Schweikert: Ben Quayle Hearts Huckabees…and Tax Hikes


For weeks you have heard my opponent and I talk about our record on taxes. I support keeping your taxes low. Ben Quayle voted to raise your taxes by $1,000.

Those are the facts, plain and simple.

However, my opponent wants you to believe he is a pro-growth candidate who supports low taxes.


Recently Ben Quayle accepted the endorsement of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Here’s what the Club For Growth had to say about Mike Huckabee’s record as governor: Mike Huckabee is a liberal.”

In fact, Huckabee’s record as governor was so abysmal, the Cato Institute ranked him among the worst of all governors (including democrats) for his continued insistence on raising taxes. Cato put it this way about Huckabee’s record: “[his] leadership has left taxpayers in Arkansas much worse off.”

To Ben Quayle’s credit, at least he is now consistent on where he stands when it comes to raising your taxes.



  1. If Schweikert is sooo ahead in the polls, why is just about every e-mail, mailing, press release attacking Quayle. And now slamming Huckabee? Sounds like someone is scared of losing?
    By the way, these type of attacks do not want me to vote for Schweikert.

  2. I have known David since 1987 and I am voting for Ben Quayle. I wish them both well.

    • AnObservation says

      You’re voting for Ben Quayle because you’re a public sector union-supporting, tea-party hating, big government Republican.

    • Jon, you are a nice guy, but you are a big government Republican. To the extent that you are in any way conservative, it is as a social conservative. I wish you well, but you are not a conservative Republican and who you support reflects that.

      I think both Schweikert and Quayle are conservative. However, I believe Schweikert is a conservative leader and Quayle is a conservative back bencher.

      Given the huge establishment Republican financial resources going to help Quayle, I think it is only prudent that Schweikert keep campaigning hard until the election is over regardless of what his lead in the polls is. What would be the point of holding back just because he thinks he as a lead.

      I already voted for Schweikert.

  3. Ben Quayle is a McClone, there are too many people out there that refuse to vote for him because of that. David is winning. We all know that.

  4. Gee, did you happen to just miss the attacks on Schweikert? Are you simply overlooking that the cancerous albino McCain and his hole mate McKyl are sticking their malignant noses into the Arizona elections and trying to reshape the state congressional landscape in their own RINO image? If you’re a McHeel Clicker, then Quayle is your boy. As for Huckabee, he might have earned back a modicum of respect with his ‘chicken day’, but that’s over and he will simply fade back into the crazy quilt of failed Presidential candidates – for obvious good reason. In his first term, Quayle didn’t knock the hell out of anybody – except himself. Schweikert will win, and if there is a God, send McTamper into cardiac arrest.

  5. Mr. Schweikert – I was all set to vote for you because I think Ben Quayle is an idiot and a hypocrite. Then you had to go ahead and endorse Russell Pearce. So now I am chewing on my pen wondering whether to vote for the relatively harmless moron or someone who endorsed a vile, dangerous man.

    • Whatsomematter Einstein? Is the New Times closed until after chuch?

      • Are you an ass toward everyone, or is it just me that can push your buttons? You do realize that in order for me to actually take offense to your blabber I would have to actually care what you think…

        • Just wanted to let everyone know that your “thoughts” are directly traceable to that wonderful journalistic tribute to child prostitution, the Phoenix New Times and Feathered Bunghole. Just last week you said you didn’t want to vote for either Schweikert or Quayle. Did swimming in the Village Voice sewer give you amnesia? May as well quit “chewing” and leave your ballot blank, Salvador Reza isn’t on the ticket.

          • Do you enjoy being miserable?

            • Do you enjoy being an illegal alien strumpet?

              • Show me any post where I have encouraged or supported illegal immigration. You have no idea what my opinion is about illegals or what to do about them.

                You have jumped to the ignorant and misinformed conclusion that because I have a problem with certain corrupt politicians who use the issue of illegal immigration as a platform to blind the voters of Maricopa County to their misdeeds that it must mean it is because I am an “illegal alien strumpet”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

              • Who in the hell do you think you’re fooling? YOU are a New Times nipple baby who opposes ANYONE legislating, approving, or enforcing the war against the Mexican invasion. You wallow with pure street filth at F.B. whose predictable leftist illegal alien – sucking buffet is hit Arpaio, hit Brewer, hit Pearce, hit Arpaio, hit Brewer, hit Pearce, hit Arpaio, hit Brewer, hit Pearce, etc., etc,. etc., etc.

                If you stand against EVERYONE trying to deal with the invasion and stop the draining of our government resources, stealing American jobs, and killing our citizens, AND YOU DO, then you are an illegal alien WHORE who worships the ground of crotch sweat like Steve Gallardo, Mary Rose Lardcox, Randy Perez, Chad Snow, Danny Ortega, Salvador Reza, Raul Grijalva, Bob Worsley, Jerry Lewis, etc.,

                If you want to talk ignorance, if Russell Pearce had never been a legislator in Arizona, right this very minute Arizona would mirror illegal alien-infested California – with a $26 billion dollar deficit, one city after another filing for bankruptcy, and so many illegal alien street gangs they can’t even be counted. But you and the drugged-out scum of the earth who frequent F.B. can’t even comprehend that, or are enablers to replicate California here, it’s anybody’s guess.

                This is a CONSERVATIVE website, NOT the New Times. If you come here spewing your brainwashed Village Voice venom, expect the worst.

              • Zoo – I did not bother to read your response.

                You have issues, my dear, that I hope you address.

                It strikes me strange that we agree on Quayle and yet you attack me, without knowing me.

                You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

              • Man zoo, did some guy named Jose steal your best gal or something. Even when the conversation doesn’t involve Mexicans, you just can’t help injecting your neuroses into the conversation.

                “Save it for the cross-burning, Adolf.” – Bender B. Rodriguez

              • The conversation (nor the article) had anything to do with Russell Pearce either, until the Feathered Bastard troll, strumpet, and liar came along. Your heart must be pounding with infatuation.

                “Stick it in your lips.” — zoo

  6. AnObservation says

    Well, looks like Ben Quayle hasn’t change much from his Dirty Scottsdale days…

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