Senator Frank Antenori clarifies votes on immigration bills

Many have been asking about my recent votes on five immigration related bills in the State Senate, due to circulated misinformation. Since misinformation does a disservice to you, my constituents and supporters, I am sending this email to insure that your news is accurate. I also believe that you are entitled to know of the careful reasoning I applied to these and to all my Senate votes.

Emails and articles are circulating that I voted NO on all five bills. This is incorrect. The correct information is that I voted YES on three of the bills and no on only two.

The two no votes were based on the best information available from a number of sources. In short, I sincerely believe that SB 1308 (interstate compacts; birth certificates) and SB 1309 (Arizona citizenship) are unconstitutional.

If we as citizens believe in the U.S. Constitution and Federalism, we must then accept that the federal government operates under the enumerated powers found in Article I, Section 8 and under empowerment found in the Fourteenth Amendment. I hope you will read my complete rationale for the yes votes and the no votes by clicking here and opening my website.

My website can be found at – at the website simply scroll down to Frank’s Blog.

There you will find a very thorough rationale on my votes. I believe that if you take the time to visit my website and read my account of the principle used to make these votes, you will see that my votes were thought out, followed the Constitution, and supported my constituents to the fullest.

If you prefer to go to the rationale on the no votes directly then click this link for SB 1308 (interstate compact; birth certificates)

or this link for SB 1309 (Arizona Citizenship)




  1. Saguaro Sam says

    Antenori endorsed John McCain in 2010. That says all we need to know about his illegal alien friendly NO votes on 1308 & 1309. Antenori is not the patriot he pretends to be during campaign season.

  2. Maybe he voted for it before he voted against it.
    We need a solid criteria for conservatives, this mish mash of McCain endorsements and Antenoris recent votes are confusing. I say we take our direction from Russell. He is the leader and knows what is really going on. I think the Tea Party needs to take Antenori out in the next election!

    • Since when is Russell (father of a neo nazi, subsance abuser and domestic violence agitator) the standard bearer of what it means to be a Conservative? How about we allow our our representatives to do what we asked them to do: research out votes and vote. My intention is not to elect puppets as you appear to do Fred. Its pretty scary how you think.

      • Oberserve says

        He’s not. He’s also pro national id for Arizona citizens (a clear affront to the founding fathers) and (READY FOR THIS) PRO PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNION while wrapping himself in the flag and constitution. Talk about contradictory!

  3. You liberal activists are always trying to besmirch Pearce. You probably had a love fest at the Farm Workers Dinner last night praising Mayor Philiberto and the Councilman from the Ceasar Chavez Foundation that ran as “tough on crime” to get elected. Councilman Nowakowski is in charge of Radio Campesina the largest left wing radio station in the nation catering to illegals and a bunch of you rinos voted for him. Pearce is for law and order and not illegals.

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