Sending the wrong message

As someone who has lost a close family member to breast cancer, my heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards as she faces the incredible challenge that lies ahead.

What has me shaking my head in disbelief is that John Edwards is continuing his campaign for the presidency.  Yes, I know that Elizabeth said that she wants him to continue to run because she believes that he is what our country needs.  And, I understand the argument that this is their way of facing the disease and showing people that you don’t have to give up.

But what this really demonstrates is that our society is losing its bearings on what really matters.  While many people applaud the courage of Elizabeth Edwards, and many are rewarding Edwards’ campaign with a spike in fundraising, they are only making matters worse.

Today people are more self-absorbed than at any point in our nation’s history.  Rather than pursuing the altruistic course of action, too often people are completely egocentric.  Unfortunately, the real message being demonstrated by John Edwards is that raw ambition is more “courageous” than selfless compassion.  I don’t doubt that Elizabeth Edwards believes this country needs her husband as president.  But he should be enough of a man to realize that his wife needs her husband at this very difficult time.

And what about the children?  What message does it send to the impressionable minds of a six year-old and an eight year-old that daddy thinks that pursuing his life dream is more important than spending the rest of his wife’s life with her, comforting her, loving her, making memories with her.

No one knows how much time she has.  But as time goes on, I believe that more and more people will think that John Edwards’ selfish pursuit of the White House makes him unworthy to reside there.

For now, our prayers are with Elizabeth.  May God bless her and be with her.

On a lighter note, if you have any doubt of how self-absorbed John Edwards is, check this out:


  1. roderick parker says

    How about the self-absorbtion of people who write blogs and think that because of that, they have the right to tell other people how to live their lives?

    Of course, the fact that this was obviously a joint decision by a couple who love each other very much doesn’t seem to occur to you does it?

  2. There are several possibilities of why this has become “their” choice. Perhaps she would rather NOT have him around and be reminded of what her illness has brought. OR that she/they are not egocentric and can see a truly greater good by his actions as president rather than husband. OR she doesn’t want the egocentricities of this man to conflict with the needs she will have during her treatment. OR, and this is an absolutely horrid thing… the media attention and sympathetic vote could really help a campaign that is floundering in fourth place behind a non-candidate. It also leaves him with a clear “out” if things do not get better… but leaves behind the sympathetic memory to come back again one day with a personal story no one can beat. Whatever it is, it is their decision and they will bear the consequences. I am certainly no Edwards fan but they should be left to decide what is best for their family and personal life. The good or bad will be seen.

    As for the “youtube” clip… I have had some TV and media exposure through the years. If you have ever been on TV or had media exposure, in politics it is a big NO-NO to have your image splashed on the news or in the paper with bad hair, makeup, or clothing that is not attractive or flattering. I have had times when I thought my face could not hold another drop or my hair one more spray, but here it came anyway. And when the final product came out, it was a good thing. THere have also been times when I have not spent enough time or care and “thought” everything was OK, only to see it 64” wide and think, “Oh no!” It seemed to me that he has a way he likes his hair and wanted it to be that way. There are certainly enough substantive things to go on about where Edwards is concerned, this thing… not really much at all.

  3. With two young children and a seriously ill wife, Edwards should rethink his priorities. Elizabeth has lived with him for years, is obviously attuned to his self-absorption and is smart enough to know that his issues take precedence .
    When those children grow up and think through the fact that he thought it more important to be away from them and his ailing wife as he hit the campaign trail, they might have a different vantage point than Roderick Parker—who is actually suffering no ill effects from this unseemly decision.

  4. Bring back the old GOP says

    What does it matter any way? He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell and after Feb 5, 2008 he’ll be able to spend all of the time in the world with her (although I doubt he will).

    How any one can conclude that Edwards isn’t an egomaniacal, narcissistic, leftist without any sense of morality still escapes me. Here’s a man that got rich by exploiting retarded children, maligning good doctors in the process; who makes comments on the campaign trail that if he and John Kerry were elected, Christopher Reeves would rise up out of his wheel chair and walk; and that he would help find a cure for AIDS if he were president.

    The guy has a history of exploiting people that are down on their luck and seriously ill, why should he stop when it comes to his wife?

    Edwards is the last guy people want in office, even the Democrats have the sense to keep him away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    As soon as all of the sympathy media coverage dies down, he’ll be getting his “Dear John” letter from Hillary and Barack.

  5. If anyone believes we’re judgmental for thinking the guy should take care of his wife and raise his SIX AND EIGHT YEAR OLD kids, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

    …just wait ’till those kids grow up.

  6. Curious Guy says

    Off topic, but since you keep giving us glimpses into your multi-faceted background, you have finally piqued my curiosity.

    You have shared that you are experienced in the medical field and now you tell us of your repeated media exposure. Can’t help but wonder if you starred on the TV plastic surgery drama, “Nip and Tuck. ” That would cover all the bases.

  7. Ann Kelly says

    Wow, simply amazing. As a breast cancer survivor, in recovery for 3 years I can’t believe that you would dare, yes, dare to tell John and Elizabeth Edwards how to deal with cancer.

    Reminds me of the poor doctor in Boston whose son was murdered by the aupair. People actually blamed the mother for being a part-time physician. Twisted people come from all walks of life, especially those who cast the largest stones. Just ask Ted Haggart’s wife. Family values anyone?

    Why do people think they have the right to judge someone elses life choices? Not everything is “for the children”, let Ms. Edwards live or die with dignity for cripes sake. Jeez! Intolerant even in death. Thats the right-wing for ya.

  8. Oh Curious George,

    How is that you remember such things that really have been part of different topics of dialogue over months of time? I only post occasionally these days because it seems the dialogues always seem to degrade into personal attacks or attempts to belittle other contributors and get very much off topic without a real purpose.

    But in answer to your question…No dear, nothing as disgusting, or some would think glamorous, as that dreadful show.

  9. Always Amazed says

    As much as this guy remembers about you I would be a little afraid. I hope he’s not to curious.


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