Schweikert Campaign Responds to SA Post

The David Schweikert Campaign responded quickly to a post that ran earlier on Sonoran Alliance this evening. Here is that response:


It is often said that politicians can count on the laziness of a Journalist.  Equally true is the maxim that you can count on politicians who rely on lazy journalists to get it wrong.

In reference to the post that David Schweikert had voted to raise fuel taxes while in the State House in 1993, nothing could be further from the truth.  A modicum of competent legislative research would have revealed this.  But when you are three days away from early balloting, truth tends to be set short shrift.  The assertion that he raised taxes is at best hyperbole and at worst a besmirching of the scale that only intentional backbiting is so widely hailed for.

But then again, it is silly season.

Publius “relies” on a Gazette article from 1993 claiming that the passage of HB 2239 would have resulted in an .08 tax increase on motor carriers by amending then existing A.R.S. 28-104.  What this bill did was to REPEAL the existing road-use tax that was then driving industry out of Arizona and compelling other OTR operations to avoid Arizona entirely – thus resulting in a loss of revenue.  HB 2239 did what it was designed to do and provided tax equity and revenue generation through a wholesale repeal of a tax. 

Schweikert NEVER voted for a fuel tax increase while in the legislature.  Then again, he never got a $300 dollar haircut at Sassoon and also never filed for Bankruptcy.  But then again, the wormholes of the blogosphere do have a pesky tendency to create their own reality, don’t they?

An examination of the record in actual retrievable sources like the House of Representatives Journal from 1993 shows the sponsors of the bill as Reps. Jerry Overton, Don Aldridge, Leslie Whiting-Johnson, Lela Steffey and Keith Bee – not exactly a liberal cabal.  Governor Fife Symington signed the bill into law, thereby ushering in a period where trucking jobs were saved in Arizona by legislators that were on the warpath to reform.  Publius doesn’t just owe David Schweikert an apology, but all the conservative members of the “1990’s reformers” who voted for this bill – Speaker Mark Killian among them.

 In stark contrast to Publius’ claims that Schweikert is a tax hiker on an issue so sensitive these days as fuel costs, stands a pesky little thing called truth.  The truth is that David Schweikert has the most solid record on the economy and taxes in Congressional District 5 due to his true conservative roots as reflected in his Club For Growth endorsement.  In fact, the only person in this primary who has a true understanding of the tax-transportation interface is David Schweikert.  He had technical competence relative to tax structures in 1993 and with his background in finance still has one today.  As revealed by this faux pas, as between David Schweikert and Harry Mitchell, only Schweikert has a record of getting something done on transportation fuel costs.

We expected the DCCC to unleash their spin machine of distortions on Schweikert’s record as a legislator – and on cue, they did so last month with a push poll and press release claiming that David wanted to raise taxes  (For those of you just tuning in, that actually means something when the democrat opponent picks you as the one he wants to try and tear down before he has to face you in the general). We were, however, surprised and disappointed to see such a false attack come from a contributor to SA.   Ultimately, Publius and whomever he is trolling for owe the readers of this blog an apology and retraction.  At worst he has insulted our intelligence.  While he may think we doth protest too much, it would not be beyond sensibility to discount the remainder of what Publius will say in this venue.

Bill Connor

Campaign Manager – David Schweikert for Congress



  1. I know see who has been answering all of my posts this late night. It’s David’s campaign crew. Hi guys, nice to know you are all still awake.

  2. Man, hard working guys over there… Good reply Bill, although Greg Patterson handed it to Publius for you.

    And the truth shall set you free!

  3. That hit on Schweikert may or may not have been unfair (we’ll have to sort through all the spin), but the response reeks of the same ole arrogance that has characterized the Schweikert campaign from the start.

    Campaign Manager Connors claim that “…The truth is that David Schweikert has the most solid record on the economy and taxes in Congressional District 5…” is ANYTHING but true. Knaperek, Anderson, Bitter Smith and Ogsbury all have records that are just as strong or stronger than Schweikert’s.

    This much about Schweikert is true:

    — Schweikert short-changed the taxpayers when he resigned from the office of County Treasurer mid-term to pursue a bid for Congress. He was elected to a four year term, but quit after just two-years. Now, because of Schweikert, we have an unelected Treasurer.

    –Schweikert showed an amazing amount of fiscal irresponsibility when he took out a $250,000 mortgage on his home to pay for campaign propaganda. (This is just what Congress needs, another politician eager to borrow money!)

    — Schweikert still hasn’t explained why he hired Karen Johnson as his assistant while he as a legislator. Johnson was formerly an assistant of Gov. Evan Mecham, the impeached ex-Governor well known for racist statements and conspiracy theories. Johnson herself went on to claim September 11th was perpetrated by the CIA. (Where is Schweikert’s judgement in hiring someone of such eccentric political views?!)

    Schweikert also continues to employ consultant Chris Baker. Baker is simultaneously working to salvage the political career of Chandler Mayor Steve Berman, who has been accused of domestic violence and other sordid deeds. (Where is Schweikert’s judgement in not firing Baker? Don’t you think the Dems will bring that situation up?!)

  4. Big Sister says

    Why don’t you just put up a post that says,

    “David Schweikert is our Obama!”

    Publius has been a contributor here for a long time. The concept that it was a set-up by an anonymous writer to allow such a response is not out of the realm of possibility. It provided Schweikert with a huge opportunity to be the stand-up, I can handle the tough fights, no one is picking on me, kinda guy.

    All CD5 candidates should be given that opportunity since they have all been maligned at one time or another; often with downright lies and malicious intent.

    Or does fairness and truth only apply when it is the SA endorsed candidate?

    Your ACC endorsements prove the RINO label is yours to hold. Political expediency and quick party changes to accommodate voter population is among the crew you endorsed. Anytime you question others now it will be seen for just what it is, a pile of dung.

    It gives a whole new turn on the initials SA.

  5. Just a reminder to our readers like “Big Sister,” Sonoran Alliance does indeed have several writers who came on board prior to any of the campaigns beginning. They have the opportunity to post on candidates they support. Some have stayed current with their posting, others have not. “Publius” has not posted anything since May 13th. It wasn’t until last night did he/she post something about David Schweikert.

    In terms of the SA endorsements, several writers are evaluating each candidate and race. Those writers who are involved in a specific race are not allowed to vote on an endorsement. Not all my candidate choices have been endorsed but that’s because I’m just one vote.

    Finally, over the lifetime of this blog, I have approached and invited several of the frequent commenters to join the fold of contributing writers because I thought they were great writers and have something to say. Some have accepted while others have not and continue to comment.

  6. The Schweikert bias on this site is unbelievable. Not only was your endorsement of Schweikert blatently obvious months before your actual endorsement, but you allow his campaign to post retorts as stories. I remember reading stories (not comments by the way) bashing Laura Knapaerek for her Engery Policy Proposal and Jim Ogsbury for his Balanced Budget Proposal. Where was their chance to respond?

    To be honest this is somewhat refreshing because, other than those god-awful press releases that wouln’t fly in my christmas newsletter, this is the most I’ve heared out of the Schweikert camp all year. They’ve been ducking questions and acting as if they’ve already won this primary because they’ve got a soft center with no protection. Now someone comes forward with this along with multiple other allegations including multiple AFL-CIO endorsements (there’s no way he should have received the Club for Growth endorsement based on this alone by the way), County Treasury audits, the hiring of Karen Johnson, ect and I still feel I have relatively few answers. As David found out in 1994 against J.D. Hayworth outspending his opponent doesn’t equal a win or a better leader. Call this piling on the “front-runner” in the crazy season all you want, but this guy’s past is so checkered I can’t imagine how he could withstand a barrage from the Dems. This nomination should plain and simply go elsewhere.

  7. Sonoran Alliance has posted press releases of the other candidates but this is not a “Press Release dedicated blog.” If you want that, go to

    If you go back and look at the posts you will see that they oftentimes get critical comments. From my perspective, it looks like they stop sending the press releases because once you put it out there, you gotta be prepared to take the heat.

    The offer is still open. If you want to send Sonoran Alliance a press release, email it to with “Press Release” in the subject line.

  8. David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David Schweikert AFL-CIO Endorsed David

    Any Questions…or more importantly, any answers?

  9. Give me a break says

    UA… its a blog not a news site, they can be biased, if you want not biased go read politicker, if you want good information but from a conservative perspective then read here.

  10. A couple of you need to get your facts straight because it is obvious that some of you are from the other campaigns and don’t have the details correct.

    Steve Berman is Mayor of Gilbert not Chandler. And why should he have to answer to you on Karen Johnson? Karen Johnson has done many good things, although I think she has gone a little too far as of late on 911.

  11. His position back than was against the citizens and small business owners in AZ and in favor of out of state Big Business. Higher prices at the pumps was bad than and is bad today. Sorry, Dave you lost!!

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  13. TonyGOPrano,

    I find it interesting that you attack mitchell for being endorsed by labor when its schweikert who labor seems to love. Don’t you remember this little web ad from the GOP primary last time around…

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