Sen. Rich Crandall – Coward or “Practical”

After the new legislative district lines came out a few months ago, there was much speculation (and anticipation), about the potential AZ Senate matchup between would-be comeback kid Russell Pearce and his top Senate Republican nemisis Rich Crandall.  The consensus pointed to Crandall getting crushed by Pearce.

After all, in 2010 Crandall lost over 40% of the vote to newbie challenger James Molina, even though Molina dropped out of the race almost a month before early ballots.  Even a charitable view of this outcome points to a 20%+ protest vote against Crandall – a HUGE number for a relatively low profile state legislative race.

Fast forward to March.  First, Crandall announced he was retiring and endorsed wealthy LDS RINO Bob Worsley against Pearce.  Then soon after, Crandall filed run in the new LD16 against freshman Rep. John Fillmore.  Crandall will have to move to run in LD16, which he justifies by noting his kids go to school there.  He’s been drafted to run, you see, because the state would be unable to sustain itself without the benefit of his insight on education.

The truth is somewhat less flattering for him.  First, the Elites, who Crandall loves to consider himself a leader among, threw him under the bus because they knew he’d lose to Pearce.  He tried to make it look like his idea so it wouldn’t be so obvious.  But since he wants a position in a national educrat organization that requires that he be a sitting legislator to be eligible, he decided to carpetbag over to LD16, where he would avoid facing Pearce.

All Arizona conservatives should hope that the voters of LD16 who aren’t as familiar with Crandall as his abandoned district will see through his conservative facade and recognize the coward that is underneath.


  1. Steve Nelson says

    I find it almost comical that a blogger who anonymously criticizes Senator Rich Crandall has the nerve to call Crandall a Coward.

    Crandall steps up and has the courage to put his name on every vote he makes. He runs for office saying he supports education and he works hard to keep his promises. He is an asset to our state and Republican party in the Senate. His opponents also run saying they support education, they just forget to leave out the asterisk that they only support private schools and home schools!

    The day CopperDome writes about Senator Crandall using his first name is the day he can call someone else a “coward”. Until then, he/she’s the coward.

    • Except for the 250 plus votes he missed.

      • Mesa Native says

        And the 1/2 million bucks he stuck the taxpayers with by short-selling his house and moving further east. Richy Rich is a piece of work!

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Crandall is the consummate coward’s coward. He did as much as anyone could to oust Russell Pearce and yet when faced with mano-a-mano Crandall turns and runs.

      So he puts his name to his votes… he has no choice. That proves nothing other then he likes the company of liberals and democrats like Jerry and Bill.

      • Mesa Native says

        100% true. It’s so obvious what Rich Crandall is trying to do. Carpet-bagger through and through. My vote goes to John Fillmore. Conservative business owner, Vietnam Vet, all around good guy who is already representing us well out here in LD16. Crandall needs to leave town.

  2. Tyler Montague says

    I don’t respect anyone who blogs a hit piece under a fake name. I don’t always agree with Rich Crandall, but he’s an upstanding guy, and I don’t blame who is trying to undertake a PhD program while in office for not wanting to get entangled in a race where 20,000 letters might be mailed out claiming that you steal backpacks from homeless children, which is the kind of garbage Pearce pulled in the last election. Crandall is an upstanding guy who could have won against Pearce.

    Also, “coppercoward,” what do you know about Bob Worsley that makes you think he’s a RINO? From what I see, he’s a rock-solid fiscal and social conservative who worked actively with Families United for years, and who has created a lot of jobs around here.

    • Jared Ray says

      Don’t you know, Tyler? Anybody who doesn’t kiss the ring is a RINO. I guess immense private sector success and practically self-funding United Families International for years can’t compare to a conservative life of government work. Wait … what does the Tea Party stand for again?

      • Tyler Montague says

        Good point, Jared. It seems the only criteria some people having for determining one’s conservatism is whether they genuflect at Pearce’s altar.

    • I guess that means you will be quitting your job there, huh Tyler. Being that your bank cowardly wont deal with McMillan Firearms anymore.

      BTW, how do you and Daddy fill about your hand picked boy Jerry Lewis? Seems like Jerry is getting all kinds of acclamation from the Left. I bet you and Daddy are real proud!

      • Tiny Elvis says

        Speaking of cowardly moves, how about calling for a boycott of Arizona businesses because you don’t like what a free newspaper says about you?

        BTW Talmage, you just crossed the line in going from fair game in the arena of public discussion to a cowardly personal attack (and also showed a creepy knowledge of Tyler’s personal life along the way).

        But that’s genetic, isn’t it?

      • Tyler Montague says


        I’m not a spokesperson for the Bank, but they posted a response to that McMillan rumor, and it is NOT true. After seeing that email shoot around, I personally called about it, and it is not true that the bank doesn’t do business with firearms and defense companies. The bank’s response is at the link:

        Also, while I don’t agree with every one of his votes, I’m very proud of Jerry Lewis.

    • Tyler, take look at the report card of how Lewis voted during this session of the senate. Bottom of the list next to Rich Crandall, both big government guys. I don’t call that being very conservative.

    • Tyler, Tyler Tyler. Your hatred of Russell Pearce runs so deeply that you just have to figure away to support your fellow Randy Parazz useful idiot, Rich “Don’t call me a RINO” Crandall. It will be a pleasure campaigning and voting against that carpet bagger here in our district..

  3. Tiny Elvis says

    Fillmore must be another client of Constantin

  4. This post has nothing to do with the relative merit of Pearce’s positions or votes. Fidelity to Pearce does not in and of itself define one as a conservative. Incidentally, Crandall is not a conservative because he’s an apologist for the “money will solve our education woes” crowd and the “spend and regulate” local government crowd. What the post does focus on is Crandall’s propensity to mislead those he wants to manipulate.

    Crandall was fired up to help a “conservative” with no voting record challenge Pearce last year, but then when fate put him in a position to challenge Pearce himself, he ran away. He didn’t even own up to running away, he pretended to not want to run for unrelated reasons. Then he supposedly was convinced to change his mind, but only after there was already a “good” candidate, making it “too late” to run in his own district. So he “had” to move to a neighboring district to run against a somewhat more conservative, but inarticulate, freshman House member. Oh please…

    Crandall’s overall record isn’t flattering for conservative voters, either. In 2010, Crandall badgered Molina until he quit the race early – because Crandall knew he’d probably lose. He only got 60% of the vote in an uncontested race, which is unprecedented! He has consistently compiled one of the least conservative voting records among all Republicans in the legislature. He’s even well below Lewis this year, who’s been purposely voting to pander to the Dem district he was drawn into.

    As for those trying to apply the “coward” label to anonymous posters, I suppose you also think Founders James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton were cowards? Since those silly Federalist Papers were anonymous… Get real, if you can’t beat arguments on their substance, the rest is just misdirection.

    • What about Rich Crandall? Part of his bio reads: “President/Managing Member, CN Resource – CN Resource provides oversight services on behalf of State Agencies for USDA child nutrition programs.”
      Maybe this is why he joined eight other RINO rats in the state senate to kill five immigration bills one year ago. Given his livelihood, who wouldn’t want Arizona schools packed to the rafters with illegal alien brats.

    • Steve Nelson says

      CopperDome knows nothing about Crandall’s legislation because Crandall is the last person to want to throw money at a problem. He is solution and efficiency driven. Stop trying to judge people by garbage rankings like Pachyderm Coalition. Everyone knows how flawed those rankings are. It is funny how the people at the top of the Pachyderm Coalition rankings are some of the least effective legislators in the state. Most have trouble getting bills passed or signed by the governor. Their priorities are out of sink with most Arizonans and yet clueless people look to rankings like that to try to determine who is conservative or not. It is funny. As funny as CopperDome comparing him/herself to James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton. No doubt CopperDome is also a big fan of Andrew Thomas, who compared himself to Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

      One enormous difference between CopperDome and the founding fathers he/she compares himself/herself to is that the founding fathers were smart and didn’t lie about people when they were writing the Federalist Papers. CopperDome has a long way to go before we consider him/her a Statesman.

      • Why don’t you ask some of the PCs in 19 of what they think about Crandall? Observe as their eyes roll back in their head.

        • Well said P2012P.

        • RussellPearceWatch says

          Some of the LD19 PCs…Pat Oldroyd, Dan Grimm….perpetrators of voter fraud. Dishonest, hypocrites, “the end justifies any means” crowd. I have a feeling that no one (except Pearce) cares if they are supporters…Just face it…Pearce supporters are certifiably “nuts.” They go to church on Sunday, lie on Monday, hate on Tuesday, rant on Wednesday, throw locks on Thursday, plot on Friday (Denny’s) and visit their relatives in jail on Saturday. But they are “legal.” LOL

          • But do they use the Mormon Church buildings and membership lists for campaigning like Lewis did and Worsley is now doing?

            • RussellPearceWatch says

              You, Hagar, just made a completely unsubstantiated claim, put out there to Pearce’s followers by Pearce himself (I am “lucky” enough to get his missives.) Just because you say it, it doesn’t make it so. Pearce has (again) fabricated an accusation…like he fabricates his “statistics”, his “education”, his “personal history.” His minions hang on to the fabrications like they were some kind of truth. His latest laughable example, “I would have refused the $260K from the Legislature.” He needs to go home, retire, look in the mirror and call it a day. He is no patriot. He is an old dog, looking for a fight. His high school glory days of kicking “mexicans” are just about over. But this was about Crandall…wasn’t it? So tell me, what do you know about Pearce trying to get Justin Pierce to step aside so that he can run for the House and not have to face Worsley….rumors in the wind.

    • Tiny Elvis says

      You lost all credibility when you compared SA to the Federalist Papers and yourself to James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.

      • Tyler Montague says

        Amen. I laugh every time one of these people uses a fake name to make hits, and tries to rationalize it comparing themselves to the founders. Spare me.

        • Tyler just like you spared the Mormons from your lies about using the church to get Lewis elected!

          • Tyler Montague says

            That is such a weak argument. Nobody “used the church” to get Lewis elected. Every Mormon knows that the Church does not participate in partisan politics, and that any church leader on a local level who supports a candidate, does so on his/her own behalf and not in capacity as a church leader. You guys, including Russell, have been whining about this throughout the entire election and ever since. The only person I heard claim that the Church supports his legislation was Russell Pearce. We have it on film. And the Church refuted it very clearly.

            You’re probably raw because Lewis pointed out that Russell’s rhetoric on immigration offends both the business and faith community, and large numbers of the devoted faith community agreed with him. Tough place to be for Pearce, when so many of the churches, not just the Mormons, have come out with statements that oppose Russell Pearce’s type of ruthlessness that does not show concern for breaking up families.

            • Tyler Montague says

              By the way, let me preempt your likely comeback:

              Referring to statements made by so many of the churches on immigration is not “using the church” any more than it would be if I opposed gay marriage or abortion, and in doing so referred to broad opposition to such things by the faith community.

    • Tyler Montague says


      I’m specifically asking where you get off calling Worsley a “RINO,” and you went back to talking about Crandall. My point about your criticism of Worsley is that you don’t know anything about him other than that he is competing with Pearce, yet you feel entitled to label him a RINO. Jared Ray’s and my criticism of your logic seems valid.

      Worsley is a member of Mitt Romney’s finance committee, and has been extremely active and supportive in United Families International. He is a small-government, free-market, fiscal conservative. So again, where do you get off running amok with your labeling machine?

    • yep… Rino and carpet-bagger.

  5. Can anyone point to the state constitution and show us the relevant passage that condemns carpetbags? Of course not, rapid growth and prosperity outpace representative government. Hence, among other phenomena, redistricting.

    • Mesa Native says

      short-selling his house and moving further east is the issue. All very coordinated on his part. Picked a new area he thought he could win, but we have his number this time. RINO and we all know it.

    • Hey Wilson (a.k.a. Rich Crandall). Are going to give back the 1/2 million from the short sell of your home that you stuck us honest taxpayers with? What’s you’re new address out here in LD16? I’d like to come pay you a visit. Give a little something back to you, for all the crap you’ve been shoveling our way. Doesn’t all the smoke and mirrors and running around acting like you care get tiring? What does your wife think of all this? Your constituents here in16 would like to know!

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    You can tell the company kept by Crandall by the number of Democrats posting in his defense in this blog

  7. Crandall ups and moves his family out of LD19 because he is toxic. He is a RINO and we have his number this time. There is a HUGE grassroots movement to get the word out about Crandall. His private sector, multi-million dollar conflict of interest is the ONLY reason he has an interest in politics. He’s making millions off his conflict of interest. He’s a carpet bagger who doesn’t represent me or anyone else in LD16… so why is he running in our district?

  8. Mesa Native says

    Rich Crandall is a carpet- bagger who uses a PO Box as his address. He doesn’t know a soul in my district and certainly doesn’t represent me or anyone in LD16. He’s a no-show at the state legislature and only shows up when it’s convenient. Epic RINO is only running to further the cause of his business which makes millions off his connections with government and schools. Sad! I was sooooooo hoping he would leave politics once and for all. The short-sale of his house, sticking the bank (and ultimately the taxpayers) with hundred’s of thousands in dept is the icing on the cake. Now there’s a legacy!

  9. Yeah… let’s all badger Crandall like he did to Molina in 2010 in hopes that he TOO will drop out and go away. We don’t need Mr. Crandall at the state capitol, but the Democrats are sure praying he gets back in.


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