Senator Russell Pearce on JD vs. McCain – Vote for JD, the true conservative

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 Friday, February 12, 2010

Senator Russell Pearce on JD vs. McCain
Vote for JD, the true conservative

Dear Friends:

I am hoping and praying for a “change” in Washington D.C. and I am hoping this time it is a change that is good for America and for freedom loving Americans, and I hope and pray we are in time. What is going on in our Capitol should concern every America.  The candle of liberty has always been kept burning by the vigilance of a few.  In 1776 it all started with a small band of ragtag Patriots who had all they could stand on government that did not listen to the people and did not respect our natural (God given) liberties.

 I am sure that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but just in case, here is some great news for all of us here in Arizona and across the country.

The political revolution that started in Virginia and New Jersey, and continued into Massachusetts, has finally made its way to Arizona.  We are about to have the chance to elect a conservative who will change politics all across this country.

I’m writing to you about a very special friend of all of ours, who on Monday will be announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate.  His name is J.D. Hayworth!

If you don’t know, J.D. is a tried and true patriot who believes in securing the border, reducing the size of government, restricting its intrusion into our economic and personal lives and protecting America against those who would try to destroy her.  He believes in the rule of law, the sanctity of Life, and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.  He has an amazing lifetime rating of 98 from the American Conservative Union.

J.D. helped write the tax cuts that John McCain voted against.  J.D. opposed the billions in big government bailouts that John McCain voted for.  And don’t even get me started on Amnesty, the Gang of 14, McCain-Feingold, climate change, attack on talk (free) radio, or cap & trade.

Many of us have been asking J.D. to run this race and he has accepted our challenge.  Now we must do our part to elect J.D. Hayworth to the United States Senate.

How do we send a message to Washington that the people of Arizona don’t support amnesty, government subsidies for illegals and won’t tolerate the guns, drugs and gangs flowing over the border into our state any longer?
       …by joining me today and making an online contribution to JD!

How do we make sure Washington hears our voices loud and clear that we want smaller government, a balanced budget, and tax relief for families and seniors?
       …by joining me today and making an online contribution to JD!

Conservatives across Arizona and America are joining this fight.  Together we can win this battle.  We need your support today, whether you can contribute $20, $50 or even $500.  Every contribution helps send a signal that we’re behind J.D. Hayworth for U.S. Senate 100%.
Please join me and donate TODAY!.  And when the campaign is in your area, please join J.D. at a campaign event.  Visit his website at to learn more, and thank you, in advance, for supporting J.D. Hayworth for Senate.
God bless you and God bless America.

Senator Russell Pearce

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  1. I’m gonna have to think really hard who I am going to listen to: Jon Kyl, Trent Franks, Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist, Steve Forbes and many, many more who are asking me to support John McCain,

    Or Russel Pearce and Joe Arpaio, who are asking me to vote for someone who lost, too recently, in a district with an 18% Republican advantage.

  2. That’s interesting, Steve Forbes endorsement.

    Bing it or Google it and you ring up endorsements for president recorded everywhere; for senator you get Johnny Mack’s site and the HuffPo.

    Johnny Mack and HuffPo, ‘Together Again’.

  3. Attention Real Conservatives,
    Pearce,aka God, has spoken.

  4. I am with you Russell. I will contribute financially to J.D.’s election because it is OUR election and he needs our help to compete. I will volunteer to ring doorbells and make phones ring for J.D. because he is a steady CONSERVATIVE. I am one of the 80% of Arizonanan’s who are against amnesty and we don’t want McCain shoving it down our throats anymore. I am one of those 68% who voted at the MCRC straw poll for J.D. (about 10% voted for McCain). McCain has prepared his version of Cap and Trade legislation even in the face of it being regognized internatioally as a MASSIVE HOAX. We are thanking McCain for his service and asking him to seek another line of work. We need a Senator FOR Arizona and J.D. is the man for the job. The results of our Arizona primary election will be a SEISMIC political event. Ask everyone you know to join us and make history. J.D. will be a CONSERVATIVE Senator FOR Arizona.

  5. McCain drops by every six years to lie to us. Enough is enough. Time to retire the old man before he gets another chance to destroy our economy. He didn’t learn anything during the fight over amnesty and you can bet he will try it again.

    I don’t want to see him leave like Kennedy, I just want him to go away. Thank him for his service and send him back to whichever state his is actually from.

  6. Arizona Ranger says

    It is time to allow Mr. McCain to enjoy his retirement-with or without his consent! I am personally sick of this two faced little Bonaparte saying he is a conservative and then voting as a Democrat. His 24 year dynasty has got to stop and NOW! He has become completely overcome by the power and trappings of a US Senator. He actually believes in the “Imperial Position” of a Senator. Well, it is time to take away the sceptor and globe and welcome (?) him back to reality of ordinary people. Do not ever forget the McCain Amnesty bill. He wants to give citizenship status to literally MILLIONS of illegal immigrants. A student of economics recently computed a simple fact: if the illegals were all gone tomorrow, WE WOULD NOT HAVE A BUDGET DEFICIT! That’s right, our state would not be at the “rock and hard place” if we get rid of this invading horde. And think of the many, many public service officers who have been MURDERED by the illegals! These crimes should never have happened!

    JD is no saint, but he will be FOR Arizona and the United States and not a spokesperson for the illegals! He does know politics and he is OUR MAN! In his political “time out” JD has become a wiser and more mature leader and he is here just when we need him!

    It is time to replace McCain and put in a conservative Republican and take back control of our political system, the budget, and finally address the illegal immigrant problem. I too am volunteering my time, effort, and money to see that JD goes back to Washington. May God guide and help him as our next Senator.

  7. As I recall, Pearce took on the same Country Club, amnesty loving lowlifes in his last election. His opponent, despite support from Flake and others in the congressional delegation and an overwhelming advantage in cash, was soundly beaten by the grassroots who backed Pearce. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

    My money and my support are behind JD.

  8. Not for nothing Sen. Pearce, but the American War for Independence started in 1775.

  9. okay, everyone who isn’t a bar room geek like Cliff, I mean Publius raise your hand.

    my money is on JD, thank you Mr. Pearce.

  10. Voting for McCain is like voting for a Democrat. Definitely shopping around for better. If it’s him against a Democrat in November, would seriously consider voting for the Democrat to retire McCain. After all, if it’s McCain it’s 6 more years of legislation a Democrat would be proud of. If it’s a Democrat, it’s 6 more years of legislation a Democrat would be proud of … but McCain would be out for good.

    Scorched earth voting, but McCain’s not retiring to be a grand old statesman and source of political wisdom – nope – he’s going for the Democrat Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd model, a model of senatorial imperialism that hasn’t done the states of Massachusetts and West Virginia a lick of good.

  11. Mr, Pearce, you don’t speak for me.

    Thank you Mr. Hayworth for your service to our state and nation. Thank you for the time you were away from your family in an effort to do what you could. But, apparently what you could do wasn’t enough.

    The voters of your district, with an 18% Republican majority, un-elected you. The House Majority Leader for 8 years of your service has said you showed “virtually no initiative”.

    I’m voting for Senator McCain, the one that President Reagan’s Education Sec. William Bennett called “the man”, and who Steve Forbes, Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist and locally the entire Republican delegation, including Trent Franks, has endorsed.

    When those who worked side by side with you don’t want you back…that says a lot more to me than anything Russell Pearce says.

  12. How about we stop listening to others, do our own research on candidates and then decide who to vote for? Some of those listed I believe have their own ulterior motives behind their endorsements. So let’s think for ourselves.

  13. McCain has this election in the bag – and thank goodness! He’s what our country needs to get back on track, and I’m not the only one who thinks so… Sen. Jon Kyl was stated as saying we need McCain “to stop the wasteful spending, get our economy moving again, and protect our national security,” and Flake says he is an “enemy of the big spenders in Washington.

  14. Annie O.

    Please get a grip!

    What has McCain done over the past quarter century to advance what Kyl deems necessary?

    I DO know that he’s worked to put major planks of the Liberal Agenda in play (see McCain-Finegold, McCain-Kennedy) and has backed Cap n’ Trade while opposing tax cuts!

    I also am aware that he worked behind the scenes to de-rail the Alito appointment to the Supreme Court (but voted for the nomination when it became clear he couldn’t accomplish the “side track” goal. Instead he created a “gang of fourteen to hinder further conservative federal judicial appointments)

    And if memory serves right, John sought to do an “Arlen Spector” in 2001 after being denied the GOP Presidential nomination and as late as 2004 actively sought the V.P. position on the Kerry ticket.

    It’s also common knowledge that he desired long time liberal friend, Joe Lieberman for the number two slot in his Presidential bid, but backed off when facing a party revolt!

    I’ll offer two predictions to cover both either result of the Senatorial August Primary:

    1. John wins and we see his Conservative rating drop from a pre-election 80% to 50% over the next five years, or:

    2. John loses, switches parties, and takes a seat on the Obama cabinet!

    Either one fits perfectly with his personality and “principles”!

  15. Oops.
    I thought Annie O. was being sarcastic.

  16. Stephen Kohut says

    If McCain loses the primary don’t be surprised if the Dem candidate drops out and Don Bevins convinces McRINO to run under the sign of the jackass.

  17. double decaf latte says

    Carlist wrote: “It’s also common knowledge that he desired long time liberal friend, Joe Lieberman for the number two slot in his Presidential bid, but backed off when facing a party revolt!”

    Maybe he should have picked Joe….The McCain/Lieberman ti ket couldn’
    t have done worse than McCain/Palin

  18. Heh.
    More than one person, more than two and three – across the country a sizeable bunch of people verbalized that they were voting McCain/Palin in the hopes that McCain would keel over at some point and Palin would be President.

    Hope and Change!

    Suspect that McCain figured that out and has been pissed about it ever since.

  19. UGH, here we go again…JD Hayworth, this guy…who some of you folks think is the answer. Well, my question is, where on earth have you been for the last year? It is my recolection that we were not so blessed for what like 13 years with Hayworth, did not have much of a bright career in Washington…then we have a VERY bright last year esp in Washington with McCain. This guy has fought for the most important issues ever…foreign policy, healthcare reform and fiscal irresponsibility. There is not much more I care about then the future of my kiddos. McCain not only will have my vote but deserves the vote of all the people!

  20. JD, You are one wierd dude.I heard from a friend it was that stomach operation that made you that way. Your just a freak now and you make me sick.

  21. Well here are some questions I have for Johnny boy. After a 25 year career don’t you think you could run on your record showing how you have represented us in Arizona rather than resorting to “character assignation” of another CONSERVATIVE Republican? Your behavior makes you look scared and vindictive, and you seem to be avoiding the issues. Can you just run on your record?

    If elected again, do you plan on forming another “gang of 14” to frustrate conservative initiatives???? Will you continue with your pitiful “Maverick” shtick??

    If elected again, do you plan on re-activating your pitiful “comprehensive immigration” boondoggle legislation??? About 80% of Arizonan’s are against this, how are you representing Arizona with this legislation?? It is revealing how you represent yourself as the Senator FROM Arizona when we need a Senator that is FOR Arizona.

    BTW, Do you have a plan to pay welfare benefits for an additional 30,000,000 new amnesty “citizens”???

    You have been in office more than 20 years and our border has been a gaping wound, Arizonans are still dying – when could we expect the completion of the border fence along the Arizona/Mexico border???

  22. Stephen Kohut says


    McCain was worthless on healthcare. Kyl was not much better. If you want to read the blow by blow reality of HC, our two Senators and the GOP Senate then go to my redstate blog. John and Jon were spineless on HC which is why Jon Kyl spoke to it a the AZ GOP mandatory meeting. Both have been getting hammered by PC’s. McCain knows the PC’s have had it with him. Kyl thinks he may have a chance with the PC to recover for his 2012 run.

  23. Brace yourselves fellow Conservatives, the Lunatic Fringe of the McCaniacs are coming out of the wood work,and are starting the name calling. It’s so much easier to make d inane comments about JD’s past surgery, rather than debate the issues… We have to take this until November, in the mean time, JD will gain momentum and put McCain to pasture.

  24. His surgery is well known and shouldn’t matter. He did what he could to be healthier, more effective physically, and have an overall improved quality of life. Good for him. We live in a nation were we have abundant opportunities. Good for all of us.

    Family members should not matter. Adults who speak their mind, of their own volition, are independent actors. Unless they are on the campaign trail they are outliers and enjoying their freedom of speech. I may disagree, but good for them. Good for us…we are all free.

    There is plenty to discuss about all the candidates, agree or not, in this race. Keeping it to the topical and relevant issues is more than enough. And in the end, if we all do that, really good for us.

  25. Sonoran Weekly Review has uncovered a new series of disturbing, unethical actions perpetrated by Arizona’s newest US Senate candidate, JD Hayworth.

    Former conservative talk show host turned 2010 US Senate candidate, JD Hayworth, has spent nearly a year exercising his First Amendment rights – using the Arizona airwaves, Republican meetings and town halls to angrily call Senator John McCain a bully, an intimidator, and a scared political heavyweight has-been.

    What a rookie error. A Senate rookie, that is.

    Hayworth has repeatedly and publicly mischaracterized Senator McCain’s finely-aged confidence, world-wide respect and manhood – his lifelong legacy – as merely some kind of juvenile, schoolyard victim story that has left him paralyzed with fear after all of these years in Washington.

    Hayworth desperately wants to believe that Senator John McCain is scared of him. The truth is almost laughable. Senator McCain has wrestled bigger demons and principalities during his lifetime than JD Hayworth has ever wrestled in his dreams.

    But sadly, reality will not stop JD Hayworth’s mouth. He believes it is his greatest weapon but it is, in fact, his darkest curse.

    Years ago, The Arizona Republic christened JD Hayworth with the nickname “The Bully” for exercising his free speech incessantly and brutishly. It is a name that has served him well both in Arizona and in Washington DC.

    Just ask some of the good folks at Phoenix television station, KTVK – Channel 3.

    In what can only be described as alarming and despicable behavior unbecoming to a conservative Christian, SWR has discovered that JD Hayworth participated in an extortionate scheme to shakedown the #1 independent television station in the United States and the #1 station across Arizona, Phoenix’s KTVK – Channel 3.

    With the gratuitous help of his favorite high-powered Washington DC legal firm, Foley & Lardner, Hayworth’s threatening interference with KTVK’s broadcasting license kicked off a desperate attempt to stifle political free speech just two weeks before Hayworth’s embarrassing general election loss to Democrat Harry Mitchell in November, 2006.

    Responding to an October 18, 2006 complaint from JD Hayworth’s campaign which accused the National Education Association’s Fund for Children and Public Education (NEA) of running a television ad that falsely attacked Hayworth’s legislative voting record and policy positions, admitted McCain-Feingold hater, Foley & Lardner election law attorney Cleta Mitchell, fired off a nasty three page “cease and desist if you want to exist” letter to the Station Manager of Belo Corporation’s KTVK – Channel 3 – “Arizona’s Family”.

    In her legal letter on behalf of Hayworth, Mitchell threatened KTVK with the loss of its broadcasting license if it did not immediately cease airing the NEA’s ad. If any attorney in Washington DC would petition and sue to revoke a broadcaster’s license, provided that best served a client – that attorney would be Cleta Mitchell.

    Mitchell’s letter to the KTVK Station Manager said,

    “….this is not political advertisement as that term is defined by the Federal Communications Act. Your station is not protected from legal liability for airing false and misleading advertisement sponsored by the NEA……your station is not obligated to air any advertisement from the NEA……a licensee who fails to properly supervise the airing of (among other things) ‘false and misleading advertising’ can be properly divested of its license….you are subjecting your station to potential liability….please be advised that the NEA has falsified its required report which was to have been filed within 24 hours of the airing of this advertisement. A complaint is being filed today against the NEA…..”

    Mitchell finished her rude letter with a big lie. One she’d hoped might influence the election for her client.

    Cleta Mitchell told KTVK management that the NEA had falsified its required FEC report regarding expenditures at their station, even though she knew the NEA had not yet filed any report with the FEC and that they had still had 48 hours to do so. Considering the NEA had spent over $308,000, the stakes for all players were high.

    The emergency dissemination of this letter to Arizona’s favorite television station was a decidedly anti-First Amendment maneuver from a First Amendment hypocritical-blowhard and his legally blond sidekick who lawyers-up with any constitutional politician, PAC or ultra conservative cause that will have her. She is a featured performer on that circuit. Not bad for a gal that spent the first 40 of her 60 years….as Democrat.

    The investigation by SWR also found that JD Hayworth and Cleta Mitchell filed a stealth 2006 complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) against the NEA on October 20, 2006, just two days after threatening to shut down KTVK. This complaint formally became known at the FEC as Matter Under Review – 5855 (MUR 5855). All public documents can be found here. Just type 5855 in the case # window.

    Curiously, Hayworth’s formal FEC complaint neglected to mention Mitchell’s strong-armed letter to KTVK. However, the last few pages of the NEA’s formal response to the Hayworth’s complaint contained a gem of a copy of the KTVK letter.

    The NEA’s copy of the KTVK letter shows three faxed time stamps and phone numbers. This copy of the KTVK letter went from JD Hayworth’s Scottsdale office, to the KTVK – Channel 3 Sales Department and on to Media Strategies – the media buying firm that purchased the airtime on KTVK for the NEA’s 30 second spot.

    The KTVK letter was a hot item then. It still is, even now.

    Following Hayworth’s formal complaint to the FEC, the FEC notified the NEA that Hayworth had filed a complaint against them. The NEA already knew about the KTVK shakedown and didn’t hesitate to repeat the dirty details in its reply to the FEC.

    The NEA’s lead counsel, Richard Wilkof, drafted a poignant response to Hayworth’s formal FEC complaint saying, “….the Complaint is entirely groundless, to the point of being frivolous. It appears to be merely part of a larger effort to bully a television station that broadcasts in Arizona’s 5Ih Congressional District into pulling from the air an independent expenditure paid for by The NEA Fund that was critical of Congressman Hayworth. In that sense, the Complaint would be the functional equivalent of an abuse of the process, and should be summarily dismissed by the Commission…… We submit that allegations in the Complaint are disingenuous, and that the Hayworth committee filed the Complaint merely as part of a multi-faceted strategy to pressure KTVK-TV into pulling The NEA Fund’s television advertisements from the air.”

    Responding to Cleta Mitchell’s manufactured lie about the NEA’s falsified expenditure report to the FEC, the NEA responded, “The complainant alleged that the National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (“NEA Fund”) violated the Act by failing to report within 48 hours its independent expenditures for television advertisements that were critical of Rep. J.D. Hayworth. However, the complaint was filed roughly twelve hours before the NEA Fund’s report was due to be filed with the Commission. In fact, respondent did file timely its necessary 48 Hour report. Hence, no violation occurred.”

    For the next seven months, the FEC kept MUR 5855 under investigation but had classified the complaint as a low-rated matter and recommended it for dismissal. On May 16, 2007 the FEC’s Office of General Counsel dismissed the case, saying that Hayworth’s filing of the formal complaint was premature, as the NEA still time to legally file its expenditure report after Hayworth filed his complaint.

    However, on May 30, 2007, the FEC commissioners met and unanimously voted to reject the Office of General Counsel’s recommendation to dismiss MUR 5855 on the basis of prosecutorial discretion. The FEC commissioners, instead, voted to find no reason to believe that the NEA violated and campaign finance laws or FEC regulations.

    The FEC commissioners handed JD Hayworth and Cleta Mitchell a definitive rejection of their frivolous complaint, saying that no violation occurred. By June 20, 2007 the FEC commissioners had all signed off on their unanimous decision in favor of the NEA.

    By this time, Hayworth had already lost his US House seat to Harry Mitchell and had been the afternoon talk show host at KFYI-550 AM for a couple of months. Hayworth had not been a radio broadcaster since his college days. Prior to becoming a US House Representative in 1995, Hayworth had been a longtime Phoenix television sportscaster but he was unable to find a job in that venue, at any local station.

  26. Honest abe,

    If that even is you, I thought you said you were done posting here because its a waste of your time and now you make a post that’s pages long…

    You seem a lot like mccain a flip flopper…

  27. Stephen Kohut says

    HONEST ABE = Miss Mary The Midget = McCain staffer shill

    Dear me. The same McCain bathroom stall material posted everywhere they can stick it regardless of the blog topic. I wonder how many names tie back to the same ISP on this latest McSpamming.

  28. Google a picture of Stephen Kohut, he is as stupid looking as the crap he writes. Honestly, this is one dumb looking person. Wow, Stephen you must have a sorry life.

  29. Konut:
    Why would you say that about Stephen? How juvenile to go after someone on how they look.

  30. Stephen Kohut says

    What I find a hoot is that I don’t hind behind a fake name, don’t sit back in the bushes like a little kid egging cars, and I am not part of someone’s campaign posting away under multiple names trying to appear as a proverbial horde rather than a party of one. I’m easy to find on the web. If you want to find me, google away. If you take issue with my opinions argue back and dispute them. When the children come out of hiding from behind the bushes and their blog names we’ll have an adult conversation. I have a wonderful life that affords me the time and wherewithal to engage in politics along with my other pursuits. How’s yours?

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