SCOTUS – A Reminder

Justice Anthony KennedyHere’s a reminder why Senate Republicans need to hold the line or even advance in the General Election. Justice Kennedy went in for minor cariovascular surgery over the weekend. At his age (70), there’s still a lot of time on the books but his encounter with a health problem should put the fear of minority in any conservative mind. For several months underlying rumors have spread that the country might be in for two more Supreme Court retirements. Who knows for sure but the thought of a Senate Judiciary controlled by Ted Kennedy and Charles Schumer should sent a shockwave through the electorate. Let’s get out and work hard for conservative Republicans as we near November. Having a judiciary lapse back into moral confusion would further weaken our republic.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    Excellent point Shane.

    In all the bickering in the Republican primary for Governor it is easy to loose sight that we must do a take-down of Roe v. Wade. For that we need a return to sanity on the Supreme Court. Only two offices directly impact court appointments. The President and U.S. Senator.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hey, I get to post without giving Shane a hard time… cool…

    Well said Mr. W!

  3. So true. We can’t quit until the blot on the soul of our nation that is abortion is ended.

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