Sarah Palin’s place in Arizona History

I have to wonder if historians will one day write that, “The first woman President of the United States was both the Governor of the 49th State and a US Senator from the 48th State.”

In an earlier post I wrote that I thought that Governor Palin was running for President in 2012. I have not ruled that presupposition completely out. Every indication is that she is making ready for a run and a campaign based in Arizona.

But there is a new rumor-theory making the political rounds that gives me reason to believe that Palin may not run after all and may be instead thinking much more long-term in terms of her political future.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I believe that the Palin’s fell in love with Arizona in their visits here over the last 2-3 years. Who wouldn’t? But I also believe that that love affair is mutual on behalf of many Arizonans who are thrilled to adopt the former Alaskan Governor as their very own. Remember, many Arizonans were not thrilled with the 2008 nominee until Sarah Palin was chosen to be on the final ticket. I was one of them.

This brings me back to the premise of my post and the settling of ruminations that occurred this week when Governor Palin dismissed any intention to seek Arizona’s Senate seat, at least not in 2012. (Watch interview.)

It is extremely unlikely that John McCain will seek re-election in 2016 and some politicos even speculate that he may retire early. Between now and 2016, Arizona will have another statewide election (2014). But we must also remember that anything under the Arizona sun can and oftentimes does happen.

Perhaps we should think longer term about Sarah Palin’s political future because, while it may have begun in Alaska and may ultimately peak in The White House, her newly adopted home state of Arizona may very well be the next chapter in her service to this Republic.



  1. Steve Calabrese says

    You write:

    “Remember, many Arizonans were not thrilled with the 2008 nominee until Sarah Palin was chosen”

    Many of us reluctantly voted for McCain because he was better than Obama, but I think there are very few who were ever thrilled with him. 🙂

  2. John Adams says

    @Steve Calabrese: True Steve, nobody was ever ‘thrilled’ (think Matthews tingle up the leg) with McCain. However MANY, including me were extremely excited to see Sarah Palin on the ticket. We knew then that even IF Juan lost (which we expected) she would be set up for a 2012 run.

    Obviously the Statists/Socialists/Progressives (Including those in the GOP) were extremely threatened by Sarah Palin’s conservative politics, beauty and brains. That includes the pig of a man Steve Schmidt. The ‘Manipulative Marxist Media’ and the ‘Propagandist Press’ made it their mission in life in 2008 to destroy her. THEY HAVE FAILED!!

  3. The last thing we need is another out of state person moving to Arizona just to run for public office, even if it is Sarah Palin.

  4. I think it would be instructive to post a list of the AZ pols who are originally from AZ. You will quickly discover it to be a short list …

  5. Palin/Trump 2012: You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit!

  6. nightcrawler says

    Sarah Palin is rock star within the GOP. It is all about her brand, which is huge. She is fiercely independent and hails from a frontier state whose inhabitants by virtue of their proximity to the lower forty eight simply want to be left alone. If you think about it, a house in the middle of the desert on a large lot in the middle of a GOP friendly state like Arizona makes sense and is completely consistent. Her family wants to be left alone while resting at their vacation home, which is exactly why they bought the home under another entity. We should honor their wish. I wouldn’t read more into it than that.
    If she indeed decides to run for POTUS, I believe she would proudly state she is a candidate from Alaska. From an amateur arm chair quarterback point of view, I believe she is truly at a crossroads. 50/50. On one side, she would like nothing more than to tell the naysayers who think she shouldn’t run or can’t win, to shove it. The more she hears can’t, won’t, shouldn’t , the more motivated she is to do it. On the other side, financially it doesn’t get any better than her current lot, she reaps huge rewards from appearances, books and speeches. If she tires of the silly journalistic “speed traps”, she takes her ball and wagon full of money home. Her most recent political activity is to ultimately decide what road to take. Either way, Arizona and the local GOP wins.

  7. John Doe, P.E. says

    While she may not be polished in the American political arena, I believe Sara P. has the skills and fortitude to serve this nation. Regardless of her pedigree, she has some clear answers to the problems this nation faces and I sincerely believe she would eliminate the debt, reform Medicare, and do it with dignity and passion. If she chose to fix the IRS tax code, that in of itself would be a miracle as a small business owner. I sincerely hope we can end the wars.

    Frankly, she’s refreshing. I just hope she stays on point. A lot of noise is being made about her Scottsdale purchase. I won’t contribute to that diatribe.

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