Send a tea card to Congress and the President!

Tea bags
Send a tea card to leadership in Congress or the President. Only $1.50 each.

Watch the video from the Republican Professionals Tea Party event

The New American Tea Party postcards

Front Text: I support The New American Tea Party a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend of fiscal recklessness in Washington DC.

Back Text: We are mad as hell about the billions of dollars, OUR MONEY, being given to businesses that should have failed. This is about taking money from responsible, hard working people and handing it over to high living executives who are looking for handouts so they can be paid excessive bonuses and continue with the irresponsible behavior that got them into this mess to begin with. As a citizen, I am sending this card as a means of letting Washington know that our government has grown too large and too distant from the very citizens it taxes.


  1. He’s a socialist!!

    He’s a fascist!!

    Teabagging him is fun.

  2. Too bad we couldn’t get ppl to vote against him.

    Our bad, huh?

    But teabagging him will do what canpaigning against him couldn’t!


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