Schweikert Campaign: Believe What You Want Ben

Dear Friends,

Ben Quayle is quite fond of touting that he is the “number one” ranked conservative in the House of Representatives. His source for this is National Journal’s ratings. Now of course, he is free to say whatever he wants about his campaign and how he feels personally about his record. But don’t be fooled- we are all by now well aware of our opponent’s flawed character and trouble with the truth.

It’s well-known that the National Journal rankings are reflective of how a particular member votes with his or her party’s perceived position. Thus, it’s not surprising that Ben Quayle scores so well.

Remember, this is what Politico had to say about Ben Quayle:

“There’s Rep. Ben Quayle, an establishment favorite with the famous last name, who told voters in 2010 he would “knock the hell out of” D.C. but has spent his first year in Washington out of the spotlight, learning the ins and outs of the Capitol while becoming a favorite of leadership.”

So it’s not too surprising that he does well in a ranking of how members vote in accordance with party leadership.

David Schweikert has always been clear that he is in Congress to fight for our conservative values – your values – not leadership in Washington.

For a good explanation about the National Journal ratings that Ben Quayle likes to tout and what they really represent, here is what HotlineOnCall had to say about the National Journal ratings as they apply to Ben Quayle (note: HotlineOnCall is part of National Journal).

“Quayle’s House-best conservative rating reflects his relationship with leadership.

I think that sums it up pretty well.

Dan Caldwell
Campaign Manager, Schweikert for Congress


  1. I know this to be true, because we haven’t seen Quayle until the election. Meanwhile I’ve seen Schweikert on CSPAN, etc talking about the budget and what we need.

  2. That’s part of the problem. He talks to selected media but where is Schweikert digging down to get votes to pass legislation that cuts the budget, reduces our deficit and the like? Nowhere.
    Joke is that when this is a press gaggle, Dave is a linebacker to get to the red light of the cameras.

    • With Boehner the House Speaker, conservative Republicans don’t stand a chance of getting anything passed that will actually cut the budget or reduce the deficit.

      Quayle identifies with the GOP House “leadership” while Schweikert is trying to move the Republican Party in a more conservative direction.

      Schweikert needs to communicate through the press to make this case since Boehner has shown himself unable or unwilling to reduce spending or the deficit and has been ineffective negotiating with Obama and Senate Democrat leaders.

      One reason to vote for Schweikert over Quayle is that we need new leadership in the House. Schweikert stands for conservative principles while Qualye stands with leadership (wherever it happens to be).

  3. How about regaling us with all the wonderful achievements of McCain-butler Quayle?

    How about his sponsoring and voting to take away Arizona’s employer sanctions law? Bravo!

    How about his support of the Euro-designed “Blue Card” – to import thousands/millions of more foreign workers when we have an 8.4% unemployment rate and 20 million illegal aliens already here that we can’t afford and can’t get rid of. Whoopee!

    Anybody not in a Mc-stupor will vote down EVERY Mc-candidate in Arizona, even if it means voting for a Democrap. McCain and Kyl IGNORE Arizona for two solid years then come porch climbing back to interfere in state elections and install their twisted RINO clones? Both of them can suck it.

  4. Honey Marques says

    This whole mud slinging nonsense is typical of David. He did it to Susan Bitter Smith in 2008 and again in 2010 along with deceitful campaigning against Jim Ward. David, you proudly stood by the GOP establishment as the GOP Whip, the person that rallies the other GOP members to vote with the party’s agenda, which is not always aligned with “conservative” principles. You denied this role “to my face” at one of my tea party meetings…remember? You even went so far as to be critical about Congressman Allen West, when I used him as an example about what a real conservative leader looks like and sounds like. You are no Allen West….David you are a typical politician who will do anything to stay in power for your own benefit…Go Ben!!!!

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