Sam Crump to Resign Today for AZ CD-3 Bid

Sam CrumpCapitol media outlets are reporting that State Representative Sam Crump will resign his state legislative seat today to seek the Republican nomination for congressional district three.

This will obviously throw another twist in the process to replace both Senator Gorman and Representative Crump in Legislative District 6. Two seats remain vacant which has prompted a special meeting of the Republican Precinct Committeemen in that district to nominate three names to replace each vacancy. Once those two sets of three names are nominated, they will go to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for a final vote. (This is why the elected position of Precinct Committeeman is extremely important!)

We will have more on this process later.

Watch for the same process to take place in Legislative District 7 where Senator Jim Waring’s replacement will occur this week.

Representative Sam Crump has been a strong conservative vote in the legislature so his vote will be missed on both fiscal and social issues.

We’ve lost count of how many candidates have jumped into the CD-3 race but it will have a number of highly qualified conservative candidates including Sam Crump.


  1. Joe the Plumber says

    Good for Sam, this will be an interesting race to watch.

  2. Was isn’t Jack Harper running for this seat?

  3. Ooops that should be Why isn’t Jack Harper running for this seat?

  4. Yah, right. says

    Yeah, another carpetbagger bails rather than fix the mess they are leaving!

    Thanks, Shadegg, you have done us an immense favor of getting these incompetent fake Republicans out of office.

    Fix the Deficit you left, you loser!!!

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