SCANDAL: State Bar imploding – removes its former president, a Democrat, for defending Thomas

Ernie Calderon
In an MSNBC/East Valley Tribune article, powerful and well-liked former bar president Ernie Calderon says the State Bar has retaliated against him for speaking out against the Bar’s serious ethical misconduct in targeting County Attorney Thomas.

A prominent Valley attorney says he is facing retaliation by the State Bar of Arizona for speaking out against the organization’s wide-ranging ethics probe of Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Ernest Calderon learned on Friday the State Bar plans to remove him from a position he has held since 2004 representing the organization on the national stage. The reason? “Because I said something positive about Andy Thomas,” Calderon said. A Democrat, Calderon said he “never voted for Andy Thomas and I don’t agree with his immigration policy.”

In one probe after another, Calderon determined none against Thomas were legitimate. Calderon felt qualified to make that call because he previously worked for the State Bar reviewing hundreds of similar investigations. Calderon served as the organization’s president from 2002 to 2003, sat on the governing board for seven years and has served on many Bar committees. Beyond that, Calderon is a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, appointed by Gov. Janet Napolitano in 2004, and the governor’s P-20 Council on education. He is a past or current board member of dozens of state and local organizations.

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  1. Iris Lynch says

    It is unfortunate that Mr. Calderon had to find out the hard way about the Democrats’ penchant for GROUP THINK. Mr. Calderon thought this was a free country where you could still express your point of view regarding law and order, or anything else. He now has a hint of the picture of laws being systematically ignored or eradicated from our Constitutions, both Federal and State. I imagine he is shocked to find himself being attacked by ‘friends’ on the other side of the Democrat fence where the rule of law is irrelevant to the socialist goals of the Democrats.

    This would indicate to me that Mr. Calderon is and has been an honest man. Only an honest man with no skeletons in his closets can afford to disagree with elitist Democrats.

  2. Romo Lampkin says

    Yes, it’s a good thing the GOP rejects GROUP THINK and welcomes so many points of view on issues such as abortion, immigration and gay marriage.

  3. GOP Spartan says

    We don’t believe in group think, I for one believe in freedom of choice.

    I choose to consider abortion the act of depriving life; a clear violation of the principles of those unalienable Rights endowed by our Creator, the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    When it comes to immigration, I choose to support those that come here legally and seek US citizenship the right way. I also choose to enforce the law and PUNISH those that break it when they enter this country without permission and suck on the tax dollars of those that work hard and obey the law.

    When it comes to gay marriage I choose to believe it’s less about the sacrament and sanctity of mating for life under the principles of marriage and more about perks, benefits and shoving your “alternative” lifestyle in the face of traditional American families.

    Now go drink some Kool-Aid like a good socialist.

  4. The twist of the issue away from the reality of Democratic/Liberal behavior and toward a stab at conservatives was meant to be a distraction from the obvious; but, try as you might, it just made it all the more real. Funny how that happens.

    But, back to the topic of how a very well respected man is being shafted for being honest and in so doing, apparently non-partisan. Which apparently is a big no-no! WHO KNEW?

    Ernie Calderon has stood up (often alone) to the perpetual increases at our state universities, been an honest steward of public trust, and is an example of dedication to service. Wow, and I always thought those were good things…..

  5. Romo Lampkin says

    Oh, please. Take a look at how Tim Bee is being treated by the Center for Arizona Policy. He’s been with them on 95 percent of everything they’ve every wanted, but he’s crossed them on one thing (namely, not pushing their constitutional ban on gay marriage) and Cathy Herrod is threatening to crucify him. There’s no You’ve Been With Us On Everything Else So We Can Agree To Disagree On This One going on there. Do you really believe that elements on the left and the right don’t engage in the same purity tests, even if the Kool-Aid comes in different flavors?

  6. GOP Boomer Gal says

    CAP is not a GOP organization.

  7. Romo Lampkin says

    Well, the State Bar isn’t a Democratic organization. That didn’t stop Iris from her goofball suggestion that The Left had some kind of monopoly on GROUP THINK. My Point: The same attitudes run plenty strong on The Right.

    BTW, GOP Spartan: The Spartans had little regard for the sanctity of life, regularly invaded other countries and were so very gay, gay, gay.

  8. So Romo, enough of the honest efforts at distraction and diversion. What do you think about the topic, namely Ernie Calderon getting the bum’s rush for being FAIR to a Republican?

  9. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I’m afraid he’s too busy with his eyes bugging out of his head wondering if Spartan is gay.

  10. Iris Lynch says

    Romo love,
    Since when does ‘penchant’ stand for monopoly? I will refrain from attributing any disdainful adjectives to YOUR thinking processes.

    Hugs, Iris

  11. Romo Lampkin says

    You guys win. Andy Thomas, who would never abuse his own prosecutorial discretion, is the victim of overzealous investigation. And Iris, I’m terribly sorry to have misunderstood your point about GROUP THINK. Having re-read it, it’s clear you didn’t mean to exclude Republicans from your criticism, even if this is a conservative blog and you mentioned Democrats four times in your two paragraphs. Can’t imagine how I jumped to that conclusion. Glad we could hug it out!

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