windmills.

  9. Iris Lynch says

    Re: talk radio, Rush Limbaugh would NOT allow any talk about immigration until 18 months(?) ago?
    Re: Senators. Only the 1/3 of them who are up for election next round, represent the ‘people’ at any given time. They either represent whoever pays the best (also known as donations) or their party (which as we well know may or may not represent the proletariat) or themselves for land deals and other enriching projects. The people allowed this to get all screwed up when they allowed the people to vote Senators into office instead of the state’s legislatures, so Senators would represent the states. Since then, with no one in the Capital representing the states, we have runaway federalization. We either need to change it back OR reduce their time from 6 years to 4, giving us a 50-50 chance at all times.

  10. Kyl has to explain why he was working with Chappaquiddick Ted in secret while he was meeting with Arizona Party leaders and telling them he was against and would never support the very provisions in the S1348/1639. That is not kowtowing that is acting with some integrity.

    As to the relative power of senators, congressmen, state elected officials and party officials, it seems to me that it goes back to the Constitution. All power is derived of, by and for the people. Whoever is working in alignment with the people is the one who has the power.

    In this case, Chairman Pullen was acting in concert with the State Committeemen who unanimously passed a resolution on this issue and in concert with the 91% of registered Republicans in this state who opposed the senate immigration CRAP according to Rasmussen Reports.

    So, that makes him the most powerful. Sorry about that.

  11. Oro Valley Dad says

    GOP PK,

    You are correct that in our system the ultimate power is derived from the people. Just ask Tom Daschle.

    I differ slightly with you conclusion about who is the most powerful. Since the two U.S. Representatives in question quietly but effectively worked to kill the bill and were both re-elected with almost 60% of the vote in a difficult year for Republicans I would say they together hold tremendous sway within the structure of the state party. If these two Representatives were to quietly meet with the state chairman and broker a truce between Kyl and Pullen it could be of great benefit as we head into 2008.

    Remember if the power lies with the people we will have more success getting our candidates elected if party figureheads are not openly sparing in the newspapers. Just a thought. The beauty of being in a post-Kyl era is that he does not have to explain anything to anyone. Kyl is who Kyl is. Let’s move into a new era.

  12. I agree with you. I was referring to the feckless actions of our senators and the little flake, who I believe are irrelevant until they return to the source of power – the people.

  13. Oro Valley Dad says

    Let’s not forget they even they will may be very useful in upcoming events. We will all fall in love with Kyl again if Bush appoints another conservative to the high court.

    Like wise if there is any progress of controlling earmarks or spending the congressman from the 6th district could be very helpful.

    But when it comes to uniting the party in time for the 2008 election cycle they are not the ones who can get it done at this point. They can be part of the solution but not the figureheads.

  14. I understand the idealism of the premise. However, in a comparison of things like earmarks, even justices – which are crucial and should not be undervalued – there is nothing as critical as the sovereignty of our nation and the uncorrectable course the Senate Bill would have set our ship of state on.

    That bill would have brought irreversible results very similar to the Trojan Horse. I will be more than willing to forgive the senator for his actions whenever he apologizes to the citizens of Arizona for his actions on this issue. Pullen does not need an apology, I do not need an apology, but the Border Patrol rank and file who are risking their lives trying to protect us and the citizens who have lost loved ones or had their property destroyed and put further at risk by his actions do deserve an apology, followed by his earnest efforts to truly represent them in Washington on this issue by working to pass real border security and interior enforcement through the work place and support of law enforcement.

  15. Oro Valley Dad says

    GOP PK,

    I completely agree with you about the potential harm that the bill would have done to this nation. That is why this blog went into overtime on the issue.

    Now that we won, and won by a wide margin the question is where do we go next. I am beyond hoping for or waiting for anything from Kyl. In the past he held a very special position within the state party. I am ready for someone else to take that position.

    I have been accused of being idealistic before but I believe that my ideas come from a sense of reality and pragmatism.

  16. PartyGuy says

    Really though, what’s the use of saving us a million bucks on an earmark when you wanted to give away HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to illegals? Snowflake’s song and dance on earmarks stopped working for me a long time ago.

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