Serious Irregularities in Pima County vote count.

Update: Watch the 10:00 pm news Saturday night on Tucson Channel 9 for possible coverage of this story.

Attorney Bill Risner at a July news conference

The troubled Pima County Department of Elections still cannot seem to get it right. On Saturday, August 6th, volunteer John Brakey was observing vote counting. While examining ballot bags he noticed serious violations in 7 out of 7 bags according to Brakey. There were 3 types of errors. The first one was broken seals on the bags. The next type of error was missing Certified Report that are suppose to be inside the ballot bags. The final error was seal numbers one the outside of the bags that did not match the number on the Certified Report inside the bag.

At this time we do not know the significance of the irregularities and whether they represent election fraud or incompetence. Brakey was ejected from observing and arrested on instructions from Brad Nelson with Pima County Department of Elections. Brakey was later released and is being represented by Bill Risner. Risner is a familiar name and recently prevailed in a dispute with Pima County regarding data from the Pima County RTA election in 2006. Brakey said that his arrest was a huge error on the part of Nelson because it will not give him subpoena powers in his planned law suit against the county.

This is all the information we have at this time. It is astounding that Pima County is unable to count ballots in a timely and orderly fashion. These errors cast a suspicion over the results and weaken faith in the integrity of the process.


  1. Its funny. This is one thing the cut and run libs and I can agree on. After all the shenanigans that went on in this primary and last cycle’s primary, I am all about election security.

    I originally thought “Terri” gas price gouging Goodard was a bit of a hack for doing that whole investigation, but this is getting to the point of criminal. he should open a new investigation. Someone in Pima County elections is a crook.

  2. Oh this is bad!

    This brings back bad memories when I lost to Andy Nichols and George Cunningham in 1994. It was rumored that Larry Bahill had “lost” ballots from Republican precincts north of the Rillito. I was one of the only Republicans who lost in a year when Republicans won big throughout the country. For some reason Pima County has serious problems in their Election Department.

  3. What is it with Brakey(s)? Whether its Arizona, Maine or Kansas, they seem to always be attacking the status quo.

  4. Huckleberry cites the lack of unanimous agreement with the parties on some of the processing rules. Where are the areas of disagreement and which of the four parties are holding up the show?

    For a moment, decouple “timliness” and “system controls”. A controled, secure system is a slam-dunk. Why is this kind of a problem existing? Mismanagement? Lack of funds? False or uninformed accusations from observers? Guessing its one of these three.

    The timliness looks like it can be solved by transmission of results. There are all sorts of ways to transmit secure data.

    Looks like Barney Brenner has another issue to run on.

    I did read that they started counting early ballots on Thursday. This is my big issue…does anyone have a look at these? If anyone sees how the tally is going starting five days before the polls open, that is a big issue. You see a flurry of campaign expenditures the last few days and you wonder if someone is privy to how the mail-in ballots are running. What controls are there to keep this information completely invisible from ANYONE until 7:01 PM on Election Day?

  5. Just watched the report on KGUN….They identified Trent as a “Democrat” both verbally and in a full screen graphic.

    Nelson’s point of view appears that the elections workers are forgetting to do things. So is this an oversight like KGUN’s or something more serious (fraud or mismanagment)? All very interesting.

    This delay hurts Trent or Marilyn in the general. Meanwhile Vic and the Democrat are able to advertise, send mailers, etc.

  6. Have any of you posters ever been a poll worker? After spending 14 hours working, (be there at 5:00am and close at 7:00pm) the poll workers are under tremendous pressure to close out and perform what seems like 1001 tasks as quickly as possible. Kudos to any polling place that does everything correctly!

    I’m not surprised about the broken seals… have any of you seen them? They’re fragile little things and brand new this election cycle.

    Sounds to me like Mr. Brakey is stirring the pot for no real reason.

  7. kralmajales says

    Uh…Vic and the Democratsssssss. You all have a full scale war on your hands now that Pete lost. I wonder if he will endorse Al Melvin or Zerull and Williams?

    Anyhoo…I have to say that this election counting is disgusting. It was bad last time. I was waiting results. It took until after midnight to go from 20% counted to 70%…then days to count the rest.

    Crazy! Pima is worse that Honduras!

  8. CW–I respect and applaud the poll workers. If my previous posts were not clear on that, I expressly state it here. Fraud is a pretty serious charge that needs some substantiation. I was clear on the possibilities: bad processes/training/funding for training, mismanagement, or fraud.

    Kral–Instead of being mad at themselves, the losers, and their supporters, are mad at the winners and the voters. Don’t you find that odd that the voters are being portrayed as wrong? The market figures out that there is a problem with a 2 billion dollar defecit. The free market is right ten times out of ten. We’ll see who the market votes for in November.

  9. Slightly off topic but I read tonight that Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews have been relegated to analyst roles.

    Palin, and others, have called a spade a spade here.

    Olberman called a nice sportscast on indy Channel five in LA. He’s a sad shill for the left now.

  10. Given the time it takes to count the ballots – particularly the provisional ballots and those walked in on the day of the election, Arizona should reconsider the whole early ballot process. This has turned into a real fiasco and leaves too many holes in the system. Maybe we need to revert to early ballots for only military members and dire emergencies.

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