School District Seeks to Re-Educate “Homophobic” Kindergartners

For Immediate Release:

School District Seeks to Re-Educate
“Homophobic” Kindergartners

Alameda, CA – The Alameda Board of Education will consider supplemental curriculum tonight which seeks to eradicate “homophobia” from students barely old enough to write their names.

The curriculum is being touted by officials in the Alameda Unified School District as necessary to “create safe schools for all children,” but it focuses almost exclusively on sexual orientation and gender identity. In a recent question and answer memo defending the proposed curriculum, the District lamented that “homophobia is still very much present in many of our schools and communities” and insisted that “students of all ages must be given an opportunity to learn that the words ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ are adjectives that should be used with respect to describe people in their community, not words used in a negative way…” The District further claimed that “using anti-gay slurs starts as early as kindergarten,” and therefore all students must be drilled with positive portrayals of gays, lesbians and transgender people.

PJI staff attorneys have written to the Board in opposition to the curriculum and will address the Board meeting to point out that the so-called “Safe Schools” effort does nothing to counter the most significant sources of school bullying and harassment, such as race, religion, gender, physical appearance, and socioeconomic status. Instead, the supplemental curriculum focuses exclusively on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “It is both risky and wrong to ignore the real causes of school bullying in favor of a politically correct propaganda program. If anyone needs a lesson against name-calling, it is those who are labeling our kindergartners as homophobic.”

Contact: President Brad Dacus (916) 857-6900

Why should innocent precious children be exposed to this?
Is this what public schools are for


  1. This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy. I’ve served on curriculum panels for social studies, esteem education and literally had to fight for material about individual liberty and responsibility–how basic is that?! I remember a staff peer pushing for an alternative lifestyle pamphlet for six graders. I know some may think I support the gay political agenda–I don’t. I am for all of this being kept private; to me, that is truly conservative. When we started oversexualing and loosening behavioral norms, all of the doors opened to where we are now. It’s a trap.

    This is the first rung of basic privacy: we have a right to keep our choices private and our children’s innocence too. I have seen the crud being put “out”. All sex education-nearly ALL of it is loaded with subtle messages of sexual freedom. Read your kids curricula is all I can say. Thx for this post.

  2. Funny how conservatives are all for freedom until it’s about sex.

  3. Tim? Six year old children being subjected to this crap is not freedom. Its indoctrination and that’s child abuse.

  4. Hmm… funny that when it comes to academic performance, I don’t see CA at the top of the list.

    Maybe if they spent more time actually educating children on say math, reading, and writing, they would actually be learning something useful at school.

    Put up a poster that says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Then get out the math books and start doing some teaching.

  5. JR Snyder Jr says

    It’s important to distinguish that the Gay Agenda and Gay Culture are not inclusive of large numbers of homosexuals and don’t represent many average gay person’s real views.

    Do these “well-meaning” social engineers even think of the consequences for some developing kid, already struggling with possible gay issues, too young to really understand, but is forced to also sit through this stuff? It is way too personal to be dealt with by a public institution, if anyone should want the government out of their lives, it’s should be gay people. I can’t imagine the horror of being a kid forced to sit in a convoluted re-education program for straight kids, being picked out as an example of someone to be nice to (probably for the “appearance of being gay”). All so they can “enrich” themselves and not be a homophobic kid…arrgggh.

    This is usually a minefield for me and I’m sure you’ll thank me for sparing you the rant but…Liberal Gay Culture and Conservatives both need to be turned on their heads and see the real human toll to everyone in Liberal Re-Education and Conservative Gay Bashing. Both are counter-productive and harmful.

  6. Just last year a 15 year old student, Lawrence King, was shot twice in the back of the head in the schools computer lab by another student because he was gay. This was in California.

  7. Nobody should be bullied for any reason.

  8. Antifederalist says

    Um, Todd, do you HONESTLY believe your anecdotal evidence supports the proposition that government schools should force parents to march their children into the state’s pro-homo agenda indoctrination instead of teaching children basic subjects like Math, English, Science, etc.? If you do, your logic leaves A LOT to be desired. I suggest remediation in a conservative course of learning. It would work wonders for you.

  9. Todd, adolescent male teenagers instinctively have an aversion to homosexuality AND more importantly, being force fed *tolerance*.

    Child Abuse.
    Or has everyone forgotten the motto of NAMBLA?

  10. Antifederalist,
    I was trying to provide some context as to what might be of concern. I do think children should not be bullied, beaten or killed in school for any reason and believe schools should take action to prevent this.

    Adolescent male teenagers who get the message that homosexuals are disgusting animals leads them to have an aversion. I think you don’t have a very good grasp of child development.

  11. Children learn to accept things as mainstream if they are introduced at an early age. If these kids grow up with it, they don’t feel the need to persecute anyone “different” from them. My children’s elementary school has children attending who have same sex parents. I would not want my children to belittle or tease these children. Although this is a conversation we’re having at home, we all know that there are families that don’t have conversations at home.

    For instance, I have a colleague who moved from AZ to Hersey, PA. In her child’s new middle school, a boy continually taunts her daughter by calling her a “dirty Jew” in the hallways. When they talked to the school counselor, she intimated that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Some families simply don’t teach tolerance at home…

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