Sarah Palin Brings Feminism Into the 21st Century

by  Gayle Plato-Besley

The 19th century Suffrage movement led to the 19th Amendment and the right to vote for all women.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton died 18 years short of the ratification.  She also missed how 20th century feminism mutated into a distain of family, demeaning propaganda pushed on us all that children get in the way of life.  On one hand, Hillary and others can say it takes a whole village to raise a child, but if you bring those beautiful babies out into village square, free women lose substance. 

Governor Sarah Palin is not following the rules sisters.   Too many 20th Century ‘feminists’ gave up their pregnancies and burned their intimate unmentionables so Mrs. Palin could stand in her coveted spot. Palin should get good child care.  To parade her pregnant daughter and cooing four month old onto the stage while she celebrates her newfound candidacy, it’s not the Feminist Movement of Liberal Radicalism 

Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton put millions of cracks into the glass ceiling and here comes Governor Palin, busting the safety glass with a hockey stick- GOAL!   The donkeys cannot deny the big elephant in the living room.  Oh, and that’s Governor, Vice Presidential Candidate, Mrs. Elephant to you.

Once upon a time, back before the Civil War, was a group of active abolitionists fighting for rights of people of color.  Some of those freedom fighters also became the original feminists.  The Suffrage Movement was led by great women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.  Though written of before here, there is good reason to revisit why this new Vice Presidential candidate is so important. Stanton set the standard for true feminism. Sarah Palin is a 21st century abolitionist–abolishing the hijacking of feminism.  Suffrage sings on with Sarah.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton believed in a woman’s right to work, to own property, to custody rights, and most notably, she believed in a woman’s right to be a mother and a member of society.  Stanton felt parenthood was disrespected and children were seen as a burden: that take was an offense to her and exemplified the repression of all women. 

 We know of how  Barack  Obama stated that he did not want his daughters to be burdened with a baby.

The Safety Glass shattered this week in cloud of baby powder, with a hockey puck between the eyes of all liberal feministas.  This- Sarah: Plain and Tall, not only wears a bra it seems, but unclips for nursing.  Sarah  Palin celebrated he big family with all of its typical issues.   Sarah  Palin dares to show God has blessed her- through hard work, and also in His gorgeous, unexpected Glory.



  1. Happy Hanna says

    Barack Obama…THE One! Sarah Palin…the RIGHT One!

  2. Wasn’t there another women who ran as vice-president almost a quarter of a century ago? A women who had three children and has been married to the same man for 47 years? Or does this person not value “family” because she is in a different political party?

    I enjoy all of this talk of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, because she was hated by the conservative religious forces for some of very same issues you herald her for. In addition she was demonized for her views on divorce, the fact that a women had the right to refuse sexual relations with her husband (laws which modern feminists had to fight very hard to get passed) and her views on religion.

    Her daughter Harriot, a socialist, fought along side of her mother for suffrage and later very hard for the ERA in the 1920’s. The same ERA that the “bra burners” fought for in the 70’s and could not get ratified. If anything Harriot was much more militant than most mainstream feminists today.

  3. Reform is always a controversy–by definition. The controversial take of the abolishionists was grounds for arrest, even physical harm. The fringe feminism of the latter half of the 20th century also shook the establishment. I applaud men and women who fight for justice and protect women’s rights to equal time, pay, and respect.

    I loathe the way fringe liberals took the term feminism and made it a poster child for abortion, the way feminists brand any Christian women, especially any conservative christian mother as a backward, uneducated person. I also do not like how our young women are fed propaganda saying that having a baby will ruin their lives.

    Family and work can happen and all of bras were burned to point out that women deserve equality without throwing the babies out with the bath water.

  4. Gayle,
    I have two questions:

    Do you have actual examples of young women being told that having a baby will ruin their lives that is not related to trying to prevent underage or unwed pregnancy? I can’t think of any. As a matter of fact the message is pretty loud and clear that society expects one to have children and the only people who face pressure are those who, for whatever reason, choose not to.

    As to feminism and *conservative* Christian women, by conservative Christian I understand that to mean a specific interpretation of scripture. So how does even non fringe liberal feminism deal with things such as Eph 5:22 and 1 Corinthians 11:2-3 . Weren’t these exactly the type of things Stanton objected to in the Declaration of Sentiments ? How does feminism reconcile with these sentiments if one accepts the orthodox Christian understanding of these passges?

  5. TO Todd and others-

    You asked for examples. I take you to a study of women who had abortions and felt they had medical and or emotionally bad experiences. While it cannot be applied to all women, it is a legitimate sampling-“The survey discussed in Chapter One was distributed through WEBA chapters to 252 women in 42 states.”
    You asked for examples:

    Noted in this survey:

    “54% agreed with this statement-Do you feel you were “forced” by outside circumstances to have an abortion?”

    “27%-Were you encouraged to have an abortion by amd abortion counselor?”

    “69%-Did you feel rushed to have an abortion?”

    “76%-Would your choice have been different if any or all of the above had encouraged you differently?”

    EXAMPLE TWO- I could give you testimony or case study of women young and old talking of the abortion each had, with little support nor unbiased counseling. Instead, I give you the testimony of a woman who worked for an abortion clinic:
    One short excerpt-
    “This counselor is paid to be this girl’s friend. She is paid to be the authority for this girl. She is supposed to seduce her into a friendship of sorts to sell her the abortion. Every problem this girl has: I don’t want to tell my parents. You don’t have to tell your parents. They don’t have to know. You’re old enough to come in and have it without them knowing.”


    “Abortion facilities counseling staff may manipulate the pregnant woman into obtaining an abortion by appealing to her fears. This may be done in a telephone conversation, or in individual or group counseling session in order to identify the fear and then “sell” an abortion. These fears include the fear that parents or husband will find out she is pregnant, fear of interruption of school or career plans, or fear of death”

    As for me being a Conservative and a Christian, and believing that a woman does have say in her personal and intimate relationships, I stand by my beleif that Stanton was fighting for women to have families with dignity, and not under forced compliance. Not every conservative woman who happens to be a beleiver in Jesus Christ feels that subserviance is a good thing. We aren’t all cookie cut outs Sir.

  6. Gayle,
    You examples claim to show that people who work at abortion providers pressure women to have abortions – (and based on the sources I am quite skeptical of the claims but will except for the sake of argument) Presumably these are women who have already contacted them to look into getting an abortion. How is this young women being fed propaganda that they should not have children? Who is publicly trying to convince young women not to have children?

    I also was not suggesting you were a cookie cutter at all, I was asking an honest question of how you reconcile very clear statements in the Bible that a woman should be subservient to her husband with your self describe conservative Christianity and Stanton inspired feminism.

  7. Well, firstly, As I read my poorly self-edited last post, I was thinking, why don’t I seem to be able to use the ol’ “i before e except after c” rule at this point in my life??? Sorry ’bout that—

    But then seriously folks, If a young woman goes into a clinic, the assumption is that she’s already decided. What you missed is that many women receiving abortions feel coerced. Some girls in cases of rape or incest- always an issue on the table promoting the NEED for abortions- go untreated, with the criminal acts ignored. ANY child coming in for an abortion NEEDS to see a police officer if not a parent to determine if there’s been a rape. Correct me if I am wrong, but in many states, if a girl is underage and depending on the laws, ALL sexual activity is evidence of Statutory Rape.

    There is also the entire issue of the father’s rights. It is his child too. I cannot tell you the number of teen boys, each suffering the sadness of knowing his child was aborted. VERY LITTLE is said about that issue at all.

    Counseling regarding abortions often happens before clinics- I know this personally. I can attest to the fact that colleagues of mine did promote abortion and some even offered to take girls and even the boyfriends to clinics or doctors. I am talking of middle and high school counselors! Whether or not consent is required, it is ethically wrong and most likely breaks all school policies to do such a thing!! In a society where we cannot give a child tylenol at school without a signed permission slip, how dare any school counselor, teacher , or nurse push abortion. So if you want one account as example— here is mine.

  8. Rightwoman,
    Again, the question I have is not about abortion per se, but about backing up the claim that “young women are fed propaganda saying that having a baby will ruin their lives” or the claim made in previous posts that “Women, in general, have accepted the con that having a baby is an impediment, a trap, keeping us from growth. ”

  9. Annie Hoyle says

    young women ARE fed propaganda and they are taught early on that having a baby is an impediment…. just ask all of the baby girls that are in daycare from the moment they are born. Those rotten little babies get in the way of these poor women having their precious careers and should be thrown into the care of people who make little more than minimum wage! These babies are impediments when we have to feed them in public, God forbid, and horrify all of the people who are trying to eat or more importantly, pray!

    Thanks to the morphing of the feminist movement, women are able to have sex without commitment, live with a man without being married, and bear children without a committed father. This is absolutely what women have fought for, and I dare say it was the idea of men all along! This is NOT what all of the women I know really want! A “woman’s right to choose”, yeah, right! How convenient for the modern man! Oh, and let’s not forget how unimportant these children are when it comes time to pay child support!

    Women are waiting longer and longer to have children due to them wanting to have “a life” before the burden of children. Women are having fewer and fewer children. I have many friends with 4, 5 even 6 children (5 for me) and we are under constant fire and jokes about it. People do NOT revere children or having children today! I am a stay-at-home Mom who is the recipient of many rude comments about what I do and why I’m not doing something more important or something for myself! This IS for me!

    Oh, and don’t forget how many women “lost themselves” while raising children. I proudly raise my children as my primary job! We send them to private school and have enough money for everything they need and many things they want. We are not irresponsible in having more than 2 kids… my kids are beautiful, Christian, functioning members of society!

    Todd, don’t kid yourself, this United States is full of propaganda about babies impeding lives! Thanks Liberals!

    Oh, and submitting to my husband does not mean that I somehow lose myself or am not made to feel that the sun rises and sets with me!

  10. Annie Hoyle says

    I had better make the statement that I do not feel women with children should not have a career! Of course there are circumstances that work well for families and children. My husband is just better at earning a living and I can only do one thing at a time well!

  11. Annie,
    So the fact women are waiting longer to have children is proof that they are being told a baby will ruin their lives? I am not really sure how that follows. What it seems you are saying is you would prefer women to not have choices about getting married or having children or that women who choose to have few children or no children don’t revere children as much as you do. That sounds very arrogant to me.

    Its fine that you feel submitting to your husband is how you want to live, but you don’t claim to be Stanton inspired feminist as Gayle does.

  12. Todd- I reread your comment asking for an example: you want to know of an example where a baby was noted as ruining one’s life but not in relation to prevention of teen pregnancy-unwanted unmarried issue?? Okay, what if the babies are a burden due to their needs, and their carbon footprints:
    This is an extreme-–theyre-eco-friendly.html

    This woman is a trip and scary beyond the norm.

    But what Annie was trying to say and myself, women are told every day that kids are a burden. Look at the reaction of some of the liberal strong holds, claiming Sarah palin will not be able to do it all– It implies that the critical commentators like Sally Quinn felt their children were burdens and they did not do great jobs because they were working!

    I can tell you of countless times I saw friends with three or four kids, all young and busily running around– people were either rude with ” I don’t know how you do that- I would go crazy! comments– to ‘why do you keep having them?!”

    I had a neighbor who talked of this: she’s catholic as am I and she has ten children. Her young adult daughter came home from college pregnant. The flak she receives — they are obviously out of control, her husband needs to be fixed, what’s with the family– are they like rabbits? It is so rude and once again underscores the issue– not teen–not unwed girls– families with good lives, who choose to have more kids– they are ridiculed and mocked. Their sexuality and choices are quizzed and mocked.

    I have one child, and I am catholic. I can tell you I’ve had the opposite issue– Comments such as-“I thought you were catholic? Why aren’t you having more? Are you on the pill, isn’t that a sin? That type of questioning by an acquaintence standing in line at Safeway!! I’ve developed a pat answewr for the ‘ oh you only have one?’ As if that invalidates my paretal ability or validity.

    Once I said out loud in defense– I can’t have more– realizing I was defending myself to an idiot woman I never liked much anyway about something very personal.

    My conclusion after really thinking about your post– you do not realize the amount of pressure put on women to either fit in, live up to, look right, put out, shut up, give in, let go, hold back, or give up. The burden is imaginary because the pressure is external. But we all know how we are swayed and succumb to others as a factor of needing to be accepted. SOme never get over it, and sacrifice self-worth. It permeates everything– well beyond the issue of procreation.

  13. Annie Hoyle says

    You wanted examples. They are evidenced in how people are choosing to live today. I am telling you as a WOMAN, these are the messages we are receiving!

    Do you know what is “arrogant”? A man spouting off about what types of messages women are receiving today!

  14. Annie Hoyle says

    Thank you!!! You Rock!!!!

  15. Annie Hoyle says

    Oh, and Todd,
    “What it seems you are saying is you would prefer women to not have choices about getting married or having children or that women who choose to have few children or no children don’t revere children as much as you do” BOGUS!

    What I am saying is that my 3 year old daughter died of Leukemia (she also happened to have Down syndrome) I realized that not only was she the most incredible human being I have ever met, for ME, the most important thing IS my children and my family. I have a right to have many children without society telling me that there are too many of them… believe me, people do constantly! I am not saying I revere them more than other people or that everyone should have this many.

  16. I still am not seeing examples of what you claim to be saying. The article you post is the decision of one woman who I think most people would not agree with. I have also heard from many women that they feel enormous pressure to have children, and it certainly seems to me that having children is considered the norm in this society.

    I don’t agree with statements that suggest Palin is not capable of being VP because she has young children. However, it seems you are reading in the suggestion that those who claim this think children are a burden.

    I continue to hear in all these comments that all of you do think in fact care that you care more about children and family than those who have made other choices in the size of family or the type of family they desire (or LIBERALS!).

    The choices you make in your own life are your business, I just wonder do you reciprocate to others?

  17. One more thing. What I read in these comments is that a large part of the population see children as being a burden while you all cherish your children. This is claiming you love your children more than others and I do find that arrogant.

  18. Todd- I want to thank you for all of the passionate discourse and dogged attention to this. I cannot give you what you do not see. I have offered numerous examples of exactly what you asked–if you do not validate the examples nor see they accounts as valid– it all ends. I have no way of validating accounts for you.

    It’s like the woman who chides me as a Catholic. She brings to the moment all of her attitude and values of not liking Catholics. She doesn’t say why don’t I have more kids because she understands Catholics are encouraged; she says it to insult the faith and try to get me to prove it’s worth through my life. Her word can be taken as innocent discourse but the tone of the moment is sarcastic and challenging. Now don’t get me wrong, I use sarcasm all fo the time– heck see my last post– it’s a jumbo sarcastic snap.

    Women are sent MANY messages. In some micro-cultures, it’s encouraged to be blond and busty while others encourage petite and athletic. But how many cultures encourage being heavy? Some do and even with lots of proof of that, one would be hard-pressed to porve that the subculture prefers something not good nor healthy.

    Also, is it right to accept those who are heavy even if they are socially and medically out of the recommended norm?

    Is it okay to have a friend who is Gay when your faith notes that homosexuality is against the guidelines of the faith?

    Can you love a child who breaks the law or comes home pregnant?

    Accounts give you evidence but evidence does not prove that a thing happens. If there is snow on the ground, prove to me it snowed. How? By the snow, we as a society accept that it actually snowed. But then, did it? Maybe it majically appeared? How do you KNOW if you didn’t witness the act?

    Todd, finally– I pose this and end my comments here: Over 95% of Americans say they believe in God. That suggests that the large majority of the citizens feel he/she is real or exists. Todd, with all of the talk, writings, values, overwhelming faith and devotion education, and personal accounts- Prove to me God exists.

    I wish you well.

    Gayle Plato-Besley

  19. Todd,
    If the pain I feel daily of losing my daughter that has caused me to appreciate my children so much more is “arrogance”, than I am extremely arrogant!

    To quote Bugs Bunny… “what a maroon!”


  20. Gayle,
    The problem is this is an issue of politics and not of personal biography.

    It may very well be the case that people have said things to you or others in regards to being Catholic. That is religious bigotry and I hate to see that but it seems to me this type of behavior, rather than pointing to propaganda that children are a burden, points to a feeling some may have that having too many children (however they define that) is bad. I can’t speak to why any individual says this, but I do question the jump to the assumption this is due to modern feminists.

    The only public statements I have ever heard about large families have come from certain elements (mostly conservative) who are complaining about large immigrant families or who complain about people with large families on welfare.

    One further thing, when it comes to supporting mothers in terms or public policy, where has the pressure for things like maternity leave come from. I don’t see conservatives pushing this. As a matter of fact, I find it interesting that in many countries people can get as much as 18 months of paid leave but here there is nothing like this.

  21. Annie,
    I am truly sorry for what happened to your daughter, but nowhere did I claim that this made you arrogant. I apologize if I did not make that clear.

  22. Gayle,
    One further thing, I don’t think I am asking for proof on the order of proving God exists, just some evidence that is not based on some personal experiences that I have no way of evaluating.

    For a start there would be two things that would need to provide evidence about. The first is evidence that a significant number of women believe having a child is a burden. I am sure there are studies that ask people about their opinions and if one saw a significant number of young women saying they have no desire to have children this would be an indication.

    Once showing some evidence concerning the above, one would have to provide some evidence that this is in fact a result of feminist ideology and not because in fact some number of women find having children to be a burden, or that economic conditions have changed or a myriad of other real-world concerns/situations are impacting this opinions. Who are the feminists that are telling women that they should not have children and do they even have a platform on which to speak.

  23. Todd– you said this in your comment-
    listed #4:

    “Do you have actual examples of young women being told that having a baby will ruin their lives that is not related to trying to prevent underage or unwed pregnancy?”

    I gave you many. You’ve changed the parameters with every comment. As I said, I am done. Once again, I wish you well. PLease know that, not to be rude, I am not responding anymore. You are welcome to have the last word.

  24. Wasn’t it Senator Obama that said he wouldn’t want to burden his daughters with a baby?

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