Scott Brown Robocalls for John McCain

We just received this on our voicemail:

Caller ID: (888) 840-4497


  1. How did it come in on called ID? Private number?

  2. I just received it as well. I think McCain is worried, and it shows.

  3. I received that call as well. Just linked you from ExLg.

  4. Doris,

    I dont know if i would call it worried. He is capitalizing on the moment wit Scott Brown and continues to fire shots across the bow a JD to not even get in the race.

    First, the radio ads, then Palin coming to campaign, then Scott Brown robo calls. McCain knows the longer he keeps JD the more it is likely he never even gets in.

    Everyday it gets less and less likely JD gets in, the primary is only 7 months away now!

  5. Wow.

    Well this one in combination with the post below about Cindy and Meghan McCain goes to show one thing…

    the RINO label STICKS

    And everything Ann and Travis and the McCain apologizers posted last week about McCain being a conservative and his supporters being conservative is LAUGHABLY RIDICULOUS

    They are now “outted” as the liberal leftwingers they are! LOL

    No way around it. CASE CLOSED.

  6. Score another one for McCain.

  7. I got “call spam” from this too, came in as “blocked” my caller I.D.

  8. But you see, the voters in this state, I don’t believe, will interpret it as a positive thing. Having the negative ads on the radio about JD doesn’t make McCain look good…it just demonstrates “politics as usual”. And in this political environment, that is not a good thing.

    And to have Palin come here, makes me think that he doesn’t have the influence on his constituents that he used to. He needs her to build up his credibility.

  9. I worked on the McCain campaign in NH in 2000, Scott Brown was one of our biggest supporters, came up numerous times to help the campaign.

  10. Doris,

    But again you have to think outside of the SA bubble. The average person out there is not following this as closely as you are. Also the ads do not attack JD but thats beside the point. The ads are him reminding AZ who he is, Palin is brought in to show he has support of the base and Brown is used to show he has support of the new up and coming star of the party.

    I think its a genius strategy by McCain. The guy has so much money he can basically do anything in this state in the way of ads and calls.

    I would love to beat him but the good candidates have waited too long, we are better off focusing on energy on governor and congressional races where we have great chances and actual strong candidates already in the races

  11. I was disappointed that Brown was so easily conned. Let’s hope the AZ voters are not.

  12. McCain is an opportunist among other dishonorable things. It did alarm me that Brown is in lock step and that Palin is as well. McCain did every thing to Palin other then to have her knifed and she goes right back to him. He hoped she would cause him to lose, but went the other way around so he threw the election. That is why he tried his best to destroy her with radical interviews etc. No, wish Brown and Palin would stay away from that traitor.

  13. McCain’s second biggest problem is his wife. If you have not heard, she has come out supporting homosexual “marriage:”

    McCain’s number one biggest problem is that he turned out to be a wimp. Sad to say, but he was simply too soft.

    Informing Christians

  14. Sue Ann Stephens says

    shame on Scott and Sarah. I’d vote for JD.

  15. James E McMulle III says

    I’ll tell ya what, partner, I’ve lived here in Yuma, Arizona for almost 32 years. A couple of years ago I spent some time with the Yuma Patriots down on the border, with a cell phone, not a gun, helping the Border Patrol keep our borders secure. There’s a lot of use who gave out time in this venture while men, supposed leaders that we elected, sat on their fat posteriors and tried to pass that Bush-McCain-Kennedy immigration deform bill. McCain was blind in that matter. What has happened because our supposed leaders can’t see any farther than their noses or maybe even pocket books is something like this link:

    Then there’s the McCain-Fiengold Election Finance The Hell With The First Amendment Bill that the Supreme Court finally gutted.

    Scott, my boy, you are supporting the wrong horse in this race. I’m not sure that JD is the right horse, but he recognizes, he says, that elected officials occupy the seats of WE THE PEOPLE. Somebody needs to remind you of that.

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