‘Scared Mittless?’

Apparently, John Huntsman has targeted Mitt Romney in his latest ad, “Scared Mittless.”

Members of the media have also argued that Mitt Romney avoids providing interviews at all cost. However, Mitt did grant this interview which appeared on Fox News with Bret Baier:



  1. The insider Beltway Sunday blah blahs have a ridiculously inflated view of their relevence and their actual audience.

    Hilarious that Huntsman actually thinks that’s a flaw. Romney has OTHER more important issues to address to convince voters he’s up for the job, but failing to kow-tow to nepotistic, insider Democrat monopoly media on unwatched Sunday shows isn’t a fault.

    This makes Huntsman look like the establishment Democrat syncophant he is.

    • Conservative American says

      I see this alleged Romney/Huntsman split as nothing more than political theatre. The idea is to offer up a choice between two RINO’s.

      Romney signed into law “Romneycare” which included penatly provisions similar to those of “Obamacare”.

      Huntsman accepted an appointment by B. Hussein Obama as ambassador to China.

      Support either one and you’re supporting a RINO and to support either one is to support a Mormon candidate whose actual positions regarding illegal immigration and illegal aliens are subject to serious question because of the position taken by the LDS Church.

      • CD6 Businessman says

        The difference in “Obamacare” and Romney’s Massachusetts plan is a big one; one is for the country and the other is for the state. I am not defending Romneycare but I am defending state’s rights. My biggest issue with Obamacare is that it stepped outside of it’s constitutional authority. If state’s want to do something like that then they can but that is why I live in Arizona and not Massachusetts.

        Just out of curiosity (and this is a sincere question) who are you supporting? I’m not too big of a fan of any of them but will end up voting for Romney because I don’t think I can stand voting for Gingrich. I guess I prefer a chameleon over a hypocrite adulterer.

        • Conservative American says

          I’m not a big fan of any of them either, CD6. I’m waiting to see and hear more specifics from them over time. The only thing I CAN say with certainty is that I will vote for the Republican nominee, no matter who it ends up being. It may turn out to be one of those “hold your nose and vote” situations but Obama has GOT to go. The most important thing is to get Obama out of the White House.

          If we get a “moderate”, RINO Republican in the White House then congressional Republicans may well be able to keep his or her left leaning tendencies in check. That is what happened when George W. Bush was pushing “immigration reform”. Congressional Republicans put the brakes on it.

          The big picture is that the “moderate”, RINO Republican leadership is again denying us a choice between someone who clearly lives conservative priniciples and a liberal. That’s what they did when they ran McCain against Obama. We had a choice between left and radical left. That’s not a real choice.

          Pundits like Karl Rove keep implying that a conservative candidate can’t win. Every time that they run a “moderate” RINO, however, he loses. On the local level, look at the race for Mayor of Phoenix. Gullett could not, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered “conservative”. He lost to a flat out liberal. So the Republican leadership continues to repeat the McCain/Obama mistake.

          I would like to have seen Republican U. S. Senator Jim DeMint running against Obama. The we would have had a clear choice. I believe that Senator DeMint has what it takes to clean Obama’s clock. In a series of debates, DeMint would destroy Obama every time.

          Conservatives are fighting a two front war. First, against the Democrats and secondly against RINO Republicans. Conservatives have “the right stuff” and can and will prevail despite fighting a two front war. As voters experience more and more of the negative outcomes generated by RINO Republicans and liberal Democrats they will hear the conservative message and turn to it simply as a matter of survival.

  2. It’s ridiculous watching Chris Wallace whine that Romney hasn’t responded to a request, after what Wallace likes to do to anyone not Democrat? Gads. Be an IDIOT to go on Wallace’s program, the one Chris Wallace landed because of insider, daddy nepotistic power influence.
    He’s OLD MEDIA. They just talk to themselves all the time and NEVER get out and talk to anyone else.

    It speaks VOLUMES about Huntsman’s lack of vision and savvy.

    • Conservative American says

      Wallace certainly isn’t interested in promoting truth or enlightening voters. He’s interested in boosting his number of viewers and in tearing down Republican candidates.

  3. The stupidest thing about this commercial is that Romney has been running for President non-stop since about 2006, maybe earlier. The idea that, after four years of campaigning and after something like 11 debates this cycle alone, we are somwhow missing out on some vital information by Mitt Romney not giving yet another interview on a Sunday show or yet another press conference for a couple of months is kind of absurd.

  4. Huntsman’s family has a bad case of celebrititis:

  5. Conservative American says

    Huntsman earns Democrat’s praise

    By Ben Leubsdorf / Monitor staff
    December 1, 2011

    Jon Huntsman collected some bipartisan praise yesterday when Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, joined the Republican presidential candidate at a campaign event at Concord High School.

    He answered about a half-dozen questions from students, including one about his position on gay marriage. Huntsman said states should be able to “determine what they think is right,” and he supports civil unions for same-sex couples.

    “I am in favor of civil unions, and not everybody agrees with me on that,” he said. “But I think there’s such a thing as equality under the law.”


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