Schweikert Finishes Quarter With Highest Cash on Hand

Broad Support Leaves Campaign with Nearly $400,000 Cash on Hand

(Scottsdale, AZ) With broad support across both the district and the state, the Schweikert for Congress campaign finished the first quarter of 2010 with the highest amount of cash on hand of any candidate in the Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.

Building on an already strong fundraising base, the Schweikert campaign added over 500 new small donors to the campaign. Unlike other candidates in the race, Schweikert’s total does not include substantial general election donations that cannot be used in the primary election.

“We are pleased with the broad-based support we had this quarter from donors all across the state,” said David Schweikert. One of our key goals this quarter was to broaden our fundraising base and tap into voter energy to bring new donors into our campaign. With over 500 new donors, we accomplished that.”

The Schweikert campaign was also placed “on the radar” in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program today. “I am pleased to see that the NRCC recognizes the vulnerability of Harry Mitchell this fall,” continued Schweikert. “We look forward to working with them in the fall to retake AZ-05.”

With substantial advantages in organization, key conservative endorsements like Arizona Right to Life and Concerned Women for America, along with a significant lead in early polling, the Schweikert for Congress campaign is well-positioned to win the August Republican primary and take on liberal Harry Mitchell in this fall’s General Election.


  1. Jim Ward is telling people that he raised more. But a lot of it was money that he can’t spend until the General Election, which isn’t until the end of August. A lot of good it will do him, since it’s right now that he needs the money in order to beat the frontrunner, Schweikert.

  2. GOP Insider says

    Who is Jim Ward? No one has heard of him. Who cares. If we don’t know who he is by now, it’s too late.

  3. Can’t spend it until the General Election??? I don’t know of a campaign finance law that says anything like that. Besides he won’t need it then. Unless Gutter-Snipe makes him spend everything fighting her lies again, Schweikert should have an easy primary.

    Harry can finally retire and spend his day cleaning the pigeon poop of his statue.

  4. Blue Meanie says

    Mitchell must go and this guy can do it. I’m new to this party and Mitchell is one of the reasons. McCain is the main reason I re-registered. You got some great people running this year. Hayworth, Schweikert, Thomas, Martin. Win these races and it will be a great party again. Don’t make me change back to Independent. I did like not getting all the junk mail.

  5. The succinct headline and implied buzz are only 1/2 of the story.

    The other half is this:

    David Schweikert finished the quarter ending 3/31/10 with the largest declared DEBT of any GOP or Dem candidate, a whopping $500,000. His half-million $ in red ink top even the $456,157 Rick Renzi still has on the books. Trent Franks comes in a distant third with only $304,100 in listed debts.

    Full disclosure is going to be very important in the 2010 AZ GOP races. Might as well start now.

  6. Mr. Bill, it is true that Schweikert spent $500,000 on the primary, but that’s because he made a killing in his real estate business the last year or so. Not red ink – but 100% capitalist black ink! I’ve heard from more than one source that he’s going to pump another $600k of his own money into the primary next. Doubt that any other candidate can match that in personal funds or donations. Perhaps they should have tried harder to make money in the private sector?

  7. “Full disclosure is going to be very important in the 2010 AZ GOP races” ???What the F@#$ does that even mean? All the things perpetrated on this country by Hussein Obama and supported by Mitchell and that the issue??

    I don’t care how much anyone has spent or how much they raise. Schweikert gets my vote and I guess another check.

  8. Roger, you are off your meds again. If David Schweikert is pumping in hundreds of thousands of his own dollars into this race, more than the other candidates, us voters have a right to know! Whether you agree with a candidate who has raised his own money for the race or not, I think it’s important that it be put out in public opinion.

  9. Hatshipsuit says

    Hurrah for David Schweikert! He will win the primary and he is the only one who can beat Mitchell. Jim Ward is arrogant and Bitter-Smith is a bottom feeder. The other candidates are famous unknowns, at least to me.

  10. Roger, The words “full disclosure” caused you to drop the f-bomb and bring up Obama? Sounds like you stole the outrage right outta the mouth of Glenn Beck. Irrational fear mongering won’t win any more elections for the GOP.

    BTW, “full disclosure” isn’t just about the dollars, it’s more of a metaphor about the integrity of the candidates, their employees, consultants and other staffers.

    You might not care about how much money candidates raise or spend, but Sonoran Alliance does or they wouldn’t have run this press release. It’s timely, it’s news. There are huge debts behind the money raised. That fact alone doesn’t make Schweikert a bad guy. It means his Congressional campaign is $500,000 in debt. End of story.

  11. So full disclosure will include Bitter-Smiths support for Democrats over republicans and the outright lies she used last time to make Schweikert spend money?

    SA doesn’t restrict content, they had nothing to do with allow this press release. You brought dept for a reason. It has nothing to do with issues but says a lot about the candidate. He believes in what he is doing and has risks his own money to the cause.

    Ward isn’t from this state and Bitter-Smith is dishonest. We have enough of those types in Congress.

  12. I didn’t know there was anyone other than David Schweikert running for the Dist 5 Congressional seat. I’ve never heard of these other people.

  13. Mr. Bill, where are you getting your information that Schweikert is in debt? I’m a close personal friend of his, and he’s been doing really well in real estate over the past couple of years, and he told me it’s not “debt,” it’s money he earned. You’re spreading false rumors.

  14. Mary,

    I think they mean campaign debt… Like hillary clinton gave millions her campaign. That per in debt. She was not broke or actually in the red but the campaign owes schweikert money. That is what they mean I assume.

    Also this says david fiished the quarter with the most cash on hand but they didn’t mention who rais most this quarter. Is that because ward raised more and is gaining momentum?

  15. The numbers are available for anyone to see at the FEC website. David’s campaign lists $500k in debt, and Ward’s campaign lists about $150k.

    David put $300k of his own $ into the race, Ward was around $100k.

    David’s Cash on Hand advantage was about $30k.

    While this press release may be accurate, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

    (No surprise as candidates don’t tend to put out press releases that make themselves look bad.)

    That’s why you have to look past the press releases and dig in to the real data.

    Or you could just be snarky and say unhelpful things like “Who is Jim Ward” over and over again on every thread.

  16. Another Schweikert love fest from Sonoran Alliance. Hopefully these commenters are collecting a paycheck from the campaign.

  17. Somehow my computer didn’t letters. But I think you figure out what I mean… Personal debt and campaign debt are very different. And yes it seems like david has a lot of it. He gave the campaign a loan. Now he doesn’t ever have to get it back but by it being reported as debt it certainly implies he means to… Which means he will recoup that money at some point soon. Which means less money for the general unless he wants to be in campaign debt for years like JD or even hillary it took almost a year to raise the funds needed.

  18. I honestly have to say I am not sure who I support in District 5. Obviously Harry Mitchell has to go, and Bitter Smith is out of the question. But as for the remaining candidates, I am undecided. I need to see them debate each other on the issues….

  19. David is not really in debt, all of his debt is money he lent to his campaign and he could forgive that debt at any time. If he did forgive the debt he would not be able to recoup the money he lent the campaign. The debt for any candidate should really not matter because they will most likely not make their campaigns pay up during an election.

  20. Miss Mary,

    Here is the page for the latest Schweikert campaign finance report “false rumor”:

    Check out page 3, line 10 to see the $500K total “Debts and Obligations Owed BY the Committee” (emphasis courtesy of the FEC). Then, go to pages 68-72. Once there, you can see that Schweikert “loaned” his 2008 campaign $250,000 in 2007 and his 2010 campaign $250,000 in 2009.

    Johnny is correct when he says, “He gave the campaign a loan. Now he doesn’t ever have to get it back but by it being reported as debt it certainly implies he means to…”

    If Schweikert can’t make anymore “killings” in the real estate market (see #6 comment)and ever needs up to $500K cash in a hurry, any public donations to his campaign could simply go to pay back this personal “loan” instead of being used to elect him to Congress.

  21. This is David’s 3rd run for Congress.

    This is Gutter-Smith’s 4th run for Congress.

    Question: How many times can the people reject you before you as a candidate realize they don’t want you in office?

    Okay I know David was in the legislature 20 years ago, and Susan is on some local water board, but seriously these people must be ego maniacs for continuing to run.

    Especially David, I actually got to talk to him recently and he came off as well, weird. He just doesn’t seem right or something. Maybe he was having a bad day but it was one of the most odd conversations I have ever had.


  22. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Hmmm. You had one conversation with David and came out of it with “weird”. I’ve known David for decades and can’t remember how many conversations I’ve had with him and came out of them with “brilliant, generous, conservative, consistent, devoted, driven, and weird”. So.

  23. The one candidate I am suspicious of is Jim Ward. We know nothing about him, other than he left a high-level executive job in San Fransisco under suspicious circumstances, then moved to Arizona to run for Congress. He gave two weeks notice that he was leaving his high-level job for “personal reasons.” Am hearing now that it may have been a forced resignation due to sexual harassment. Can anyone confirm? That’s all we need is another Bill Clinton in office who can’t keep his hands to himself.

  24. nightcrawler says


    That is low and certainly won’t help your cause. It says more about you and who you work for than Jim Ward.

  25. Truly, have you met Jim Ward? THave you met his wife and familyl? There is no sexual harrassment tied to him. How unfair of you to post that in this site! TRY THIS – he is the most personable, likeable, honest and steadfast candidate to ever run! And I dare you to challenge me! I hate it when people (like you) post horrible, unfair things about people. Remember, what goes around comes around. And Jim Ward WILL WIN this primary! I don’t know about your “come around” but expect the worst!


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