Searching for Joe Shlabotnik

Dr. John Mark Reynolds of Biola University’s acclaimed Torrey Honors Institute, has a great posting at The Scriptorium on the dilemna presented to pro-lifers in the 2008 Presidential race.

For Peanuts fans, Charlie Brown set out on a quest to find the legendary Joe Shlabotnik baseball card. 

As Dr. Reynolds sees it, “In short Joe Shlabotnik represents the Chuck wing of the Republican party.”

The hard reality comes at the end when he states, “I will not be voting for this years Joe Shlabotnik, the lovable pro-life loser. Losing will not save any lives . . . and will give a ticket that looks to be the most anti-life in American history power.”


  1. I have to agree with this article. While it would be great to have an “ideal” candidate from the Pro-life perspective, the alternate is not acceptable. Generally, I believe that it is better to lose on principle than to win by compromise. However, losing in this case means the lives of more innocent children. John McCain, even though he has ticked me off on several issues, has a very good voting record when it comes to social issues. He is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he would be a pro-life ally as would Mitt Romney. Rudy Giuliani has been quoted as promising to nominate conservative judges. This would also help the pro-life movement. Unfortunately, it is not known how he would handle issues such as stem cell research and euthanasia. At this time, either McCain or Romney seems to be the best choice. Perhaps Newt Gingrich or Fred Thompson will enter the race, but they better do it soon. Stick to principle, but be pragmatic.

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