Semper Fi!

Wow and Ouch!




  2. Even CNN admits (in their own leftist way) that the military can’t stand B.Hussein !!!

    PALIN/KYL IN 2012 !!!!

  3. If you were in the military you would notice that the Marines are standing at the position of attention when Obama comes in. It is a position that does not allow a Marine to clap, laugh or take pitcures. The Marines in Al Asad are not in the position of attention wish allows them to react as they wish when the President comes in.

  4. nice try…B Hussein sucks!!!

  5. Eph,

    I am not arguing whether Obama sucks or not, that is your opinion, but the Marines are clearly standing in the position of attention.

  6. Ask any marine what he or she thinks of our new “Commander in Chief” and please get back to me with that information.

  7. Lisa,

    Don’t confuse observance of military protocol with lack of enthusiasm. The Marines know how to give a hooah! Whether at the position of attention or not.

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