Senate Caucus to Burns – “No Go” On Leadership PAC

Reports on Tuesday from across the plaza are that Republican Senators were vocal and quite negative with Senate President Bob Burns and his proposed leadership PAC.  A strong preference was voiced for working through the State Party as has been done for so many years.  A few Senators made it clear that they viewed Burns’ PAC as a tool likely to be used or abused for the purpose of exerting leverage over Republican Senators.  Privately, there was also some concern about how the money would be spent, who would be picking the races, and who would be directing the campaigns.  As one person put it, “Burns is a great legislator, but he’s not a campaign guy.  He’s gotten himself elected in his own district, but why should we believe that he knows better than the party and its folks when it comes to getting Republicans elected all across the state?”

It is expected that Burns will continue with his PAC, but that he will be raising its funds by himself.  The caucus appears determined to work directly through the state party and supports its efforts.

We are also hearing that Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams have been trying to convince lobbyists to skip the AZGOP’s legislative fundraiser in favor of an event that Burns and Adams are planning later in the year.  We will continue to collect information on this and see what we can find out from some of the lobbyists involved.


  1. HooRay!! says

    Good call Senate Caucus.

    Now the House should do the same.

    Stop undercutting AZGOP Leadership in favor of the “moderates”…..err, the “big money amnesty folks”…..

    See……..I didn’t once use the word RINO!

  2. Pricinct Committeeman says

    When you finally get power, particularly power you didn’t deserve, you will do anything to broaden it and hold on to it.

  3. AZGOPgal says

    Stop closing the Party door to those who don’t meet a particular litmus test. There are more to this party than who the “leadership” is willing to accept.

  4. AZ Conservative says

    Glad to hear the Senators are standing up for themselves. Now let’s see if the Representatives have the brass to do it as well. The last part of that post talks about Burns and Adams actually trying to quash AZGOP fundraising, and that gets my blood boiling more than a little bit.

    Remember the first post, where the question was “is the effort the more the merrier or is it us versus them”? I’m paraphrasing, but it looks like these PACs are being set up as us versus them, and that needs to be stopped ASAP.

  5. Glendale GOP says

    I think Burns and Adams need to understand that if its them versus the party, WE ARE the party. And we’re going to take it very personally if they are actually telling folks NOT to give.


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