Senator Harper campaign dominating District 4 race

News from the Harper campaign – pretty interesting he’s gotten not only the AZ Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement, but also the liberal Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Endorsements for Senator Jack Harper’s Re-election Keep Rolling In Despite Vicious, Misleading Attacks.

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund, The Arizona Chamber of Commerce, The Arizona Association of Realtors, The Arizona Right-to-life PAC, the Legislative District Four Republican Committee, The Fraternal Order of Police, The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and numerous constituents have openly sided with Senator Harper, over the pro-higher taxes John Zerby. Senator Harper announced the endorsement of the two of the most popular office-holders in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney, Andrew Thomas. In a recorded message to the Republicans of Legislative District Four, Thomas said, “Jack’s opponents are running a very misleading ad that implies that I do not support Jack and that’s simply not true. Jack Harper is a solid conservative and a great Republican. Please vote for Jack Harper for State Senate.”

In the debate between Harper and liberal challenger Zerby, it was clear that only Harper understood state issues without special interest groups forming his opinions. After the C.C.E.C. debate, Zerby canceled all further debates with Harper, opting to allow the Democratic Party’s machine do his speaking for him.

On March 31st and April 2nd of this year, Senator Harper canvassed the neighborhood of John Zerby, collecting signatures for Harper’s nomination petitions. Over half of the registered Republicans were home and none refused to sign Harper’s nomination petition. Harper said, “If the people that know the pro-gay marriage, pro-higher taxes Zerby the best, his neighbors cannot support him, why would anyone?” In a debate sponsored by the Citizen’s Clean Election Commission, Zerby opposed the Marriage Amendment and opposed the permanent elimination of the state property tax. In addition, Zerby said he was open to new taxes.

Harper countered the vicious negative attacks that have become increasingly personal to his family:

One mailer/commercial had comments by Republicans and the Arizona Republic Newspaper. Some were taken out of context. One was from a challenger the day before Harper defeated him in a primary election 77% to 23%. County Attorney Andrew Thomas is a Harper supporter and is being maligned by the left also in this election.

The second mailer/commercial claimed Harper opposed increasing a buffer for child-molesters around daycare centers. Actually, Harper studied the issue and explained why the bill was worded wrong in it’s introduced form. Harper later voted for the bill after the sponsor amended the bill on Harper’s advise.

The third mailer/commercial tried to make Harper look self-serving. The mailer claimed that Harper filed bankruptcy and then sponsored a bill to increase his salary. The legislation was a referral to the ballot, not a raise in Harper’s salary. It was actually to decrease what the Salary Commission was referring to the ballot (25% this year). There were three years between when Harper filed because of his business and when the referendum was authored. Harper stands out as the legislator that avoids votes to enrich himself, more than any other legislator.

There are two more weekends before the election. Next weekend, John Zerby’s liberal friends in the labor unions and advocacy groups for gay marriage may imply that Jack Harper is the one that actually shot JFK.

The final weekend, Zerby’s liberal friends from the labor unions and gay-marriage advocacy groups may claim that Jack Harper is actually the father of John Edwards’ and Rielle Hunter’s “love child”.

To volunteer for the campaign to stop higher taxes and gay marriage, contact Senator Harper by email or phone 623-680-3530.


  1. Are the “dirty liberal union thugs” from the FOP police union somehow better than the “dirty liberal union thugs” from the firefighter, police, and teacher’s unions? I am noticing everyone including Jack seems okay with some unions but not others, so I was just trying to get some clarification. I would also doubt that Jack Harper would be able to be accused of either of your suggestions. Both of those tasks were completed, Jack Harper hasn’t accomplished anything during his time in office!

    ~ S

  2. Who is backing Zerby?

  3. Is Harper a moron? Why would he do a press release that repeats the lies he’s trying to discredit?

  4. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Jack Harper is no moron. He is unmasking the subtle messages that the open-border crowd wants out on Harper. Think about this, Janet Napolitano’s private PAC, hiding behind a claim of non-partisan, tax-exempt status,has sent out two hit pieces on Harper and Rep. Tom Boone.

    This is a group run by one person, a Democrat friend of Janet’s. It’s a possible crime – but, it is certainly going to backfire on Zerby. Watch as this becomes a major issue for this group that has previously attacked Boone, and House Speaker Jim Weiers, and some East Valley legislators.

    Harper is simply making the stupidity of their attacks an open book.

  5. DoubleDecaf Latte says

    It is the weirdest press release I’ve ever read.

  6. Just read your commentsin the Citizens Clean Elections Booklet. Are you serious?

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