Setting the Team in Legislative District 4

Tom BooneThe Conservative team is set in Legislative District 4 as news comes today that term-limited House member, Tom Boone, has decided not to seek the Senate seat being vacated by current Senator Jack Harper. Instead, Harper will seek Boone’s House seat while former State Senator, Scott Bundgaard, will re-enter political life with an apparent clear path toward the LD-4 Senate seat. In districts like LD-4 where voter registration overwhelmingly favors one party over the other, whoever wins the Primary Election is almost certainly guaranteed the win in the General Election.

Boone’s decision not to seek the House seat may have something to do with recent attention given to Boone’s position and relationship as CEO of Valley Schools Management Group and Board President of Desert Valley Unified School District. According to another blog, Boone’s position with each entity may have placed him in a questionable role in the use of taxpayer dollars through intergovernmental agreements, procurement policy and no-bid contracts. This may have influenced his decision not to run.

Regardless, Boone’s exit from the legislative scene helps the party avoid a potentially damaging primary at the same time it allows resources to be used in other tightly-contested races including LD-10, 11 and 20.

The same won’t be the case in Legislative District 12 where Senator John Nelson is expected to be challenged by Litchfield Park resident, Clark Silver in the Republican primary.


  1. Capitol Observer says

    I talked with Tom. Tom Boone’s decision is strickly business and family related. His company, Valley Schools, has nearly doubled in size in the past year and may do so again in 2010. He wants to give his full business attention and still have time for his family.

    The remarks on “another blog” have been largely vague and inflammatory while very short on facts. It’s pure politics as seldom leveled against an office holder. But, it is not the reason he decided not to seek further time in the legislature.

    He has been dedicated to the voters of LD-4 and to the voters of the Deer Valley Unified School District. He continues to hold his seat on the Governing Board in DVUSD.

  2. Capitol Observer,

    Thanks for your insight into the matter. I asked Candie not to link over to the “other blog” because they don’t seem to want to interact with any other blogs and because Sonoran Alliance has high traffic, why give them any linkage?

    Tom’s record has been very good and it’s fair to say he has been part of the conservative makeup of the Legislature. We wish him the best and re-welcome Scott back into political life.


    Gee, we’re linking to you………………

  4. The accusations leveled against Boone are not short on facts, as you allege, Alan Richardson (aka Capitol Observer, also aka Loyal Voter).

    Boone does not own Valley Schools, because Valley Schools is a government entity, according to the Department of Insurance. But Boone is treating as his business by handing out no-bid contracts to his friends, family and colleagues. Heck, Boone has even voted several times for pay increases for his wife who works for Deer Valley, which is against Arizona state statute. Good luck trying to spin this as anything other than Boone trying to reduce the heat under the frying pan on which he finds himself!

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