Schweikert to Speak on Domestic Energy & Drilling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2008 
Contact: Lauren C. Barnett, (480) 946-1125

MEDIA ADVISORY: David Schweikert to Speak On Domestic Energy & Drilling

Scottsdale, AZ– Congressional candidate David Schweikert will speak on the importance of domestic energy and drilling at a district gas station and discuss the anti-energy independence votes of Rep. Harry Mitchell.

WHO: David Schweikert, Republican Congressional District 5 candidate
EVENT: Press Conference
WHEN: 11:00 AM, Tuesday, September 16, 2008
WHERE: Adjacent to the Shell gas station located at the southwest corner of Hayden and Thomas Roads, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
stated, “There is no question, that with rising energy prices placing a burden on Arizona families, we must reduce our reliance on foreign sources of oil.  In Congress, I will not let liberal special interests stand in the way of moving towards energy independence.  I will vote for domestic drilling and be an independent voice for responsible energy policy,” he concluded.


  1. Anti-Maverick says

    I take it SA is not covering the story how Schweikert came out with a negative ad on 9/11. how he was one of only a few candidates in the entire country to run negative ads on 9/11. And now, he won’t even take responsibility for what he did, instead he is blaming is communications director and throwing her under the bus…

    What a great start this campaign is off too…

    Also, these press releases that you keep getting before the public, Schweikert might want to try putting this up on the website… The event is tomorrow, you might want a few people there…

  2. Anti-Maverick, SA covered by making it look like it was Congressman Mitchell’s fault. I commented there:

    How “in depth” can you get if Lauren Barnett, Schweikert’s communications director, said she was to blame for releasing the attacks early.”The press release should not have been dated for the eleventh,” Barnett told “It was an honest mistake.”

    Honest mistake by the Schweikert campaign? Perhaps. But Sonoran Alliance isn’t honest enough to be accused of such an error. You are pathetic, again.

    Full article here:

  3. Anti-Maverick says

    I realized that SA did that piece on it over the weekend…

    I was waiting for them to follow up on the piece where Schweikert called it an “honest mistake” instead of just bashing Mitchell for exposing what actually happened…

    That Schweikert did post this on his website on the 11th and that it was NOT the webmasters mistake as first reported on SA but the Communications Director of the campaign!

  4. Anti-Maverick,

    You do realize that this is a conservative blog and that Mitchell is an unabashed liberal. I would venture to guess most of the people posting on this blog are probably Schweikert supporters. Just like all the kooky left blogs aren’t going to talk about Mitchell’s sordid record, SA is probably not going to be a forum to bash Schweikert. Perhaps you can go to (insert left wing blog) and wine and complain — oh wait, I forgot nobody reads them.

  5. Anti-Maverick says

    Oh Mark….

    I realize what this blog is… but SA also likes to expose real stories and talk about real conservatives (something I do not think conservatives are convinced schweikert is yet). I do not think Schweikert is even as conservative as Mitchell when it comes to taxes!

    Isn’t Schweikert the person who double charged people on their property taxes as treasurer and was endorsed by the left “afl-cio” twice, while Mitchell introduced a bill to make capital gains tax cuts permanent and voted against the Democratic budget twice… That is far from an “unabashed liberal.”

  6. Anti-Maverick says

    Also mark I love how you do not try and even deny the Schweikert lies and cover up in your response, just telling me this is a conservative blog.

    You would think that conservatives would defend their boy… oh wait there is nothing to defend when you lie to the public, try to cover it up and disrespect the victims of September 11th…

  7. Much ado about nothing…Mitchell will win this race by 5%.

  8. Give me a break. Even Mitchell partisans know hes a liberal. Where do you want me to start. Higher property taxes, higher sales taxes. A surcharge on income taxes..higher taxes for S-Chip. Are you really that delusional? His vote against the Dem budget was directed to him by Dem leadership to try and save his liberal hide. He voted for card check, taken thousands and thousands from the unions. Opposed to domestic drilling. Ran in 2006 on opposition to pork but has sought and taken over $100 million in pork projects. Refuses to vote against stripping out earmarks. But my favorite is the little gambit he and some other vulnerable freshman dems have conjured up – voting NO on meaningless procedural votes so they can claim they are not voting with Pelosi and Dem leadership all the time. How about, just for fun, voting with Dems against funding our troops. Mitchell is a liberal disgrace. Disrespecting the victims of 9/11. There was only one party running ads on 9/11 and that was the DCCC. Mitchell is what he is and that’s a liberal.

  9. Anti-maverick,

    Give me a break. Mitchell was a tax hiking liberal as Tempe mayor – has he used his office to help any other criminals lately? A liberal as a State Senator, and a liberal as a congressman. Conservative? Yes maybe to you and all the rest of the liberal kool-aid drinkers. But not to most people. You have to at least admire some Dem freshman who have the courage to stand by their liberal beliefs. Mitchell on the other hand has pretty much been on a government pay check his entire life. Being a Congressman is as good as he’s ever going to get, and he will cast votes against meaningless provisions and procedural votes to hang onto it. He had to vote for card check because he’s bought and paid for by the unions.

  10. You can almost see Mitchell in Congress hiding his head in the sand when any vote that would look bad to the majority of his constituents comes up.

  11. OK liberals — Schweikert screwed up a press release.

    Now, when are you going to admit to Harry Mitchell’s failed record? He promised to:

    Secure the border. Why hasn’t he signed on to co-sponsor any of the bills that will do so?

    Balance the budget. He hasn’t voted for a budget. While he takes credit for voting against the D budget, he hasn’t voted for any other budget or crafted one himself. Furthermore, he continues to fund the budget by voting for Appropriations Bills and continuing resolutions.

    Lowering gas prices. He has voted to inflict government mandates on auto manufacturers and light bulb makers. Somehow this “comprehensive” energy bill has not lowered gas prices. Amazing! And Mitchell has voted against every opportunity to expand domestic drilling.

  12. Anti-Maverick says

    As always the republicans just attack Mitchell and could not even address my comments that Schweikert lied about his press release and then tried to cover it up and still won’t take responsibility. Instead tries to throw his webmaster under the bus and when that did not work he has his communcations director take the heat.

    We all know why no one commented on this.. because it is true!

    Great start by the Schweikert campaign…

  13. Actually, I think there was a lot of comments. Believe it or not campaigns make mistakes. If this is the best that liberal Mitchell and his left-wing cronies like you have, then you probably have problems. Once again, only one entity running ads on 9/11, Mitchell’s DCCC.

  14. Anti-Maverick,

    Are you a democrat? You are obviously free to post on SA, which unlike most Dem blogs doesn’t censor comments. But to what end? Does it make you feel good sitting in front of your computer to try and attack conservatives on a conservative blog. What do you hope to accomplish? I’ve always chuckled at posters like you because I think at some level, you actually think people care. Like most liberals, you have so much pent up anger at Republicans that you will grasp at anything to lash out. Which of course is your right to do. But I just want to know what the goal is?

  15. Anti-Maverick says

    Tom was it that obvious that I was a democrat?? Could it have been my name??

    I am not hoping to accomplish anything, I just like having mixing it up with conservatives and seeing how upset you guys get if someone posts something bashing one your boys…

    I honestly have no anger at all towards you or any republicans. I just like having fun and getting rise out of people. Based on the responses here I without question accomplished that. So thank you 🙂

    If you wanted to know my goal there it is Tom.

  16. Queen of Hearts says

    Might I suggest getting a hobby, or perhaps therapy, or maybe better yet…. moving out of your mother’s house!

  17. Queen of Hearts says

    Oh, and I mean a hobby other than “having mixing it up with conservatives”, Maybe you could try experimenting more with grammar, that’s a hobby that looks like it would fit you!

  18. Anti-Maverick says

    Awww did I upset you Queen of Hearts?? Did I get under your skin??

    You are the one who feels the need to read a blog that reassures you there are other people in AZ like you At least I am able to read the other sides argument. I may not agree, and I may dislike the bias but I am not dumb enough to insert myself in a little bubble like most of the people on SA.

  19. Queen of Hearts says

    Oh, but I think I got under YOUR skin! That whole protesting too much and what not!
    You’re funny! I don’t need any reassurance, I’m The Queen of Hearts!

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