Sen. Flake looking at CD-1

The Arizona Capital Times is reporting that State Senator Jake Flake is eyeing a race for the open congressional seat in distinct 1. Not sure what Flake adds to the race with Sidney Hay already running.


  1. From an issues perspective they look pretty similar. Perhaps he’ll be able to raise decent money?

  2. Kralmajales says

    He adds name recognition, experience, and a base to fundraise from. He also has real public sector experience in the legislature. I think he would be formidable, to be honest…although (can’t believe I am saying this)…he is a little late getting in the games.

    Take care!

  3. Kralmajales says

    Oh…and she is a lobbyist…Flake is a public servant. Lobbyist…hmmmm…and GOP…hmmmm…a very very easy thing for the dem to attack.

  4. Jake lives in the district. Anyone hear that Kris Mayes is again thinking of getting in?

  5. Maybe this is the year of the “Old Man?”

  6. DoubleDecafLatte says

    The more Flakes the better!.

  7. W Phx Activist says

    Flake – one open border Flake is one too many, two would require an anti-dandruff shampoo to protect our sovereignty and rule of law.

  8. Kris Mayes? Maybe. Is it true she is looking to be employed by one of the companies she has regulated during her time as a Corporation Commissioner? Money she needs to help finance a campaign? hmmmm

  9. It’s a possibility. I read another post of someone who said money raised would be key to this race. Any one of the big corporations Mayes has gone after in the past could hire her. Kinder Morgan, APS, Qwest.

  10. I thought Kris Mayes was a Democrat??????

  11. You’d think she’s a Democrat. Being Governor Janet Napolitano’s former press secretary is unusual as is her pro choice stance on abortion. WISH List (Women In the Senate and House) is an organization that supports pro-choice Republican female candidates for Congress and governorships by contributing time or money to their campaigns. She is listed in the WISH list as a contributor of over $1,000. She’s either a far right Democrat or a far left Republican but she is certainly far from being the Conservative choice for this district.

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