Schweikert does well in fundraising

CD-5 candidate, David Schweikert, turned in some of the best numbers for the recent FEC reporting period. He raised $270,108 against the incumbent’s $285,051.

In CD 1 Kirkpatrick has a large lead on Sydney Hay. Bob Lord raised more against John Shadegg but Shadegg leads in cash on hand. Gabrielle Giffords is ahead of Tim Bee but Bee had the Tim Bee Arizona Trust bringing in some additional funds.

A closer look at the CD-5 race shows that Democrat Harry Mitchell has burned through over $1.08 Million to keep up with David Schweikert’s aggressive campaigning who has only spent $364K.

PolitickerAZ covered the FEC reports but left out the Tim Bee Arizona Trust that Gila Courier noted. Details, details. The extra fund raised over $350,000 for Bee.

Finally, take a look at the October numbers between each party. As you can see, Democrats have outraised, outspent and have more cash on hand than Republicans.

Thanks to Gila Courier for the numbers.


  1. Is it really good numbers when he raised less than his opponent in the first quarter that he was raising money for the general election run? I am not saying this to be snark just an honest question…

    Also he has less cash on hand than Mitchell and less outside help… So to me Schweikert is in trouble

  2. By your criterion JD Hayworth would still be a member of congress.

  3. I am just asking a question… that is a good point Pam. Although I do not remember how much the DCCC used against Hayworth last cycle.. Wasn’t it a very significant amount of money??

    Where Schweikert is not getting anywhere near that kind of help from Club Growth or the NRCC

  4. Roger Maris says


    Not to sound SNARKY… But what help are you being a backseat driver… How much money have you donated to Schweikert? The FEC’s are public record so let go to to see!

    Or if you want to claim that you can’t afford to give since the Mitchell/Pelosi Congress has destroyed your Stock Portfolio or killed you at the gas pump… Sweat equity is just as valuable…

    Trying calling the Schweikert campaign to volunteer… or go to to donate…

    Inquiring minds are waiting to see what, if anything you can add that is constructive…

  5. Roger dont be soo upset. You resort to screaming and attacking when you know the things I have said thus far are true.

    I have said many constructive things. I want Schweikert to attack on taxes, the bailout and the economy. I think those are winning issues against this Dem incumbent right now especially one who is a district with a plus 12 Republican voter registration.

    Also, I would love to help Schweikert but I am a poor college student. I work 40 hours a week while taking 18 credits this semester so my time is pretty limited so I will try.

  6. Annie Hoyle says

    I like you, Roger Maris! Your comment is wonderful! If my kids ever complain about school or church or girlscouts, etc. I always ask them what they have contributed to make the situation or organization better.

    Rachael, I would never have known that Roger was upset and screaming if you didn’t have such a super high tech fancy college computer!

    Just vote.

  7. kralmajales says

    Schweikert is decidely NOT going to win and Rachel’s analysis is a bummer to many here, but is sound. The base is not that excited, is not donating, and businesses who used to support the GOP are moving toward Dems.

    The fundraising, compared with the past, is just paltry.

  8. kralmajales says

    Ok…so what IS the Tim Bee Arizona Trust? Sounds pretty fishy to me. If they want to raise money for Bee, why not just give it to his campaign committee?

    The only answer I can think of is that it is a group of people who maxed out and are finding “another” way to donate MORE to him?

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Why the Tim Bee trust? Is this just Jim Click and the gang throwing their weight around again?

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