Send us your Tea Party photos

Anyone with photos from yesterday’s Tea Parties, please send us a link and we will put a front page link right here on Sonoran Alliance. (please send your photos to

KFYI photo gallery of Tempe Diablo Tea Party

Jill Arizona’s Photos – Tucson Tea Party

Cactus Bill’s Flickr – Tucson Tea Party

There is Hope for Arizona – Prescott Tea Party

AZCentral – Gilbert Tea Party

TruGOP – Tempe Tea Party

Right Brain Photography – Tempe Tea Party

Americans for Prosperity – Arizona

CK’s – Tempe Tea Party


  1. Good to see our fellow PC Lynn Weaver! She makes an appearance at about 1:50 into the video clip, walking behind the reporter….

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    PC’s recruited from the Tea Parties, 9-12 Groups and other consevative activists are the future of the GOP and its salvation. I got two more signed up at last night’s TP.

  3. azsnowbird says

    Agreed, Kohut and nice work.

  4. I was surprised at how many people I met who told me they neither registered to vote nor involved in politics before, but who want to be involved! It bodes well for November!

    In fact, the most common response I got from people when asking how they are was “I’m fine– but I can’t wait until November!”

    The train is coming!

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