Say it ain’t so!

Apparantly at the McCain function at Grand Canyon College yesterday, you know the one where the senior senator trotted out Scott Brown,  the new liberal Republican senator from Massachusetts, in a lame attempt to connect himself to the teaparty, Fife Symington and Barry Goldwater Jr. introduced John McCain and Scott Brown.

According to an eyewitness named Moderate In the Middle:

Barry Goldwater Jr and Fyfe Symington former AZ Gov introduced MAC.

Say it ain’t so, Barry!  I mean, Fife, maybe.  Fife lost 2-to-1 several years ago in a lame attempt to oust Rob Haney from the LD11 chair.  So, we know Fife is squishy.

Perhaps it’s BG Jr’s sense of legacy: it is true that Senator McCain is currently sitting in the senate seat held by BG Jr.’s father.  If that’s BG Jr’s sense of protocol, one can’t deny a man that.

But to become merely one more name in McCain’s obsequious collection jeopardizes BG Jr’s own pro-liberty, conscience-of-a-conservative son’s legacy.

Come back, Barry, we miss you.   Hope to see you at the next Goldwater Institute dinner!


  1. Cactus Jack says

    Kudos to Barry and Fife. You made strong, effective presentations to the crowd and both received very warm welcomes indeed.

    These two pillars of the Party represent what is right with Republicans: fiscal responsibility, respect for life and a belief that Arizona’s proud legacy of leadership in Washington should be celebrated – and supported now.

    As the Hayworth crazies continue eating their own, the vast majority (20+%) of conservatives in our State are starting to realize that John McCain, not J.D., will fight for our values. Arizonans need not look beyond their current U.S. Senator for a true Reagan revolutionary.

    So, while J.D. keeps himself busy with lame attacks that (unbelievably, really) directly insult indigenous populations nationwide and our basic intelligence, John McCain takes Obama on face-to-face on health care, Iraq and pork-barrel spending. And we thought this would be a good race just a few weeks ago.

  2. Fife is “squishy” because he ran against Haney? I’m glad you finally said what we all knew. This is all about the Pullen-Haney Klan. McCain won’t kiss their ring, so he’s a monster.

    JD is simply a way for them to get back at McCain. What did they do for him in his campaign against Harr? NOT MUCH. They will throw JD under the bus the minute he opposes them or he loses.

  3. Oberserve says

    It has nothing to do with Haney. It has to do with McCain and Symington (and you) being RINOs who need to go.

  4. I’m not the one who brought up Haney. Read the post.

  5. Cactus Jack:

    You better review that “respect for life” comment re: Fife!

    He’s always been Pro-Abort!

    It’s always interesting to see the hack Establishment “shtick” in action!

    Just speak and act conservative enough to get you through a campaign and then veer left when you take office!

    Sorry guys! The gigs up for the political Bernie Madoffs within the GOP!

    See ya in August!

  6. Cola drinker says

    Symington signed every piece of pro-life legislation that came across his desk. I’m not saying he’s hard core-prolife, but don’t try to put him on the board of Planned Parenthood either. Oh, right, that’s the Goldwaters that are knee-deep in the PP circles.

    Haney has made lots of enemies, including Andrew Thomas. Does anyone think that makes Thomas some kind of a liberal?

  7. “Perhaps it’s BG Jr’s sense of legacy:”

    There’s your answer, he’s another legacy, country club Republican. It hurts. Painful as it is they are showing themselves and it is our responsibility to mark them all and remember.

    Why remember? Because forever you will know where they are coming from – center isle – not the right.

  8. “the new liberal Republican senator from Massachusetts…”

    And you have NO idea how liberal he’s gonna be… He’s up for election in 2 years. I can’t wait to see how many Democrat bills he signs onto. And the best part is the RNC and RSCC are going to sink so much money into saving his seat, and use the tea baggers as a shield for doing so.

  9. Mr. Klute, Senator Brown will surprise you. I got to speak with him yesterday at length & you are wrong. Watch Sunday’s “Politics Unplugged” on Channel 3 & you will see what I mean.

  10. Tony,

    His first vote in the Senate was for cloture on the $15 Billion Jobs Bill. His second was FOR the $15 Billion Jobs Bill.

    McCain voted against against both.

    So I’m confused. Is McCain a fiscal conservative who is pimping out a tax-and-spend liberal, or is McCain’s no vote a hypocritical attempt to sway over the tea bagger faction?

    Also – why does McCain, a decades long force in the GOP need the help of a 3 month long freshman to win re-election?

  11. Stephen Kohut says

    Unlike all those he’s paid off to endorse him McRINO could not get a Tea Party vote if he paid for it.

    McRINO needs help because he’s in the fight of his life. We’ve put an electoral buillseye on his back and we’re gonna bag our RINO on 8/24.

  12. Uh hum Klute….Senator Brown came to Arizona to Thank John McCain for helping him get elected. When NOBODY else helped him, Senator McCain called Brown (before all the notoriety) and offered his help. Brown says, “Without Senator McCain, he would NOT have won”. Now I know you wanted Coakley to win to keep your Obama Cloture-Proof Senate going, but Republicans didn’t. And Mr. Konut, John McCain will win & win big on 8/24. Then you can crawl back in your hole…

  13. ““Without Senator McCain, he would NOT have won””

    I agree – without Senator McCain, a liberal RINO would not have won, you are absolutely correct.

    “Now I know you wanted Coakley to win to keep your Obama Cloture-Proof Senate going…”

    Actually, I wanted health-care reform. And with Scott Brown winning, it gave Obama impetus to skip the BS “bipartisanship” and set up the vote on a simple majority vote.

    So I guess I can thank McCain for that too!

  14. And Klute if Obama does that…his Dem Majority goes “POOF” in November!

  15. McCain, only got into the Brown race, when Scott was trending upward…he would have won without McCain…McCain did not do Scott favors, attaching himself to one of the first “GOP” wins was purely for his campaign….Why is McCains team now in MA helping the Democrat turned Independent Cahill????

  16. Oberserve says

    MAGOP, it’s simple, McCain is a LIB who needs to appear conservative and linked to the teaparty in AZ to get elected.

    It’s the same old story:

    TURN RIGHT, get elected
    go to DC, TURN LEFT,
    face election, TURN RIGHT

    It’s sickening some people still dont see it. It’s even more sickening that his sycophants do, but are willing to lie for him to the Arizona voters.

  17. Republican Lady says

    Catus Jack, I can’t believe you actually said that McCain is a “Reagan” conservative! He is the opposite! And talk about “lame attacks”, McCain’s ads are outrageous in their attacks on JD. McCain’s staff are not giving him good advice. People are smart enough these days to know dirty tricks when they see them. Attack Oboma! Give me a break! He only knows how to attack Republicans, he treats Dems with the upmost respect!

  18. Tony,

    “And Klute if Obama does that…his Dem Majority goes “POOF” in November!”

    It’s going to anyway, so we might as well get some stuff done before then, because we’d rather have long term gain – the American people will remember who managed to resolve the health care crisis – than short term victory.

  19. Tony,

    But don’t take my word on the whole “Scott Brown’s election will help health care reform get passed” thing:

    So – McCain helped a liberal RINO get elected, and as such, helped get HCR passed.

    Thanks Sen. McCain!

  20. Stephen Kohut says


    The only hole that will be filled later this year is the one where we put all the AZ GOP RINO’s in county and state leadership positions into. I and all the other conservatives that have poured into PC positions will be having a merry time RINO hunt in the county leadership and state committeeman elections in late 2010 and cleaning house in the state leadership in Jan 2011. We have the numbers. We have the votes. It will be RINO carnage later this year. Here’s a hint. The conservative “member-at-large” slate in the Maricopa GOP won by a 4 to 1 margin and we are continuing to pack more conservatives into PC slots across the state every day. 2010 will be the last hurrah for any RINO’s. We’ll own the AZ GOP by Jan 2011. What hole are you going to crawl back into “Tony”?

  21. Mr. Kohut Sir,
    With as much respect as I can muster you are not just wrong, you are also extremely impolite and un-civil in addressing a national concern that is basically vested in the current and sad state of the American Economy and that has now fanned into our culture as it affects all our daily lives.

    Your answer to the problem is to hunt down the RINOS as you label those that refuse to follow your lemming-like lead and bury them into some imaginary hole.

    Permit me to follow your use of terminology with finding that my answer would be to whack all the Wack-A-Doodles of the Wachyderm Coalition out of their meager existence.
    Let’s face it Mr. Kohut this assembly of chronically, for the most part, under-performers who call to their credits wife beating with 911 calls, bankruptcies, forcible detainer, evictions, IRS Liens, nasty divorces, bad credit, financial failures, impeding foreclosures involuntary abandonment of corporate charters etc, and I admit I do not know where you want to fit in here, not just now at least.

    Now that we are even, I went to the Rally at the Campus after I met, greeted and conversed with booth Senators at the McCain Headquarter earlier in the morning and Tony Goprano snapped a picture as I was speaking to Senator Brown., it is on “Facebook” now. By the way Brown is a likeable fellow.
    As I said I went to the Campus, I expected to see you at the picket line and I hoped to hit 2 flies with one stone, like getting you off the picket line and lead you to Senator McCain to ask him whatever it was you wanted an answer from him.
    Remember, I am the guy who offered to introduce him to you.
    As it turned out I did not find you and it may just be well that I didn’t after I read your web-page I reckon such an introduction could have led to a lot of embarrassment on my part and I am not all that much into self-flagellation just yet.

  22. Horst:

    The problems we face as a nation were brought on by those whom you endorse!

    Sub-prime, affirmative action mortgage loans combined with artificially low interest rates are the legacy of the establishment G.O.P.

    I would also remind Cola Drinker that Symington ran for governor in 1992 on a pro-abort platform (more than likely to appease the blue haired eugenic crowd in the P.V. Country Club set.

    And as someone who has worked and followed the issue, I’d like to see you present the list of pro-life legislation that he signed.

    Most of it never reached his desk because it was killed by John Green in the State Senate.

  23. Mr. Konut, what are you going to OWN? The AZ GOP is nearly bankrupt! Thanks to people like you Steven. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Konut, you may get it!

  24. Stephen Kohut says


    You finally come out of hiding behind McRINO! Ignored me for days and days. Called your bluff. Told you to send me a message on resistnet, tea party sites, to setup a meeting with McRINO. No messages. Zip! Big Bluff my man. Remember Alinsky’s tactics. NEVER bluff because the first time you do you lose credibility. Your’s is toast. By the way, how do you hide your lack of stones at Shangra La?

    I was outside the PV resort on Sat 3/6 from 9 – 10:30 protesting with others. No Horst to be seen. How sad. How cowardly.


    Yes we’ll take it over. Yes we’ll run it well. When we are done it will be the Party of Reagan again.

  25. Mr. Carlist
    I make the assumption that you are a Mister, you can’t really know whom I endorse or have endorsed in the past, but let me tell you since I am the most transparent Conservative Republican around here.
    From the top down I endorse Jon Kyl; John McCain; Pamela Gorman; David Braswell; Steve Kaiser; Amanda Reeve; Jan Brewer; Tom Horne; Barbara Leff; the current Republican M.C. B.O.S when they need to run again.
    Of those who could lose in the primary I will lend my support to the Republican Candidate who survives the primary.
    Does this make sense to you?
    On the matter of sub-prime loans to individuals who would have been better left in an apartment, and the ensuing housing bubble, I have my own view. It is impossible to reflect it within the brevity of a Blog post. However, I do not buy, that it was the Republican Party Representatives that drove this engine.
    But let me add here quickly that I do know one “Always Conservative” individual who did take advantage of the R.E.Bubble and Up-financed his homestead by roughly $50K, used this money as if it was an ATM card, and instead of expanding his business took time out drove south to joine Tumbleweed Simcox, raised his fist against the southern border and named himself a minute man. It didn’t make a dent in the illegal population problem, but earned him enough [Haney]points to get a State job for $24K/year, perhaps a significant pay raise for him over previous earnings.
    On Symington and Abortion, [I apologize this is getting lengthy] I do not know where the Governor stands. It is a legal medical procedure though, in case you did not know that.
    It is not the killing of pre-born babies, just like scrambled eggs are not scrambled baby chickens on any menu anywhere I ever ordered breakfast.
    What I do know is that progressive American women, and progressive is not a dirty word, will prefer candidates who do NOT claim jurisdiction over their reproductive faculties, and if you remember the last 2 gubernatorial contests, you must agree with me, even if it hurts.
    Funny you should mention the name of John Greene. I did endorse him how long ago? 8 years ago ? when he ran for A.G. But then another “Real Conservative” fuzzed this up and we wound up with Goddard, as far as I remember.

  26. Steve Kohut #24
    What do you mean with PV Resort?
    I was at 10 am at the McCain Headquarters and there was no picket line no Steve.
    I was at little past Noon at the Grant Canyon Campus.
    No pickets, no Steve Kahut.
    Looks like you have the propensity being at the wrong place and the wrong time, all the time.

  27. Stephen Kohut says

    Horst! You need to get off your RINO sites and check out real conservative sites to know what is going on.

    While McCain and Brown here doing their breakfast Saturday, 3/6, at
    Montelucia Resort
    4949 E. Lincoln Dr.
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85253
    9:00am – 10:30am

    Picketers, including me, were out front until the event closed at 10:30. That and Tucson were protested on 3/6.

    Email at when McNasty can meet.

  28. Horst:

    With the exception of Pamela Gorman, all your candidate selections are safely “Establishment” and can be relied upon to uphold the state’s “status quo” regardless of consequences!

    As to the economic policies I listed in my previous post all, while neither started by the late, unlamented “Dubya” Administration were enhanced and pushed by it!

    Read Greenspan’s memoirs, luckily written in 2006. before the banking crash. He blatantly states that the social benefit of sub-prime mortgage loans will outweigh any economic risk in granting them!

    Also keep in mind that the alleged independence of the Federal Reserve is so much garbage. It’s Chairman and Board Members are well aware of the Administration’s agenda and can be relied upon to follow it!

    Your so-called “legal medical procedure” involves the taking of innocent human life and therefore merits the term of pre-natal infanticide. But I guess beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

    But frankly, I welcome your statements as I believe they basically represent those of “The John” and his McCainiacs, when campaign rhetoric is peeled back.

    That’s is why I and many others will work to see him and them “flushed” in August!

  29. Carlist,
    You do not need to point me to the “so called”
    Federal Reserve or what Greenspan said or wrote. I am very well positioned as far as my financial holdings are concerned.
    The legal medical procedure is legal and that is what I wanted to convey to you. As a benefit I pointed out the pitfalls and unintended consequences that the “so called” conservatives encountered when they get to nutty in that department.
    I am glad you agree that my statements over all are in sync with our current and future representatives in general and Senator McCain in particular.
    With the flushing in August, if I were you I would wait and see if there is still sufficient water pressure left come primary election day.
    Good night.

  30. Horst is right Mr. KoNUT, all you want to do is insult Senator McCain. I would love to see if you actually have the guts to follow thru (I’m sure you don’t). You claim to be some “big whig” in the Tea Party efforts; in fact you are a ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to AZ Republican politics since you were only appointed as a PC on 11/12/2009 and you want to ‘take over the AZ GOP’. No Thanks!

    Your feeble attempts to rile McCain supporters is hilarious. Now back to your trailer Stephen….

  31. Stephen Kohut says


    Another hot air bluffer. “I would love to see if you actually have the guts to follow thru (I’m sure you don’t).” Set it up my man! McCain has yet to stick his nose into a tough crowd. We had PC’s from 5 counties asking for a meeting for months and the old boy went into hiding from us.

    Regarding the Tea Parties, please point to a blog where I claimed any specific title. There isn’t any. I’m not going to blog on SA what I do within and between the TP groups I work with. This is not the venue for that.

    Unlike you I USE MY REAL NAME. I’m open and above board. Google to your hearts content. You, however, are like a little kid hiding behind a fence egging cars. SOOOO brave!

    Regarding the precinct committeeman project and take over of the GOP, I have stated correctly and consistently that conservatives have flooded into PC slots in the last year plus. Maricopa GOP now has 2x the number of PC’s from 2008. Where did they come from? Tea Parties, 9-12 Groups, etc. Conservatives hold about a 4/1 edge over RINO’s in the Maricopa GOP as evidenced in the 1/16 member-at-large election. Pinal GOP has 2x the number of PC’s from 2008. Where did they come from? Same answer. It’s a straight numbers game and consevatives have them for the Dec 2010 county leadership/state committeeman elections and the Jan 2011 state leadership elections. It’s that simple.

    Lastly, I didn’t know that they had trailers with over 6,000 square feet under roof.

  32. Stephen Kohut says

    TonyGOPrano = Jeff Vath = HOT AIR!

    You need a new photo old boy. What are you going to do when conservatives clean house in the leadership the AZ GOP? Go off into exile? Hide under a rock in LD-6? Ask Don Biven to take you under his wing in the Debtocratic Party? If you need Don’s cell number, I have it on speed dial. I don’t like his politics but Don is one heck on an attorney. I’d be more than happy to hook you up with Don and his donkey people since that looks to be your natural home. Unlike you or Horst with your claims about setting up meetings with McCain, I can deliver on my offers. Want to go donkey?

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